Novel Name : Billionaire's Daring Wife

Chapter 22: One Problem After Another

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After Jessica replied, &34;Follow the plan,&34; a meaningful smile appeared on her face.

Simon Capen, I was looking forward to seeing how long you could protect Louise.

Now, Simon and Louise were in a hotel room.

Louise was wearing a sexy nightgown.

She had not been pregnant for long, and her curvy body type was so attractive.

She sat on Simon&39;s lap and said with affectionate eyes, &34;Simon, you will help me, won&39;t you?&34;

&34;Your father will convince Jessica himself tomorrow.Behave yourself these days and don&39;t provoke her.&34;

Too many things had happened in the past two days, and Simon felt very tired.

He was even bored when he looked at Louis who was in front of him.

If she hadn&39;t been pregnant with his child and the money- spinner of TY Group, Simon would have
kicked her away.

She was So annoying.

&34;I know.I won&39;t make such a mistake again.I&39;m sorry, Simon.I&39;ll make it up to you tonight.You can play
whatever you want.’’

After Louise finished speaking, she put Simon&39;s hand on her chest and lightly pressed his hand.

Simon&39;s agitated expression disappeared and a trace of evilness glinted in his eyes.

He reached out his hand towards her body without showing any pity.

If it weren&39;t for the sound insulation of the hotel room, Louise&39;s voice would have been heard by the
people on several streets away.

When they were indulging themselves in that unreserved fire, the door was suddenly kicked open.

A large group of people rushed in, and &34;Click&34; sounded everywhere in the room.


The sudden change made Louise, who was immersed in joy, immediately push Simon away and wrap
herself in a sheet.

After rolling around on the bed, Simon saw that the room was full of reporters.

The two persons, who enjoyed themselves in making sex just now, were now completely in a daze and
saw the reporters shooting them without struggling.

That night, the photos of the CEO of TY Group and the contract actor of TY, Louise gained much
attention on the Internet.

At the same time, the fact that Simon was Jessica&39;s boyfriend and Louise was Jessica&39;s best friend was
also revealed.

Overnight, Louise became the green tea bitch that everyone was denouncing.

Simon was called a scumbag.

Usually, there were a lot of curses in the posts about scumbags and bitches.

The calmest one was Jessica.

After browsing through a comment that insulted Simon and Louis, she put down her phone and went to

This was just the beginning! Louise, who had not slept all night, sat in the living room of the Sandgren
family&39;s house.

Priscilla had been trying to pull some strings to deal with Louise&39;s accident.

But it still couldn&39;t save Louise.

Several of the brands that Louise endorsed had announced to end the cooperations with her, and some
directors of the films which she hadn&39;t filmed yet didn&39;t want her.

Eudora and Brant sat on the sofa, both looking unhappy.

&34;How do you and Simon think? Why are you still making such big trouble when you&39;re pregnant? There
are so many rooms in our house.Why are you going to the hotel?&34; Eudora was angry.

She had planned everything well for her life, but now, everything was ruined.

&34;Mom, I know I am wrong.I didn&39;t expect things to be so serious.What should I do?&34;

Louise&39;s head was in a mess and she couldn&39;t think of anything.

The room was fully heated, but she was still trembling.

&34;Even you know you are wrong and make an apology.It is useless!&34;

Eudora&39;s face was filled with hatred.

&34;Since this thing has taken place, no matter how much you scold her, it won&39;t change the truth.Besides,
Louise is pregnant.&34;

Brant felt sorry for her daughter.

&34;Brant, Louise is still young.She can&39;t be destroyed like this.You have to find a way to save her.&34; Eudora

She could only put all her hopes on Brant now.

Brant frowned deeply, thinking about what to do to minimize the loss.

&34;I have a way”

Just as everyone was at a loss, Louise&39;s agent Priscilla spoke.

&34;What way?&34; Louise asked first.

&34;If Jessica carries the can, the loss will be less.&34;

Priscilla began to tell everyone about her plan with evilness glinting in her eyes.

Now Jessia was in the filming location.

As a newcomer, Jessica just followed Mrs.Kimi in.

Because of her coming, many people turned their eyes to them.

&34;Look, that&39;s Jessica Sandgren, framing her best friend to get the role.&34;

&34;No, I remember that her best friend had an affair with her boyfriend!&34;

&34;Anyway, she can get the director to replace Louise directly, proving that she has a privileged
background.Look at her coquettish appearance.I don&39;t know how many men she has slept with&34;

A few actresses were whispering, and their eyes on Jessica were filled with jealousy.

In the past, Mrs.Kimi would have a fight with them, but now she was standing next to Jessica and
asked in a low voice, &34;Jessica, tell me the truth.What have you been hiding from me recently?&34;

Jessica, who was eating breakfast, seemingly didn&39;t care about that.

&34;I just got married recently.I didn&39;t do anything else&34;

&34;Haven&39;t you slept with the C-levels of the YH Group?&34;


&34;Haven&39;t you provoked the C-levels of the YH Group?&34;


&34;You didn&39;t do anything.Then why did you become the leading actress in this series?&34;

&34;Probably because my husband has big power.’’ Jessica was absolutely telling the truth.Mrs.Kimi felt
Timothy was not an ordinary person when she saw him yesterday, so she gossiped, &34;Then who is he?&34;

Jessica: &34;I don&39;t know either.’’

