Novel Name : Billionaire's Daring Wife

Chapter 6: How Dare You Cheating On Me?

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&34;Mr.Landy, that woman is Jessica Sandgren, 22 years old, the daughter of Brant Sandgren, and the
girlfriend of Simon Capen, the boss of TY Company.’

After finishing speaking, Ray couldn&39;t help but sigh, &34;This woman dares to cheat when she has a
boyfriend.What a mess of a rich family!&34;

Timothy listened to Ray in silence, but his deep eyes fell on the woman in the distance who was filming
with a veil.

Although most of her face was covered by the veil, Timothy recognized her as Jessica at a glance.

Brant’s daughter couldn&39;t be a whore.

With the bright red blood stain on the bed sheet last night, Timothy was sure that Jessica would never
be a slut.

He was curious about what had happened to this woman so that she seduced him so boldly.

Even though he was casually dressed in a sports suit, his introverted temperament made him
extremely attractive.

&34;Let&39;s go.&34; Timothy said coldly.

&34;Where are we going? Mr.Landy, our target hasn&39;t appeared yet.&34;

Ray was full of confusion.

During the time he spoke, Timothy had already walked away.

Timothy said, &34;To buy some clothes.’

Full of confusion, Ray asked again in an uncertain tone, &34;Buy...Buy some clothes?&34;

&34;Cut the crap.&34;

Jessica, acting in the disguise of Louise, certainly did not notice Timothy.

Wearing a veil, she devoted herself to her role.

However, even if her face was covered, her eyes were full of emotion.

The director, who was originally very unpleasant, couldn&39;t help but widen his eyes when seeing the
heroine&39;s acting skill.

That was great.

It was rare for Louise to act that well this time, and that sight was what he wanted.

&34;Very gocd.This is what I want.&34;

The director was very excited at the side, and the crew members were also surprised at the scene.

They were also infected by the mixed feelings in her eyes.

Without a doubt, Jessica finished the scene in one shot.

When the director said &34;cut&34;, many people couldn&39;t help but praise her.

&34;Louise, your performance is really amazing, and surprises me alot.&34;

The director walked up to Jessica and patted her on the shoulder happily.

Jessica didn&39;t say anything and just expressed her joy with her eyes, Just as she was about to come
back to the dressing rcom, she didn&39;t expect to hear a strange voice from the crowd.

&34;She&39;s not Louise at all.Louise has a mole on her arm, but this woman doesn&39;t.You claim that you never
use an stand-in in filming, while in fact, you are really hypocritical.&34;

For a moment, the expression on everyone&39;s faces froze, and their eyes filled with confusion fell on
Jessica, who was wearing a veil.

Of course, they wanted to see if there was a mole on Jessica&39;s arm but she didn&39;t show it to them.

The man who spoke walked up to Jessica.

His identity as a reporter could be known from the camera in his hand.

&34;What nonsense are you talking about? She is Louise.&34;

Louise&39;s agent, Priscilla Gadway, immediately stood in front of Jessica, full of vigilance.

Every time Jessica pretended to be Louise, she did it flawlessly.Where did she show her flaws this

&34;Oh, what are you afraid of? , we just need to take off her veil to see whether she is Louise or not.&34;

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