Novel Name : Billionaire's Daring Wife

Chapter 20: Shameless Bi*ch

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Jessica and Mrs.Kimi simultaneously looked at Louise, who was wearing ten-centimeter high heels.

Consumed with envy, she was very surprised.

&34;Jessica came to the YH Entertainment to sign the contract.That&39;s a no-brainer.Do you think everyone
comes here to beg other for help like you?&34;

Mrs.Kimi was very hostile to Louise.

This bitch not only stole Jessica&39;s resources but also slept with Simon.

She was so shameless.

Yesterday, Louise lost the chance to play the leading role in a TV play, and the director of this play
happened to be from the YH Entertainment.

It was obvious why she came here early in the morning.

Louise&39;s color came and went as she listened.

Her eyes flashed with anger, but she didn&39;t know how to refute.

&34;No matter how unlucky Louise is, she still has a huge fan base.The reason why you came so early is
that you have to beg the YH Entertainment to sign the contract, right? Look at yourself.You will never
make it.You are just a has-been.Please look at yourself in the mirror to see how many wrinkles and
crow&39;s feet you have.&34;

Priscilla stood in front of Louise and began to mock Jessica.

&34;It was the YH Entertainment who contacted Jessica to sign the contract.This is our contract.&34;

Mrs.Kimi proudly raised the paper.

Priscilla and Louise looked rather unhappy.

&34;Let&39;s go, Mrs.Kimi.&34;

Jessica glanced at Priscilla and Louise with disdain.

She did not know why Simon liked this woman.

Louise was no better than her.

It might be true that the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence.

And a cheating man is like a greedy dog: even though you feed him fancy food all day long, he always
wants to try shit just because he hasn&39;t tasted it.

&34;Jessica, it&39;s my fault to make you take the blame for me yesterday.I apologize to you.Please don&39;t
compete with me for this role, okay? Do you know how much I&39;ve done for this? How much did the TY
Company do to get this? Even if you hate me, you can&39;t torture Simon.’’ Tears welled up in Louise&39;s
eyes, and she was even willing to bow to Jessica and admit her mistake.

&34;If you want to beg me, you have to be more sincere.&34; Jessica coldly prised Louise&39;s fingers that were
holding her clothes.

&34;Remember, if you are the most suitable person for this role, no one will ever take it away.Instead of
begging me to pity you, it&39;s better to spend more time on your acting skills.&34; Jessica glanced sideways
at Louise and then left.

Priscilla held Louise, who was ina fit of anger and could hardly compose herself, asking, &34;What should
we do now? Jessica has signed a contract with the YH Entertainment, and the director also belongs to

it.Louise, do we still need to find the him?&34;

&34;Go back to the TY Company.I&39;m going to see Simon.&34;

After Louise finished speaking, she left to see Simon.

Mrs.Kimi could not help but applaud Jessica for her behavior just now.

She almost jumped for joy.

&34;Jessica, I found out that I actually knew nothing about you in the past.I always thought you were very
soft and harmless.Today, I found out that you were so clever and determined.What should we do next?&34;

&34;Take all of Louise’s resources.&34;

Jessica&39;s eyes fell on the man leaning on the motorcycle in the distance.

She said, &34;Mrs.Kimi, I&39;ll go first.My husband is still waiting for me.Please call me if anything happens.&34;

After that, she quickly ran to Timothy.

&34;Hey, you haven&39;t told me how you got married yet.You...&34;

Mrs.Kimi shouted behind Jessica but found that she didn&39;t hear her at all.

She had no choice but to go back to her car.

But of course, before getting in the car, Mrs.Kimi still looked at Timothy a few more times.

The more she looked, the more familiar he became.

She had definitely seen him somewhere! Jessica walked to Timothy and was about to call him, but then
the man raised his head.

&34;Are you done?&34;


&34;Then let&39;s go.I&39;ll take you somewhere.’’

&34;Where?&34; Jessica asked.

&34;Get in the car.You&39;ll know when we get there&34;

Jessica had no choice but to get in and they left the YH Entertainment.

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