Novel Name : Billionaire's Daring Wife

Chapter 14: You're Shameless

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It was already 7 pm when Jessica came back to the Sandgren family.

She had only been away for a few days, but she found that almost everything in the house had

The swing she liked in the yard disappeared, and even the lavender that her mother liked when she
was alive was covered by the plants that Eudora bought.

Besides, other things in the house seemed to have changed after her mother died.

There was no trace of her and her mother left here.

&34;Jessica, hurry in.It&39;s cold outside.’’

Eudora, who was wearing an apron, looked happy when she saw Jessica.

Seeing Eudora, who looked like the hostess instead of the nanny, Jessica avoided her hand and
quickly walked into the living room.

Sitting on the sofa, Brant flipped through financial magazines, with Simon and Louise aside.

As soon as Simon saw Jessica, he immediately took her hand and said with concern, &34;Jessica, where
have you been? I&39;ve been looking for you in the company for a long time:&34;

A faint fragrance came from Simon&39;s body, which was from Louise&39;s favorite Dior.

Jessica pulled her hand out quietly.

&34;I left first for there&39;s something to handle.”

&34;Since Jessica is back, let&39;s start our dinner.’’

Putting down the magazine, Brant got up to walk to the table.

Along came the others, and they gathered around the table for supper.

In the past, Jessica felt lonely when there were only she and Brant eating together.

So she suggested that Louise and Eudora ate with them, and it was good to be lively in such a big villa.

However, she regretted it completely.

She had no appetite at all, seeing the people who always played tricks on her.

Before she finished, Brant said, &34;Louise, I see your eyes are there something wrong?&34;

The inadvertent questioning made Jessica instantly alert.

As Timothy had said, it was a conspiracy.

&34;Uncle Sandgren, it&39;s nothing but something at work.&34; Louise said with a look of sadness and

&34;Something must have happened to you.Tell me, what&39;s wrong?&34;

After Brant finished speaking, Louise suddenly cried.

&34;Jessica, you&39;re out of the entertainment industry.Please don&39;t compete with me for the show.You&39;re the
daughter of the Sandgren family with your father and Simon aside, but for me, I wouldn&39;t have anything
if I couldn&39;t have that show” Louise said in a humble tone, her tears running down.

&34;What...What&39;s going on?&34;

Putting down his chopsticks, Brant became worried.

&34;Louise, go upstairs.It&39;s rare for Jessica to come back.Why do you do this?&34;

Eudora darkened her face on the spot, intending to drag her daughter upstairs.

However, Louise grabbed Jessica&39;s clothes and begged with tears, without any intention of leaving.

In the end, Simon told Brant everything that had happened today.

Brant, who now knew the whole story, not only did not care about his own daughter taking the blame,
but also helped Louise persuade Jessica.

&34;Jessica, this is your fault.Since you have left the entertainment industry, why are you competing with
Louise? It&39;s not easy for her to get to this point.&34;

Hearing this, Jessica felt extremely miserable.

&34;Dad, it was Louise who made me substitute for her.I took the blame and apologized, and finally, the
director wanted me to act.It&39;s not that I snatched the opportunity from her.It&39;s not easy for her to do
anything, but I suffer as well!&34;

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