Novel Name : Billionaire's Daring Wife

Chapter 21: Don't Be Nervous

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The place that Timothy took Jessica to was a furniture store.

As soon as the car stopped, Jessica asked, &34;Why did you bring me here?&34;

&34;To decorate our home.&34;

After Timothy finished, he led her inside.Jessica dwelled on Timothy&39;s words.

Our home...He said our home...

Her previous home was destroyed, so God sent this man to give her another home? Jessica could only
see half of Timothy&39;s face.

Unlike Simon&39;s gentleness and modesty, Timothy exuded firmness and reliability.

His features were more delicate than Simon&39;s, but his temperament was distant and indifferent.

It was a kind of calm beauty precipitated by time.

Simon was no match for him at all.

Jessica&39;s heart beat faster.She doubted her own judgment now.

Three years ago, why did she fall in love with Simon?

&34;How about buying a quilt package? Which one would you like?&34;

Timothy did not notice Jessica&39;s heart fluttering.

He only turned back after he received no reply.

Seeing the woman behind her in a daze, he was angry and amused.

He couldn&39;t help but pinch her nose.

&34;Stop being absent-minded.&34;

Jessica recovered from her thoughts, seeing Timothy and the store owner looking at her with a half-

Instantly, she felt embarrassed.

She hid behind Timothy, avoiding the boss&39;s gaze.

&34;What are you doing?&34;

Timothy said with a warm smile, &34;You haven&39;t picked your favorite one yet.’’

He was in a good mood.

Seeing this, the boss also teased, &34;You will need to keep an eye on your cute wife while walking.If she
bumps into someone else&39;s arms and gets hurt, he won&39;t give her back to you.&34;

Jessica really wanted to find a crack to hide.

She glanced at those quilts, picked one hastily, and then dragged Timothy away.

She was no longer a young girl who had just experienced her first love.

But damn it, because of Timothy, she got this feeling again.

Timothy led Jessica walking around, and they bought some other stuff.

They spent the whole morning shopping and the entire afternoon decorating their home.

After that, Jessica was so exhausted that she collapsed on Timothy&39;s soft big bed.

Timothy&39;s apartment was in a modern style and looked a little plain.

Blue was Jessica&39;s favorite color.

In today&39;s purchase, most of the things they bought were blue.

After some modifications, it looked warm and cozy now.

Timothy also fell beside Jessica.

They looked at the ceiling at the same time.

Jessica asked, &34;Timothy, regarding the video thing yesterday and the affair of YH Entertainment, you
are involved in both of them, aren&39;t you?&34;

Timothy neither denied nor admitted it.

Jessica continued, &34;I&39;m so curious about your true identity.Can you tell me?&34;

Debt collectors would never be able to do such a thing.

Jessica guessed that Timothy was far more influential than the CEO of YH Entertainment.

And according to this man’s temperament, although he lived like an average person, he didn&39;t have that
kind of disposition.

He looked ordinary but not mediocre.

He always exuded a sense of nobility and pride, and such a temperament would never be fostered by
an average family.

Timothy turned over and pressed against Jessica.

Their foreheads were against each other, and they could only see each other&39;s eyes.

Jessica wanted to avoid such intimate behavior, but her legs were fixed and her hands were restrained.

&34;Do you want to know?&34;

Timothy gently rubbed the tip of his nose against Jessica&39;s nose, moving left and right.

Jessica immediately had goosebumps all over her body.

She nodded obediently.

&34;Yes, I want to know.’’ Timothy kissed Jessica&39;s lips and replied, &34;Jessica, I&39;ll tell you at the right time.I
can&39;t tell you now, but trust me, I will never hurt you.&34;

After Timothy finished, he gently kissed Jessica&39;s lips again.

Jessica&39;s eyes widened.

She looked at the man who was kissing her, and her eyes turned blurred as if she had been captivated
by Timothy.

She didn&39;t know how to respond and could only stare blankly at Timothy.

While Jessica was in a daze, Timothy opened his mouth with an evil look and bit Jessica&39;s lips gently.

His strength was well controlled.

Although Jessica&39;s lips were not broken, she felt hurt very much.

&34;Timothy Landy...Why did you bite me?&34;

Jessica reached out and wanted to push Timothy away.

She was really not used to such intimacy.

&34;When you kiss me, you are not allowed to think about other things.&34; Timothy&39;s voice was hoarse and

&34;Jessica, close your eyes.Don&39;t be nervous.I&39;m your husband.&34;


Jessica wanted to say something more.

As soon as she opened her mouth, Timothy&39;s tongue came in and made her thrilled.

Kissing was very strange to Jessica.

Although she had been dating Simon for three years, the most intimate thing between them was Simon
kissing her forehead.

Jessica could not tell whether Timothy&39;s kissing skills were good or not.

She only knew that once this man touched her, her body would become as soft as water.

The man’s big palm slowly moved down along Jessica&39;s back.

After meeting Jessica, all his reason fell apart.

Although he knew that Jessica was not ready yet, he did not want to let her go.

In this world, there was a kind of love called &34;You had me at hello&34;.

