Novel Name : Billionaire's Daring Wife

Chapter 16: Lean Over To Kiss Her

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When Jessica returned home, the car that Simon parked in the garage had disappeared.

It was very quiet in the huge villa.

Jessica didn&39;t want anyone to know that she had returned to get her phone and groped through the
darkness towards the living room.

When she found her cell phone on the sofa, she thought about what happened that night.

Figuring that she might not move back in a short period of time, she went upstairs.

The only thing in the Sandgren family that she wanted to take away was the necklace her mother left
her before she died.

After getting the necklace, Jessica quickly came out of her room.

When she passed the study, she overheard Brant talking to Eudora.

&34;Brant, I&39;ve got a really bad feeling, and I feel something is going to happen.Did Jessica notice
something unusual today?&34;

&34;Jessica will know about Simon and Louise sooner or later.&34;

Brant, who was writing calligraphy, didn&39;t care.

&34;I&39;m not talking about this.I&39;m talking about Jessica&39;s mother: Jessica, who was about to leave,
froze.Did they...Did they keep any secrets from her? “

&34;Let bygones be bygones, and the hospital didn&39;t find anything wrong.What are you worried about?&34;

&34;But Daphne&39;s attending doctor knew that we poisoned her.Although he is retired now, I still feel

&34;That doctor is abroad now.I&39;ll send someone to keep an eye on him 24 hours a day.Stop filling your
head with nonsense.And don&39;t mention it again.&34;

For Brant, it was something he did not want to recall.

He was with Daphne just because she was the daughter of the Yankey family.

Later, when he became more successful, he no longer needed her.

Jessica, who was standing at the door of the study and heard all these things, covered her mouth in

If she hadn&39;t come back to get her phone, she would never have known that her mother had been killed
by Brant and Eudora.

She even comforted herself that Brant at least felt guilty.

Now she knew that she was too naive.

Jessica didn&39;t know how she got out of the Sandgren family.

It was cold outside, but her heart was even colder.

She turned to look at the villa standing in the dark and said word by word, &34;Mom, I will avenge you!&34;

At this moment, a dazzling light shone in the distance.

Jessica turned around and looked at the dazzling headlights.

The lights were so harsh that she couldn&39;t see clearly.

But when she saw the car, she knew who it was.

Timothy turned down the lights and drove slowly towards Jessica.

&34;Get in&34; Timothy ordered.

&34;How did you know I live here? Timothy, what do you do?&34;

Jessica was sitting in the car, putting her arm around Timothy&39;s waist.

The man knew everything about her, but she didn&39;t even know what was he.

&34;Debt collectors.&34; Timothy&39;s voice sounded low and seductive in the darkness.

&34;You&39;re my wife.How could I not know where you live?&34;

Jessica did not speak, but Timothy took her directly to the most luxurious hotel in the city.

&34;Aren&39;t we going home?&34;

Jessica frowned at Timothy, who was holding the room card.

&34;This is the second time you&39;ve hinted that we should go home today.What&39;s the rush? I can satisfy you
wherever we are.Today is our wedding night.What fun can it be if we go home?&34;

Jessica&39;s mouth twitched.

&34;Timothy, why do I feel like you&39;re taking our marriage seriously?&34;

&34;Jessica, since I said I wanted to keep you as my mistress, which time I&39;m not serious?&34;

Jessica&39;s smile froze on her face when she heard what Timothy said, but before she could react, he
opened the door and pulled her in.

He lowered his head and kissed her.

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