Novel Name : Billionaire's Daring Wife

Chapter 8: His Eyes Were Blinded by Shit

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&34;I will keep you as my mistress.It is all I have.Of course, I will work harder to make more money in the

Timothy&39;s eyes were full of sincerity.

Especially, when he said &34;keep,&34;

Jessica was blushed.

She thought this man was just talking, but she didn&39;t expect him to be serious.

&34;Our relationship is a one-night stand.I don&39;t want to be kept:&34;

After Jessica spoke, she planned to leave.

One step ahead of Jessica, Timothy stood in front of her.

Next, he pressed Jessica against the wall.

Jessica was angry at the man’s behavior.

However, Timothy stuffed the bank card into Jessica&39;s hand and said in an extremely determined tone,
&34;If you dare to refuse again, I don&39;t mind starting the second one-night stand now.’

Jessica: &34;..&34;

Seeing Jessica&39;s obvious shocked expression, Timothy kissed her on the forehead.

&34;I&39;m busy now.I&39;ll come to you later.’

The man strode away after speaking.

Jessica looked at the bank card in her hand and then at Timothy&39;s back, speechless.

She put the card in her wallet, and just then, Simon&39;s call came.

&34;Jessica, hurry up to the company.’

After Simon gave the order, he hung up the phone with a bang without giving Jessica a chance to

Jessica had known why Simon asked her to go to the TY company, but now the enemies were in the
open and she was in a dark.

Therefore, she had to pretend that she didn&39;t know anything as before so that she could alter the

Once Jessica failed, she would lose everything.

Simon and Louise, the two bitches, would be even more fearless, and the inheritance that belonged to
Jessica, the daughter of the Sandgren family, would also be divided.

In less than thirty minutes, Jessica came to the TY Company by car.

As soon as she reached the door of Simon&39;s office, she heard Louise crying and Simon scolding.

&34;You can&39;t do anything.What&39;s your use? I have hired a group of trash!&34;

Inside Simon&39;s gentle appearance was a restless and disrespectful heart.

A few subordinates were scolded harshly by Simon.

Jessica pushed the door open, and Simon&39;s expression was slightly restrained.

&34;Get out&34;

&34;What&39;s wrong?&34; Jessica asked Simon, who was in a rage.

&34;Who provokes you?&34; Simon said angrily, &34;Look for yourself&34;

Then he handed the phone to Jessica.

Jessica looked at the report on the phone about Louise using a stand-in today, and then she

She didn&39;t expect Mrs.Kimi to be so efficient and make it a trending hashtag.

Jessica secretly cheered.

&34;How did it happen? Who wants to hurt Louise?&34;

Jessica&39;s expression was filled with anger.

She looked even angrier than when she herself had a negative news.

Simon and Louise worked together to deceive Jessica for a long time.

Both of them knew that Jessica was a stupid woman.

Jessica was so stupid that even if she was abducted, she would count money for the criminals.

Therefore, when Simon saw Jessica&39;s angry expression, he was not surprised.

But they didn’t know that the backstage manipulator was Jessica, whom they thought was a pushover.

&34;I wish I have known.&39;&39;

When mentioning the uploader of the video, Simon gritted his teeth with hatred.

&34;Jessica, what happened today was because you made a mistake, right? The company has already
organized a crisis management team.You can go over and tell the reporters later that you suddenly
wanted to act and begged Louise as a good friend.Louise was too embarrassed to refuse, so she
allowed you to act.&34;

When she arrived, Jessica had already thought that Simon would definitely ask her to take the blame
for Louise.

But now hearing such ruthless words come out of his mouth, Jessica could only feel that her heart was
torn apart bloodily.

Once she took the blame, she became the reviled target of the public, but Louise became a righteous
angel who could sacrifice everything for friendship.

It was the man she had loved for three years and was willing to give up everything.

Her eyes were really blinded.

&34;Simon, why am I always the one to blame if Louise makes a mistake? I&39;m going to be your wife.Is an
actor in your company more important than me? Or, is Louise more important than me?&34;

Tears welled up in Jessica&39;s eyes and her anger turned into a grievance.

At this time, she could not tell whether she was acting or really wanted to cry.

&34;Louise is an entertainer that the TY Group supports.As long as she has a stain, it will be fatal to the TY
Group.Jessica, you don&39;t work in the entertainment industry.What&39;s wrong with taking the blame for
your good friend? It won&39;t affect you much anyway.’’

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