Novel Name : Billionaire's Daring Wife

Chapter 12: Her Breathing Was Ragged

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There was no doubt that Jessica was bewitched by his words.Especially when a man made a promise,
a woman could feel the sense of security from him.

Jessica knew that his words were unreliable, but she still chose to trust him.

&34;You want to help me.What&39;s your purpose?&34;


After Timothy finished speaking, he lowered his head to kiss her.

Jessica gave him a different feeling that no other woman could give him.

Jessica&39;s breath began to become disordered.

His kiss was rough and overbearing, which matched his predatory temperament, difficult to resist.

She was so dizzy from his kiss in the corner that she could only put her hands around his neck.

At the TY Group, Jessica was kissed by Timothy.

In the end, Timothy forced himself to calm down and let go of Jessica.

He saw that the woman&39;s cheeks went pink and her eyes were watery.

&34;I really want to have sex with you now.’’

Jessica was absent minded and she didn&39;t know what to say.

It was not until she got on Timothy&39;s motorcycle and left TY Group that she suddenly came back to her
senses from shock.

She believed that a man who lived in a single apartment and rode a motorcycle would help her retaliate
the scum.

She must be crazy.

However, it was not the only thing that surprised her.

Timothy picked Jessica to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

After getting off, Jessica looked at the building in front of her and asked him with confusion, &34;Why did
you drive me here? This is not where you live.&34;

&34;You cannot wait to go back with me?&34;

Timothy teased with sexual hints.

Jessica was so angry because this man would always get her wrong.

&34;I&39;ll satisfy you later, but now we have to do another thing.&34;

Timothy took Jessica&39;s hand and went into the Civil Affairs Bureau as a nice couple.

After realizing what he was trying to do, Jessica began to struggle.

&34;Even if we want to take revenge on Simon and Louise, we don&39;t have to marry.Timothy, you went too

Jessica could accept to have sex with him, but she really didn&39;t dare to get married with him.

&34;Louise is pregnant with Simon&39;s child&34;

Timothy&39;s tone was calm.

After knowing about the affair between Simon and Louise, this woman dared to go to the bar to find a

He believed that when she knew about Louise&39;s pregnancy, she would also be impulsive.

When people were impulsive, they tend to do something out of line.

Then Jessica stopped the struggle to follow Timothy without saying a word.

They got their marriage certificate smoothly, but Jessica began to regret it again as she looked at the
certificate outside the bureau.

From last night to now, she felt that she was not taking revenge on Simon, but on herself.

Timothy took the certificate from Jessica&39;s hand and asked her, &34;What&39;s your following plan?&34;

&34;Go back to the entertainment industry to compete with Louise, and expose the affair between her and
Simon.Louise is my half-sister, and the Sandgren Group is my mother&39;s.I won&39;t let my father make
Louise and her mother the formal successors.’’

Then a self-deprecating smile appeared on Jessica&39;s face.

&34;Do you think my family chaotic?&34;

But Timothy shook his head and pinched her face, saying, &34;There are many families more chaotic than

Just as Jessica was about to take his hand off her face, her phone rang.

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