Novel Name : Billionaire's Daring Wife

Chapter 5: That's the Woman I Met Last Night?

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Mrs.Kimi was very efficient.

As soon as Jessica arrived at the filming site, she saw a man glancing at her a few times and making a
V gesture.

Jessica nodded slightly and walked inside.

&34;Jessica, you&39;re here?&34;

Louise ran towards her happily and held her hand with excitement.

&34;Go put on your makeup.The director has urged me for a long time.The scene you&39;ll shoot only needs
eye contact.You don&39;t have to say anything.’’ Jessica nodded and followed Louise into the dressing

If you gave a person candy every day, that person would not always thank you.

But once you stopped giving her candy one day, she will hate you! So Jessica just kept a smile on her
face, even if Louise didn&39;t plan to express her gratitude at all.

Jessica thought in her heart, &34;Louise, do you think I was willing to be fooled by you and Simon?&34;

When Jessica and Louise entered the dressing room, Ray, who was leaning against a big stone pillar
with a cigarette in his mouth, said in a surprised tone, &34;Mr.Landy, was she the woman who spent an
exciting night with you?&34;

Timothy, who had been playing with his phone, looked up at Jessica and Louise in the distance.

He saw they walked into the room arm in arm, and recognized one of them was indeed the woman who
had had sex with him.

Timothy&39;s eyes suddenly turned cold and he ordered Ray, &34;Go investigate that woman.I want to know
everything about her.’

&34;Me?&34; Ray asked, pointing at himself.

&34;Is there any problem?&34;

Timothy raised his eyebrows slightly.

Ray shook his head and immediately went to investigate.

Looking at Ray&39;s figure, what happened last night became clearer and clearer in Timothy&39;s mind.

He still remembered the woman&39;s smooth skin and how she trembled beneath him.

Even Timothy was aroused when he remembered her voice which was like a kitten.

That woman was definitely a vixen.

Timothy said to himself, &34;Damn it, I fell in love with a vixen at first sight.&34;

Timothy was a little annoyed thinking about what happened last night.

He opened the cigarette box and took out a cigarette.

Before he put it in his mouth, an extremely excited voice came into his ear.

&34;Young master? I don&39;t expect I can meet you here.&34;

Timothy looked at the man who was in his early twenties.

That man was dressed in a suit and leather shoes, looking like a successful businessman.

&34;You&39;ve mistaken me for someone else.’’ Timothy&39;s tone was faint.

Hearing Timothy&39;s words, Jesse felt so anxious that he almost cried, &34;Young master, how could I have
mistaken you for someone else? Even if you turned into ashes, I could recognize you.You have...&34;

&34;Shut up.&34;

Timothy got up and walked out.

Jesse wanted to follow him, but he was stopped by Timothy&39;s fierce and sinister eyes.

&34;Don&39;t follow me, and don&39;t tell anyone to see me here today.’ Jesse had always been afraid of Timothy.

Even if he had disappeared for several years, Jesse&39;s fear of him had been carved in his bones and
cannot be removed.

Now that he was warned by Timothy, his mind went blank and he didn&39;t know what to do.

When he came back to his senses, Timothy had left.

Jesse patted his head in frustration and muttered, &34;Damn it, I lost him again.&34;

After over ten minutes, Ray found out exactly what Timothy needed.

At this moment, Timothy leaned against a big tree, listening to Ray&39;s investigating result.

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