He had the urge to live with Jessica forever at his first glance at her.Jessica felt a chill coming over her,
and then she realized that her clothes had been unbuttoned.

&34;Timothy...I&39;m scared...&34;

Jessica grabbed the bedsheet with both hands.

Although they had already had sex before, it was the first time they were turned on while they were
utterly sober.

It was even more dangerous than last night.

Timothy smiled.

&34;We&39;ll have to face it sooner or later, Jessica.We&39;re already married.&34;

After that, he didn&39;t want to care about Jessica&39;s thoughts anymore but lowered his head and kissed
her firmly.

This time, he kissed her even more fiercely, and his breathing was in disorder.

Jessica could feel the heaving of his chest, and not only that, the strength of his hands on her waist
increased.I Jessica vacillated and didn&39;t feel uncomfortable like last night.

It seemed normal for couples to do this.

Inthe end, Jessica said in a mosquito-like low voice, &34;You must do it gently.Don&39;t make me hurt like that
night.I can&39;t stand the pain.’’

Jessica&39;s face was so red that it was about to bleed, while Timothy&39;s eyes lit up because of her words.

&34;No problems at all.&34;

His tone was like aged wine, intoxicating.

After Timothy finished speaking, Jessica closed her eyes and handed herself to the man.

But at this moment, a sound of knocking arose over the door.

Jessica, who had just made up her mind, was startled.

She quivered and somehow pushed Timothy directly off the bed.

&34;Someone...someone knocked on the door.&34;

Jessica tidied up her clothes in a panic, feeling embarrassed as if she was caught in bed with aman.

Timothy&39;s vision gradually became clear, and he turned sullen immediately.

He suppressed his killing intent and walked towards the door.

&34;Mr.Landy, we just had another business deal.It&39;s rather good.The client gave us..&34;

Ray reached out four fingers while speaking.

But when he felt the strong killing intent, his excited tone immediately disappeared, &34;I didn&39;t do anything
wrong, did I?&34;

As Ray spoke, he looked around and smelt a faint fragrance in the air.

As soon as Ray saw Jessica&39;s legs, his expression changed drastically.

&34;Mr.Landy, I&39;m sorry.I didn&39;t mean to disturb you doing this...I came here because I was too excited.I&39;ll
get out of here now.I am really sorry:&34;

Ray turned around and wanted to leave, but Timothy stopped him.

&34;What are you thinking? She is my wife.&34;

&34;Your wife?&34;

Ray was surprised, but Timothy walked back into the room.Ray looked over and suddenly realized who
Timothy&39;s &34;wife&34; was.

Instantly, he was shocked, as if lightning had struck him.

&34;Damn, Mr.Landy, am I blind?&34;

&34;Do you want to come in and talk to her?&34;

Timothy looked indifferent, and Ray hastily shook his head.

&34;No, no, no.I am so sorry for what I have done.I&39;ll leave now.’’

The flirtatious atmosphere in the room was messed up by Ray, leaving only embarrassment.

Jessica, who sat by the bed, could not help but shrink back while seeing Timothy walking towards her.

&34;I...I&39;m a little hungry.I&39;m going to cook some noodles.”

When Timothy walked up to Jessica, she ran to the kitchen as if she was a cat that had encountered a

Seeing her fleeing, Timothy was angry but amused.

Sure enough, he had scared her.

Jessica made two bowls of noodles, and they sat at the table to eat.

She hadn&39;t cooked for a long time.

While she was enjoying the dinner, Simon called her.

&34;Jessica, are you really going to compete with Louise for company resources? Regarding the thing that
happened yesterday, I know it&39;s our fault.But you can&39;t be so willful.Louise has already paid the price.I
heard from her that you signed the contract with YH Entertainment.You&39;re not suitable for working in the
entertainment industry at all.Why do you have to be so impulsive? Just terminate your contract.I&39;ll pay
the termination fee.Listen to me, and we&39;ll all be better off&34;

On the phone, Simon&39;s tone was gloomy.

&34;It&39;s not up to you.If you call me because of this, I&39;ll hang up.’’ Jessica hung up on Simon mercilessly.

She found him too annoying.

Simon called a few more times, and, in the end, Jessica blocked his number.

Timothy saw everything but didn&39;t utter a word.

Simon said that his woman was not suitable for working in the entertainment industry, but he wanted to
see who would dare to say the woman that he wanted to make a star was not capable.

After dinner, Jessica leaned on the sofa and played on her phone.

She didn&39;t answer Simon&39;s call, but it didn&39;t stop Simon from making her take the blame for Louise.

Louise&39;s operating team stated that yesterday&39;s video was post-synthesis.

Everything was set up by Jessica as she wanted to drag Louise down.

The reason why Jessica wanted to do that was very simple.

Jessica signed a contract with YH Entertainment and stole the female lead of big-budget production.

As soon as this statement was released, Jessica was scolded severely by Louise&39;s crazy fans on

Just then, Mrs.Kimi sent a message to Jessica saying that the paparazzi who followed Simon and
Louise had caught them entering a hotel.

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