Novel Name : Billionaire's Daring Wife

Chapter 19: I'll Die in Front of You

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Jessica thought that she should not irritate the man who had just woken up in the morning.

&34;Timothy.I was wrong.Now I know that I was wrong.’’ Jessica kept begging for mercy.

Her cheeks were glowing as if she was slightly drunk.

Suddenly, Timothy stopped at the most critical step.

He was puffing hard and he struggled to hold back the strong desire deep in his body.

Obviously, Jessica didn&39;t dare to move at that moment.

After all, she could feel Timothy&39;s struggle.

About five minutes later, they gradually calmed down.

&34;Go and wash up.I will send you there.’’ Timothy said.

Then, he let go of Jessica.

Forty minutes later, Jessica was sent to the entrance of the YH group by Timothy.

Mrs.Kimi had been waiting for her for quite a long time.

She rushed over as soon as she saw Jessica.

&34;Jessica, who is that man? Tell me.&34; Mrs.Kimi said.

&34;I swear that I will kill myself today if you don&39;t tell me who he is.&34;

Mrs.Kimi&39;s gaze had been settling on Timothy all the time.

She couldn&39;t stay calm anymore especially when she saw him sending Jessica here riding on a

&34;Mrs.Kimi, shall we go to sign the contract now? It will take a while to explain what happened between
him and me.&34;

Jessica gave a conspiratorial wink to Timothy and then dragged Mrs.Kimi to the company.

Mrs.Kimi definitely knew what was the most important thing to do at that moment, but she was still
annoyed, &34;Jessica, if you do something that is against your original intention, I will never work with you
anymore.You can go and find whoever you like to cooperate with&34;

Few of these agents in the entertainment industry didn&39;t allow her artists to sleep with the rich for
benefits, and Mrs.Kimi was one of them.

Thus, she had never boomed the popularity of the artists she worked with in spite of her outstanding

&34;I know, Mrs.Kimi.Don&39;t worry.I don&39;t have a sex trade with that man.Actually, he&39;s my husband.&34;

&34;What? Your husband? Jessica, how many things are you hiding from me?&34;

Jessica could tell from Mrs.Kimi&39;s expression that she would die if she didn&39;t tell the truth.

Jessica was so scared that she kept her mouth shut immediately and then walked into the conference
room of the YH group.

The process of signing the contract progressed smoothly, and the staffs of the YH group were very

However, Mrs.Kimi looked as if her mind was somewhat unhinged until the end of the signing process.

After leaving the conference room, Mrs.Kimi immediately pulled Jessica onto the lounge chair and
whispered to her, &34;Jessica, tell me, have you made acquaintance with the top manager of the YH
group? Is the man who sent you here today the top manager of the YH group?&34;

Jessica shook her head, but it seemed that Mrs.Kimi did not trust her.

&34;I knew something was wrong since yesterday.At first, someone was secretly supported us when we
uploaded the video.Then, the YH group offered you a chance.They directly replaced the actress of the
main female character and let you act the leading role.The people who were present and signed the
contract today were are all senior executives of the YH group.How can they attend a signing process?
You&39;d better tell me the truth right now.&34;

&34;I really didn&39;t do anything.Maybe I have good luck.&34;

Even Jessica herself did not believe that it was sheer luck.

Timothy&39;s face popped up in Jessica&39;s mind.

He once told her that he was not as mediocre as he looked.

Jessica wondered whether it was Timothy that took control of everything behind the scenes.

Realizing that she was not able to get any information from Jessica now, Mrs.Kimi couldn&39;t do anything
but sigh.

Suddenly, a scene ran through her mind.

It seemed that she had seen the man who sent Jessica over here somewhere before.

Mrs.Kimi was trying to recall.

At that moment, a shrill female voice sounded, &34;Jessica, why are you here?&34;

It seemed to be unbelievable for that woman to see Jessica here.

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