Novel Name : Billionaire's Daring Wife

Chapter 2: Good Taste

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Simultaneously, both of them looked up at the owner of the hands.

Even though the lights in the bar were dim, Ray and Timothy couldn&39;t help but curse silently at first
glance, &34;This woman is more like a vixen.&34;

&34;Hey guys, are you looking for women? You know, those who are good at moaning on bed and sex.’’
Jessica had a seductive smile.

She had always been confident in her beauty.

She targeted this man as her prey after searching in the bar for a long time.

She surprisingly found his appearance far exceeded her expectations.

Since Simon could sleep with Louise, who was not as beautiful as her, Jessica would seek a mate who
looked more handsome than Simon.

Timothy narrowed his eyes with some dangerous thoughts, and he did not push her away as usual.

Instead, he grabbed the woman&39;s hand and pulled her into his arms.

In this way, Jessica sat directly on Timothy&39;s lap.

Ray, who sat opposite, looked at them with shock in his eyes.

Although many women had tried to flirt with Timothy, this woman was the boldest ever.

It was him who asked Timothy out for a drink, but now Ray found himself just like a third wheel.

&34;Timothy, I suddenly remembered that I still have things to do.I&39;m sorry I have to leave now.’’

After making up an excuse, Ray stood up and left the bar.Timothy did not persuade him to stay.

After all, most men would not reject a woman who threw herself into their arms.

Besides, Timothy found that he had fancied her at first sight.

&34;The bar is too noisy.Why don&39;t we find a quiet place?&34;

Jessica tried to turn him on by helping him tidy up his clothes.

&34;How about going to my place?&34;

Timothy suggested, gently rubbing Jessica&39;s smooth skin.

Jessica nodded.

The two, who had only known each other for less than five minutes, held each other like a passionate
couple and left the bar.

Jessica was taken to where the man lived.

As soon as the door closed, she was pressed against the wall and kissed by the man.

The man kept rubbing himself against Jessica as if he wanted to let her know his rush for her.

Jessica felt his desire, placed her hands on his belt and untied it.

When they melted together, Timothy&39;s forehead was drenched in sweat.

He looked at her with surprise, &34;Is this your first time?&34;

Jessica didn&39;t say anything but kissed Timothy on the lips.

At the moment she stepped into the bar, she had cut off all her options.

Now she just wanted to immerse herself into the most primitive feelings of her body, no matter whether
it was right or wrong.

On their way back to his home, no matter how Jessica flirted with him, he didn&39;t flirt back.

But after they arrived at his place, Jessica had never taken the lead.

The excessive sexual love last night made Jessica sleep until late in the morning.

When she slowly opened her eyes, she saw the handsome face with a closer look and fell in a trance
for a moment.

The frenzied behaviours of them last night flooded her mind.

After twenty-two years, she just gave her virginity to a man she met by chance.

Jessica felt regret for sure.

But as soon as she thought of the scene of her boyfriend sleeping with her best friend, the feeling of
revenge immediately overwhelmed her regret.

Jessica moved a little, and then the man opened his eyes instantly.

He gazed at Jessica like a beast locked upon its prey, making her a little scared.

&34;I...Mmm...Jessica wanted to say something and didn&39;t expect to be kissed by this man.His hot body
pressed against her, and then he split her legs…”

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