Novel Name : Billionaire's Daring Wife

Chapter 7: Know Your Body After Sleeping With You

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The reporter&39;s words were like a bombshell, making many people suspicious.

Even the director finally said to her, &34;Louise, take off your veil-&34;

He asked Louise to film this drama for several reasons.

Firstly, the TY Group sponsored a large sum of money.

Secondly, Louise promised him that she would never use a stand-in in this drama.

An actor should have his or her own professional code.

The director felt that he should consider changing the female lead if she couldn&39;t even master the
expression of emotion in her eyes.

Jessica appeared to be in a dilemma and she looked at Priscilla helplessly.

However, even Priscilla couldn&39;t protect her anymore now.

Jessica had no choice but to take off her veil under the glare of the crowd.

At that moment, it was so quiet.

The woman in front of them was not Louise at all.

She only had similar eyes to Louise&39;s.

Moreover, someone recognized this woman.

Wasn&39;t she Jessica, who quit the entertainment industry a few years ago? The director was so angry
that he dropped his phone and left while the male reporter had already recorded the scene and ran
away too.

The rest of the crew didn&39;t dare to say anything in front of Jessica.

Louise, who was hiding in the dressing room was extremely scared and didn&39;t have the courage to walk

&34;See? Louise was really caught in a dilemma because of you this time.&34;

Priscilla poured all her anger on Jessica and walked quickly to the dressing room.

Jessica seemed to be indifferent.

She did it on purpose.

Sure enough, she pretended to be aggrieved and frightened when she turned around to follow Priscilla

Jessica heard Louise calling Simon helplessly when she returned to the dressing room.

&34;Simon, what should I do? Now that everyone knows about my stand-in, what should I do?&34;

Jessica walked into the dressing room and changed into her own clothes.

She had no intention of comforting Louise at this moment.

Louise was already gone when she came out of the dressing room.

Jessica snorted.

She could imagine Louise crying in Simon&39;s arms.

Just as she was about to leave, her phone rang.

A string of strange phone numbers was shown on the screen.

She answered the phone as she walked.

&34;I&39;m waiting for you at the door.Come out quickly’’

At the other end of the phone, a magnetic male voice sounded.Jessica recognized the person who
called her as soon as she heard it.

&34;Do you know where I am?&34; Jessica was surprised.

&34;Come out and you&39;ll know whether I know where you are.’ Timothy&39;s voice softened a little.

Jessica snorted, not believing the man’s words.

She walked at a quicker speed than ever.

She then saw a man in a suit when she reached the doorway.

It was Timothy who said to keep her as his mistress.

Jessica had seen and touched his sexy body last night but it was the first time she saw him wearing a

His tall figure accentuated the well-tailored suit and made him look elegant and dignified.

Timothy was aloof and introverted but he still let out a kingly manner even he wore a suit.

&34;How did you know I was here?&34; Jessica glared at Timothy.

Her facial features became more and more charming with her vivid expression.

Especially her pair of eyes as a fox&39;s, which were exceptionally bright, seemed to be ready to seduce
the man&39;s soul at any time.

&34;Can we change our topic?&34;

After Timothy finished speaking, he took out a bank card and handed it to Jessica.

Jessica narrowed her eyes.

&34;What do you mean?&34;

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