Novel Name : Billionaire's Daring Wife

Chapter 18: I'm Not Ready Yet

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&34;I… I don&39;t seem ready yet.&34;

Although she chose to trust Timothy, Jessica was still unable to make out as ordinary couples did.

After all, hadn&39;t known each other for too long.

The weight on her body was removed after she said it.

Timothy already got up from the bed.

&34;Then we will do that until you&39;re ready.”

With these words, he walked into the bathroom without looking back.

After the bathroom door was closed, Jessica felt much relaxed both physically and mentally.She had
made love with him all night yesterday, and she had a tough day today.

So a few minutes later, she fell asleep.

When Timothy came out of the bathroom after taking a shower, he saw her sound asleep.

Her sharp features seemed to be softened and her sleeping face looked sweet.

Timothy gave her a light kiss on the forehead, then lay down and turned off the light to sleep.

Early the next morning, Jessica was woken up by Mrs.Kimi&39;s call, which urged her to hurry to the YH
Entertainment and contract with it to be its official entertainer.

YH Entertainment was an entertainment company that could supersede TY Company in all aspects.

Most of the entertainers in the company could get good resources.

As her agent, it was normal for Mrs.Kimi to urge her.

&34;I see.I&39;ll be right there.’’ Jessica rubbed her eyes.

Just then, Timothy rubbed her cheek affectionately.

The man said in a hoarse voice, &34;Sleep a little longer.I&39;ll send you there later.”

Before Jessica said anything, Mrs.Kimi had exploded on the other end of the phone.

&34;Jessica Sandgren, why is there a man next to you early in the morning? What did you do last night?
Did you want to risk everything to get back at Simon Capen? is reasonable that YH
Entertainment wants to contract with you even though you&39;ve been out of the entertainment industry.Do
you want irritate me?&34;

Timothy could hear her high-pitched voice clearly even though Jessica didn&39;t turn on the loudspeaker.

The man grabbed Jessica&39;s phone and said to Mrs.Kimi, &34;I&39;ll send her over later.If she&39;s late, tell them
to wait for a while.&34;

After that, he hung up without giving Mrs.Kimi a chance to speak.

His words made Mrs.Kimi sure of her guess.

Mrs.Kimi on the other end of the phone was shocked and confused.

Who did Jessica sleep with last night? Tell them to wait? The man sounded so arrogant.

Jessica could imagine Mrs.Kimi&39;s shocked expression.

Looking at Timothy who was hugging her tightly, she was both annoyed and amused.

&34;Signing a contract with YH Entertainment is very important to me.I need to be there on time.’’

&34;I told you I&39;ll send you there.’’ Timothy didn&39;t take her words seriously at all.

&34;It&39;s still early.Just sleep for a little longer.’’

&34;No, I have to get up now.&34;

&34;You know men are especially fragile in the morning.If you dare to move, I don&39;t mind doing something

With these words, his hands around her waist began to move up.His big palm covered with calluses
gently stroked Jessica&39;s smooth skin.

She was held in his arms so she could clearly feel the boner &34;Timothy...I really need

Before she could finish the sentence, she felt a big shadow fall from above then her breathing became
unstable in an instant.

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