Novel Name : Billionaire's Daring Wife

Chapter 17: Scared?

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Jessica dodged, not feeling provoked at all.

Finally, Timothy asked, &34;Did you really get bullied at home?&34;

Seeing that Jessica was sullen, Timothy asked.Since Timothy already knew, Jessica did not hide it.

&34;It was indeed treachery.I also knew that my mother was poisoned to death by my father and Eudora.&34;
Jessica compressed her lips tightly.

She felt sorry for her mother when thought of how she had lived peacefully with her mother&39;s murderer
for more than ten years.


Timothy put her hand in his chest, and pinched her chin by another hand, forcing Jessica to look at

&34;Do you trust me? I can help you take revenge.&34;

&34;My head is in a mess now.I...&34;

Once bitten, twice shy.Even her own father could deceive her.Who else could she trust?

&34;Trust me, please.We&39;re already married.I&39;ll help you, and...&34;

Timothy hesitated for a moment and said, &34;My real identity is not as mediocre as you have seen.Time
will prove it to you.&34;

Timothy let go of Jessica.

He knew that it would be difficult to win Jessica&39;s trust for these few words, so he changed the subject
and said, &34;Well, good time flys.Go take a shower, or are you going to take a shower with me?&34;

Jessica was afraid that Timothy would actually take a bath with her, so she walked into the bathroom

As the warm bath water flowed down from above, Jessica was thinking about Timothy&39;s words over and
over again.

Should she believe him or not? Throughout the shower, Jessica had been thinking about this.

When she came out of the bathroom after the shower, she saw Timothy sitting at the bar drinking.

At this moment, he was already changed into a nightgown, and a large area of skin on his chest was

When he saw Jessica, he raised the glass.

The whole room was covered with rose petals, and the exquisite candles were arranged in the shape of
a heart.

The smell of roses in the air made Jessica forget all his troubles.

&34;Happy wedding, Mrs.Landy.&34;

Timothy stepped on the petals and walked to Jessica.He held her in his arms.

Jessica had been with Simon for three years.

But expected for gaining something from him, she had never treated him with heart.

Their first sex, the marriage certificate, and the wedding night, all of the romance were planned by
Timothy alone.

&34;Timothy, why did you do all this?&34;

&34;It&39;s very simple.I fell in love with you since the moment you seduced me in the bar.&34;

Timothy didn&39;t disguised.

Jessica never believed in love at first sight,but after seeing Timothy&39;s sincere eyes, she chose to
believe him.

&34;Thank you, Timothy.I&39;ll try to trust you.&34;

&34;It&39;s time to change a call, honey.&39;&39; Timothy pinched Jessica hard on her waist.

&34;If you don&39;t call me tonight, you won&39;t be able to have a sound sleep.’’

Hearing Timothy&39;s words, Jessica&39;s face turned red.She could only and say awkwardly in a blush,
&34;Thank you, honey.”

Timothy picked Jessica up and walked to the bed.

The soft bed sank a lot for the weight of the two.

A firm kiss fell.

Jessica&39;s body trembled slightly because of Timothy&39;s touch.

Timothy realized Jessica&39;s nervousness and brushed her cheek gently with his thin lips.

Her voice was as hoarse as if it had come from his throat.

&34;Are you afraid?&34;

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