Novel Name : Billionaire's Daring Wife

Chapter 10: Was It Wrong to Look for My Girl?

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Timothy opened the document and began to browse it.His deep pupils were glistening.

He deleted the document after reading it.

With a sneer on the corners of his lips, he took out a cigarette and bit it in his mouth.

His eyes were so shrewd and penetrating that it was impossible to know what he was calculating.

Half an hour later, Simon knocked on the door of the lounge, reminding Jessica that it was time to go to
the press conference.

Jessica then followed Simon to the press conference.

As soon as she reached the door, she saw Louise and her agent sitting in front.

Louise&39;s eyes were red, and she looked so pitiful.

She looked so frightened in the face of those aggressive reporters.

When a microphone almost hit Louise&39;s face, Simon, who was walking with Jessica, immediately
rushed over and threw the reporter&39;s microphone to the ground, &34;Is this how you reporters interview

After seeing that he was the CEO of TY Group, the reporter did not dare to argue.

Jessica watched coldly as Simon publicly defended Louise, she felt as if her heart was pierced by

The bone-chilling coldness spread from her feet to her whole body, and her hands clenched into fists.

The more Simon wanted to protect Louise, the more Jessica wanted them to go to hell.

Jessica sat next to Louise, and sensible reporters put their microphones in front of Jessica.

&34;Excuse me, Miss Sandgren, are you the one who begged Louise in the name of friendship to let you
perform, so as to indulge your passion for acting?&34;

&34;Jessica, you know very well that Louise must personally perform in filming.You deliberately threatened
her with the ground of friendship.Do you want to ruin her?&34;


Seven or eight reporters asked questions together, and Jessica waited until they finished asking.

Jessica then answered, &34;I&39;m sorry, everyone.I didn&39;t expect that because of my sudden whim, it has
such a big impact on Louise and even TY Group.Yes, I begged Louise to let me perform for a while as I
love performing.You all know that I used to love this stage very much...&34;

After the press conference was over, Louise, who had been silent all along, said gratefully, &34;Jessica,
thank you.&34;

Jessica felt so disgusted looking at Louise&39;s hypocritical face.

She said coldly, &34;This is the last time I take the blame for you.&34;

Louise looked at Jessica&39;s back and wondered why Jessica seemed to have changed since her coming
back this time? What Jessica said at the press conference was quickly posted on the internet.

The title was, &34;The rich calls the shot.Miss Sandgren ruined a female celebrity.&34;

For a moment, it caused quite a stir on the internet.

Many people looked at the headline and then watched what Jessica said at the press conference.

The image of Jessica being the firstborn of a rich family who was arrogant and willful was conjured up.

While Louise became a young and innocent lady who dared not resist the power and sacrificed
everything for friendship.

Jessica flipped through a few pages of the report and kept smiling faintly.

In the entertainment industry, there was a trick called &34;destroying a person after pushing them to the
peak of their career&34;.

The higher a person had reached in their career ladder, the more embarrassed they would be when
they were knocked down.

Jessica put away her phone and left the TY Group.

As soon as she reached the door, she saw Timothy standing in the most conspicuous spot and was
looking at her.

Jessica immediately walked up to Timothy and asked in a low voice, &34;Why are you here?&34;

&34;I said I will come to you.Besides, is it wrong for me to come to my woman?&34;

Timothy looked at Jessica in front of him and asked with raised eyebrows.

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