Novel Name : Billionaire's Daring Wife

Chapter 15: In Collusion

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Brant was astounded and did not expect his daughter, who had never dared to talk back to him, to be
so furious.

Of course, Jessica didn&39;t finish venting her anger and she started to blame Louise, &34;Don&39;t bite off more
than one can chew.How could you let someone else take the blame just because you didn&39;t perform
well? Is it because the Sandgren family treats you so well, so you get overwhelmed and forget that you
are just a nanny&39;s daughter? Louise, if I haven&39;t helped you, nobody knows you.Why are you so
shameless to want me to give you everything?&34;

&34;You...You...I knew although you said we were good friends, you actually looked down on me.Did you
plan it? You want to take everything from me!&34;

Louise was so angry with Jessica that her expression changed.

She was also Brant&39;s daughter, but she had been looked down on in the Sandgren family for so many
years because she was an illegitimate daughter.

Every time she saw Jessica&39;s condescending attitude, she was in fury.

&34;I don&39;t care whatever you think.I didn&39;t intend to take that show, but I&39;ve changed my mind after hearing
your words.Louise, I&39;m going back to the entertainment industry:&34;

Jessica glanced at Louise arrogantly.

Jessica never needed to be pitied.

She would get whatever she wanted.

Simon quickly took Jessica into his arms and comforted her gently, &34;Jessica, Louise is not
sensible.Don&39;t argue with her.Too many things happened today, so she lost her temper.&34;

Jessica chuckled and mercilessly pushed Simon away.

&34;Both my father and my boyfriend help Louise.I&39;m really eye- opening.You&39;re the family and I&39;m the one
have to leave, right?&34;

Jessica felt that she might die of anger if she stayed here.

She ran out of the Sandgren family, stopped a taxi and ignored Simon&39;s obstruction, closed the door
and left.

For the first time, Simon found that he couldn&39;t control Jessica.

As he watched the car recede, he couldn&39;t help but scold, &34;Damn it.&34;

When he returned home again, Louise, who had stopped crying, immediately asked, &34;Did Jessica

Jessica had taken the blame for Louise and sacrificed for Louise several times.

Every time Jessica would do whatever they asked, tonight was definitely an accident.

&34;She got in the car directly.&34;

Simon sat next to Louise, looking sullen.

Jessica&39;s attitude towards him made him very unhappy.

The whole living room fell into a strange silence.

Finally, Simon said, &34;Maybe we were too hasty.I will persuade Jessica&34;

&34;Well, by the way, find a time to talk to Jessica about your relationship with Louise-&34;

After Brant finished speaking, he went upstairs with Eudora&39;s help.

Louise and Jessica were both his daughters, although he should treat them equally.

But Brant felt even more sorry for Louise for letting Louise and her mother be scolded for so many

In addition, Louise was pregnant with Simon&39;s child.

For Louise&39;s happiness, he could only sacrifice Jessica.

In the huge living room, only Simon and Louise were left.

Louise sat directly on Simon&39;s lap and held his face, &34;Simon, that role is very important to me.I can&39;t let
Jessica take it away.Otherwise, all our efforts will be in vain&34;

&34;I know-&34;


After the car had driven out for more than ten minutes, Jessica suddenly remembered that her cell
phone had been forgotten in the Sandgren family.

She had to tell the driver to turn back to get her phone.

Jessica never thought that she would know another truth when she went back this time.

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