Novel Name : Billionaire's Daring Wife

Chapter 13: Wedding Night

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As soon as Jessica answered the phone, she heard Mrs.Kimi say excitedly.

&34;Jessica, have you seen the trending topics today? Louise is probably wailing now.It&39;s strange that after
I posted the video of them making you the scapegoat on the Internet, it went viral.Everyone curses TY
Group and Louise now.’’ Jessica had no time to know about the follow-up events on the Internet
because of Timothy.

Now hearing what Mrs.Kimi said, she knew that she won the first battle.

Timothy, who was standing next to Jessica, also heard Mrs.Kimi&39;s words, and his sexy and thin lips
curved up slightly.

It seemed that Oscar became more competent after he took charge of the company.

&34;Jessica, I just received an invitation from YH Entertainment.A senior leader of the company wants to
sign you.When you&39;re available, let&39;s go to the company.Also, Louise is shooting a heroine-dominant
film, but the director wants you to replace Louise.&34;

Today was full of surprises! Jessica&39;s heart was thumping with excitement after hanging up.

She felt as if she was in a league of her own.

Timothy drove his cute wife to where he lived, while the TY Group was busy tackling what happened

In Simon&39;s office, Louise kept crying, &34;Simon, I&39;m sorry.I really don&39;t know why it came to this.&34;

Simon&39;s face darkened as he looked at Louise.

She became very tearful, which didn&39;t break his heart but upset him.

&34;I&39;ve told you so many times that although I can make you popular, you still need to show your
strength.Now the TY Group is suffering because of you, and the director wants to terminate the
contract.Can you just stop making trouble?&34;

Simon was angry at her for the first time.

Louise knew that she had caused trouble this time, so she tried even harder to please him, &34;I want to
perform well, but I&39;m pregnant and easy to get tired, so I&39;ve been off my game.Simon, I didn&39;t mean to.&34;

Hearing the word &34;pregnant&34;, Simon restrained his anger a little.

He held Louise in his arms and said, &34;I&39;ll solve the problem.You should have a good rest.&34;

Louise leaned against Simon and then replied softly and kissed him.

There was an erotic atmosphere in the office, and the temperature seemed to gradually go up.

Brant called Jessica before she went home with Timothy.

Jessica had admired her father since she was a child.

After her mother passed away, her father never remarried in about ten years.

Now she knew that it wasn&39;t that he didn&39;t want to get married.

In fact, he had fooled around with Louise&39;s mother, Eudora, for more than 20 years.

In other words, Brant had sex with Eudora, the nanny of the Sandgren family, when Jessica&39;s mother
was pregnant.

Thinking that she had been deceived for so many years, Jessica took several deep breaths before
saying, &34;Dad.&34;

&34;Jessica, you&39;re back from a business trip?&34;


&34;I asked Aunt Quenelle to cook dinner.Go home and eat with me.&34;

Jessica was going to refuse, but Timothy nodded beside her, so she had to agree.

Timothy said after she hung up, &34;It&39;s a dinner with ulterior motives.Remember, you must grasp at
everything that belongs to you.&34;

Originally, Jessica did not suspect Brant.

However, she was instantly alert after Timothy said so.

&34;Okay, I see.&34;

Jessica looked at the man and felt like she was with someone awesome.

&34;Remember to come back early.Today is our wedding night.&34;

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