Novel Name : Billionaire's Daring Wife

Chapter 23: Was He The Right One?

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Jessica was startled, while Timothy raised his eyebrows and looked sharply at Simon.Simon directly
regarded Timothy as a member of the crew and did not even look at him.

Instead, he looked anxiously at Jessica and held her hand tightly, his eyes full of self-accusation.

&34;Louise and I are definitely not like what the media reported.We were drugged, so we did such a
bastard thing last night.Someone must have deliberately set us up.After drugging us, they bribed the
reporters to kill TY Group&34;

&34;Simon, do you think I&39;m a three-year-old kid?&34;

Jessica was so disgusted with Simon.Drugged? Did he think he was qualified?

&34;It&39;s true, Jessica.Have I ever lied to you? Last night...&34;

Snap- Before Simon could finish his sentence, a loud slap fell on his face.It was Jessica who slapped
Simon hard on the cheek.

Just listening to the sound was enough to make one feel that it must hurt.

&34;Simon Capen, this slap is for Louise taking the blame for you all these years.&34;

Jessica shook her aching hand and gave him another loud slap.

&34;This slap is for my worthless genuineness all these years.From now on, I, Jessica Sandgren, will
break up with you.&34;

If one was shameless, he would be invincible.Jessica looked at Simon&39;s face and felt disgusted.

Timothy&39;s gloomy eyes fell on Simon.

It seemed that the pressure on TY was still too small, so Simon had the time to come to Jessica.

&34;If beating me makes you feel better, then beat me to death.I&39;m just begging you to save TY, Jessica.As
long as you help me through this, I can marry you!&34;

Simon hugged Jessica around her waist directly, showing a tendency to not let her go if Jessica did not
agree to help him.

&34;Simon, let me go!&34;

Jessica was not as strong as Simon, and no matter how hard she struggled, it was useless.

Just as Jessica didn&39;t know what to do, she didn&39;t expect her tightly held waist to be loosened and
Simon&39;s body flew out.

It was Timothy who beat Simon up.

He picked up Simon&39;s collar, punched him in the face, and kicked him in the belly.

The gentle and weak Simon was no match for Timothy.

He was beaten black and blue and had no strength to fight back.

&34;Who...Who are you?&34;

Simon covered his bleeding nose and looked frightened, &34;Jessica, call the security.”

&34;You are not qualified to know.&34;

After Timothy finished speaking, he punched Simon again.

Simon&39;s eyes dulled and he lost consciousness.

&34;It&39;s too noisy here.Let&39;s go to a quiet place to eat.&34;

Timothy glanced at Simon coldly, then took Jessica somewhere else.

Jessica looked at Simon, who was lying motionless on the ground, and said, &34;You shouldn&39;t have
beaten him.&34;

&34;What? You care him?&34; Timothy&39;s tone was a little cold.

&34;You beat a scumbag and you are the one that hurts.&34;

Timothy chuckled and continued walking.

At the same time, in a tall building of the crew.

Jesse was holding binoculars in his hands and his face was full of excitement.

&34;Second Young Master, I think I saw First Young Master.&34;

Jacob, who was sitting on the sofa watching the live streaming of beautiful girls, heard what Jesse said
and immediately threw his phone aside.

&34;Where?&34; Jacob took the binoculars away and looked around.

&34;He&39;s in the pavilion downstairs.&34;

&34;Damn, it is him.&34;

Jacob was so excited that he ran downstairs with the binoculars in his hand.

He had been looking for his big brother for three years.

This time, he must not let him run away again.

&34;Timothy, how did you get the lunchbox of the Young? I heard that even money can&39;t buy this.&34;

Jessica, who had only eaten a little bread, was very hungry at the moment.She chewed on the food in
her mouth with a pleasant look on her face.

&34;Maybe I&39;m lucky” Timothy watched Jessica gobble it up, and his cold features softened.

&34;Did you do that last night?&34; Timothy asked.

Jessica nodded, &34;Why ask? Did I do something wrong?&34;

&34;Judging from Simon&39;s performance today, your method of killing the enemy by one thousand and self-
destructing by eight hundred needs to be improved.&39;&39; Timothy pinched Jessica&39;s nose and made a
pertinent comment.

&34;Anyway, I won&39;t help them take the blame.&34;

&34;The best way to defeat the enemy is to let them fight against each other, and you reap the benefits
from it.&34; Timothy taught Jessica step by step to use means.

&34;You have a better plan?&34; Jessica asked.

Timothy smiled cunningly and said to Jessica, &34;Whether you can know depends on your performance

Jessica almost choked on the food she was eating because of the man&39;s sudden change of topic,

After that, she lowered her head and ate violently.

Timothy smiled coolly, but two figures appeared in his sight.

The smile on his face froze.

After saying &34;I&39;m going to the bathroom’’ to Jessica, he left directly.Jessica didn&39;t feel anything.

