Novel Name : Billionaire's Daring Wife

Chapter 11: Tell Me, How Much Do You Want?

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Jessica blushed from Timothy&39;s straightforward words.

Was he too self-centered? &34;Timothy, I&39;m not your woman.&34;

&34;Even if you deny it, I&39;ve decided that you&39;re my woman.

If you like it, you should love me.

If you don&39;t like it, you also have to bear it with me.

Anyway, you were the one who seduced me last night.

That&39;s the first time for me to have sex, you must be responsible for me.’ Jessica was annoyed,
&34;Please, so do I.&34;

&34;Since this is the first time for both of us to have sex, we should be more responsible for each other.&34;

Jessica was speechless.

Jessica couldn&39;t refute him.

Last night, she was so impulsive that she even found a man to have sex with in order to revenge on

If others found it out, it would be hard for her to explain it and she might fail before she took revenge.

Jessica glanced around, pulled Timothy into a corner, and explained, &34;Listen, I have a husband&34;


&34;My husband is very rich.I don&39;t need your support.’’

&34;I see.&34;

&34;If he knows about our relationship, you will get into trouble.&34;

&34;I know?” Looking at Timothy&39;s nonchalant look, Jessica didn&39;t know what he was thinking and went

&34;So you don&39;t have to be responsible for me.If you want me to be responsible for you, I can give you
the money.&34;

Jessica had been to Timothy&39;s house and knew that he was not a rich man.

She intended to persuade him and analyze the stakes.

&34;You have a husband, and he is rich and powerful, then why you go out to find a man? Is he impotent?&34;

Timothy&39;s incisive summary made Jessica shocked, &34;What? ...lnpotent?&34;

She stammered.

Jessica recalled what she had just said, and it seemed to convey that as a rich lady, she went out to
find a man at night because her husband was impotent.

Jessica regretted for all that.

&34;That&39;s good.You maintain your status as a rich lady.I&39;ll satisfy you when you need me.It&39;s good for both
of us, and you were very satisfied with me last night.&34;

Timothy analyzed it reasonably with a wicked smile.

He looked sloppy, but he was also elegant.

And it made him so seductive.

&34;Tell me, how much do you want?&34;

Jessica didn&39;t want to continue arguing with him and her face darkened.

Unexpectedly, as soon as Jessica finished speaking, she was pressed against the wall.

Timothy held her in his arms fiercely.

Jessica turned pale with fear.

&34;What...What are you doing?&34;

&34;I know you want to take revenge on Simon and Louise and take back what belongs to you.’’ Timothy
whispered in Jessica&39;s ear, his thin lips almost touching her ear.

Timothy&39;s expiration spread evenly over Jessica&39;s neck, causing her body to tremble slightly.

Timothy knew that Jessica was sensitive.

After all, he had experienced it last night.

&34;How do you know it?&34; Jessica was shocked.

She glared at him and questioned.

He kissed her lips, which were slightly opened in shock, and put his hands around her waist.

&34;I can help you retaliate against them and make them know how it feels like to be taken advantage of&34;

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