Mrs.Kimi was speechless.

After Jessica stayed on the set for a while, the director personally walked up to her and gave her the
script for the play.

&34;Jessica, work hard.I&39;m very optimistic about you.You just need to familiarize yourself with the
environment in the morning and speculate more about the character.You don&39;t have to do anything else
for the time being.&34;

The director patted Jessica on the shoulder and looked at the beautiful woman in front of him.

She had delicate features and pride emanated from her.

This was the perfect chief actress in his mind.

But Louise was just outwardly attractive but worthless.

&34;I see.Thank you, Mr.Dartt.&34;

Jessica took the script, and the others were filming.

She sat aside and read the script.

Mrs.Kimi couldn&39;t stay by Jessica&39;s side all the time because she was also in charge of other actors.

Jessica found a suitable place, lay down, and started reading.

This drama was called The Story in Concubine.

It was about the love and hatred between the killer who was in the 21st century but traveled to the Qing
Dynasty and the princes.

The hostess was gorgeous but arrogant and stubborn.

As Jessica read the story, she tried to bring herself into the role.

But when she hadn&39;t read for half an hour, she heard some sound in the corner.

&34;Be careful...Someone may find us...&34;

&34;How can they find us? The rest of the crew are filming.Don&39;t you like excitement? It&39;s better to be
found out and let others see you, you bitch.&34;

Jessica heard the conversation between them and immediately understood.

She just wanted to find a quiet place to read the script, but she didn&39;t expect to bump into such a thing.

Jessica coughed awkwardly and said towards the direction of the open door, &34;Can you keep your voice

Almost as soon as Jessica finished speaking, there was no sound in the room.

After a few seconds, a blushing woman ran out and tidied up her clothes as she ran.

Perhaps because she was too shy, this woman didn&39;t even look at Jessica.

Jessica glanced at the woman&39;s back and continued to read the script.

However, before she could finish a page, the script in her hand was taken away.

A large shadow fell on the chair where she was sitting.

Jessica quickly looked up and saw a handsome man putting his hands on both sides of the chair and
looking at her with a half-smile.

&34;You ruined a good thing for me.’’ The man had affectionate eyes and a pleasant voice.

&34;If it weren&39;t for your loud voices, I wouldn&39;t have done that.&34;

Jessica shrugged with an indifferent expression.

&34;Give me back the script.I want to continue reading.&34;

&34;It&39;s so boring to read the script.Shall we do something happy?&34;

The man reached out and pinched Jessica&39;s chin.

He deliberately approached Jessica when he spoke.

The distance between the two of them was very close, as if they were going to kiss each other.

&34;I don&39;t like second-hand goods.&34;

Just as Jessica was about to push the man away, a scream came from afar.

&34;Justin Capen, you&39;re flirting with other women behind my back again!&34;

Jessica pushed the man away in disgust and Justin&39;s face was filled with irritation.

&34;Flirting with others is my freedom.It&39;s none of your business.Doris, why are you so annoying?&34;

Justin&39;s face was filled with madness as if he was about to go crazy.

&34;You are such a vixen and are seducing Justin, aren&39;t you? I have to deal with you today, vixen.Let&39;s
see if you dare seduce him again.&34;

The woman named Doris grabbed one of Jessica&39;s hands and raised the other to slap Jessica&39;s face.

Jessica reacted quickly and stopped her.

&34;Miss Wellons, you seem to have misunderstood something.I’m not the one who has an affair with your

After Jessica finished speaking, she pushed Doris away.

Although she had not been in the entertainment circle for a long time, Doris and Justin were not
unfamiliar names.

One was the unruly and willful daughter of the Wellons family, and the other was a teen idol.

Doris had always liked Justin since his debut, while Justin changed girlfriends like clothes.

The second lead actress was Doris, and the first lead actor was Justin.

Doris, who was pushed away by Jessica, was furious.

&34;Only when you take off your clothes can be called as having an affair? If I don&39;t come, you&39;ll kiss him,
you bitch!&34;

Doris didn&39;t believe Jessica&39;s words.She only believed her eyes.

&34;Don&39;t embarrass yourself here.&34;

Justin pulled Doris away and Jessica rubbed his temples.

Only on the first day of filming, she came across such a thing, feeling that life would not be peaceful in
the future.

&34;It seems that Mrs.Landy is very charming.&34;

Just as Jessica was about to pick up the script and continue reading, she heard Timothy&39;s voice.

She quickly turned around and saw him holding a lunchbox in his hand.

&34;Why are you here?&34;

&34;Just as I finished my work, I thought that Mrs.Landy hadn&39;t eaten yet, so I came over.’’

After Timothy finished speaking, he put the lunchbox on the table.

Jessica was shocked to see the words &34;Y Restaurant&34; written on the bag of the lunchbox.

Y Restaurant&39;s lunchboxes were well-known hard to buy. She had only eaten them once, five or six
years ago.

&34;Eat quickly.It won&39;t taste good if it&39;s cold.&34; Timothy urged.

Jessica nodded.

Just then, she heard Simon&39;s voice, &34;Jessica &34;

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