She told Timothy vaguely that the bathroom was on the left and continued to eat.

A minute later, in a secluded corner.

Timothy leaned against the corner, and a meter away from him there was Jacob, who wanted to give
him a hug.

&34;Timothy, I finally found you.&34;

Jacob&39;s eyes were filled with tears.

Three years ago, his eldest brother ran away from home, and all the work under the Landy Group was
left to him.

Jacob lived in extreme misery every day.

Now that he had found his big brother, he must persuade him to go back.

&34;It seems that the dates they arranged for you are not many enough.There is still time to look for me.&34;

Timothy was holding a cigarette in his hand, and his tone was emotionless.

&34;You haven&39;t been home for three years.Can you come back?&34;

Jacob was shouting in his heart, &34;The company needs you!&34;

&34;Oh, is it fun to go back there?&34;

After Timothy finished speaking, he left without looking back.

Of course, Jacob would not let Timothy go so easily and wanted to follow him, but before his legs could
move, Timothy&39;s threatening voice came.

&34;If you want to be beaten up, just follow me.&34;

Jacob and Jesse stopped at the same time and did not dare to follow him.They could only watch
Timothy leave.

Jesse, you hurry up and think of a way to get my monster big brother back!

Jacob pinched Jesse&39;s arm like an ant on a hot pan.

Jesse&39;s expression changed in pain, &34;Second...Second Young Master, can we calm down? First Young
Master didn&39;t let us follow him, but he didn&39;t say that we could not follow that woman! We can start with
the woman he just accompanied.&34;

Jesse did not forget that in the binoculars, First Young Master pinched the woman&39;s face from time to
time.It was obvious that they were very close.

Jacob perked up when he heard this.

He looked at Timothy&39;s back and felt happy in his heart, &34;My big brother, even brothers should keep
careful accounts.Since you are unkind, don&39;t blame me for using means.&34;

After Jessica waited for Timothy for a while, Timothy called her and told her that he had something to
deal with, so he left first.

After dinner, Jessica continued to read the script.

She was not worried about Simon, who had been knocked unconscious by Timothy.

After all, there was staff, and Simon would never have been lying there all the time.

After familiarizing herself with the script all morning, Jessica basically grasped the heroine&39;s character.

In the afternoon, they began filming.

Because of Louise, all the parts of the heroine have to be repeated.

When Jessica and Justin Capen were playing opposite, Doris was sitting next, and because of the
farce this morning, her gaze that fell on Jessica seemed that she wanted to eat Jessica alive.

Justin, on the other hand, was not under any pressure at all.

He was even happy when he was playing opposite with Jessica.

&34;I didn&39;t expect you to be Jessica Sandgren.&34; Justin looked straight at Jessica, his eyes showing
interest in her.

&34;What? Are you curious about me?&34; Jessica was not very interested in a playboy like him.

&34;Not before, but now I am.&34; Justin said bluntly, &34;Jessica, do you have time after the filming?&34;

Hearing the director calling out &34;cut,&34; Jessica pushed Justin away and gave him a disdainful look.

She felt that Timothy was more than a little better than these men.

Throughout the afternoon, Jessica was not only playing opposite with Justin but also being harassed by
Doris from time to time.

She really had a full afternoon.

After the work was done, Jessica stopped a taxi and went home.

What she didn&39;t know was that as soon as she got into the taxi, a luxury car followed closely behind

As soon as Jessica opened the door, she found there was a faint smell of alcohol in the air.

Timothy sat alone at the mini bar in the apartment and drank.

He was watching the red liquid in the glass.

Maybe he was lost in thought, he didn&39;t even notice that Jessica was back.

&34;What are you thinking?&34; Jessica walked to Timothy and sat down.

Her voice was gentle and comfortable.

Timothy, who came back to his senses, put down the glass in his hand, took the woman beside him into
his arms, and kissed her.

Jessica was already used to Timothy&39;s kiss without any warning.

She leaned against Timothy, allowing this man to take whatever he wanted from her.

After spending so much time together, she felt at ease with Timothy.

It was a sense of security that Simon could not give her, as if a ship that had been drifting for many
years had finally seen a lighthouse.

&34;I wonder when you can really become my wife.&34;

Hearing this, Jessica&39;s heart skipped a beat, &34;Do you really...fallin love with me at first sight?&34;

She thought that she had already fallen into his hands, or else she wouldn&39;t have asked again and

The answer to Jessica&39;s question was another kiss from Timothy.

Being afraid that she would fall, Jessica held the man&39;s shoulder with both hands and responded to his
kiss seriously.

During the time when their lips and tongues intertwined, Jessica, who had been lying in Timothy&39;s
arms, was already pressed against the sofa by him.

All of this happened in just a few dozen seconds.

A big palm had already reached under Jessica&39;s clothes from the lower hem, and the thin calluses on
his hands gently scratched the flesh on Jessica&39;s waist, which made her itching.

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