Novel Name : Billionaire's Daring Wife

Chapter 4: He Would Definitely’ Help' Her

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&34; It&39;s fine as you have come back.I was just worried that something would happen to you on the way.By
the way, there&39;s a scene in which Louise keeps on trying.It happened to be a traditional costume play
that needed the heroine to wear a veil on.Go and help her.She was filming in the rain the day before
yesterday, so now she was out of condition.You have finished your business trip.Do her a favour &34;

Simon ordered and didn&39;t feel anything wrong with what he said.

&34;Then let the stand-in do it.Louise has more than ten doubles.&34; Jessica sneered secretly.

It was because she had done so many stupid things for Louise that everyone thought she was taken for

Now that she knew their hypocrisy, she would no longer be used foolishly.

&34;Jessica, you know that this series is important to her and our company.It will have a great impact if
anything is criticized.She is your friend and an artist in our company.You should help her either for us or

&34;Help her?&34;

Jessica sneered and replied, &34;That&39;s right.I have to help her.&34;

Jessica deliberately emphasized the word &34;help&34;.

After saying that, she hung up.

After she knew all the truth, she would &34;help&34;


Everything Louise had taken from her hands would be returned tenfold.

Jessica called Mrs.Kimi again and told her everything.

Kimi was annoyed.

&34;Why is that scumbag so shameless? Is Louise worthy of you as a stand-in for her? What the hell?
How can she be so shameless?&34;

&34;Mrs.Kimi, calm down,&34;

Jessica was not furious at all.

&34;Don&39;t tell me you really want to be her stand-in.’’ Mrs.Kimi grew angry.

If Jessica hadn&39;t left the showbiz, how could Louise be in this position now? Jessica smiled.

&34;Since I&39;m back, Louise is an enemy to me.I&39;ll go and be her stand-in later, but I won&39;t be foolishly used
anymore.’’ Hearing this, Kimi relaxed.

&34;So you seem to have a plan?&34;

&34;Well, I hope that you can help me bribe the reporters to get evidence in the film set.Louise said that
she had never used a stand-in in this series...&34;

Before Jessica could finish speaking, Mrs.Kimi became excited.

&34;I understand.&34;

It was common to make an embarrassing event in showbiz.

Louise was now a popular actress.

As the saying went, &34;stand tall and fall hard.&34;

She used a stand-in when filming such a vital series.

If that was known to the public, Although she wouldn&39;t be banned, her career would be affected for a

&34;Also, Louise is Simon&39;s woman.Help me find some paparazzi to stalk them, then I can have evidence
to show when I break up with them.And my father and Louise&39;s mother, stalk them too.’’ Kimi had been
curious about Jessica&39;s sudden return, but after hearing her words, she immediately understood why
her attitude had changed.

It was fine if Simon and Louise were adulterers.

Now that Louise might be Jessica&39;s sister, no matter who it happened to, it would not be easy.

&34;Jessica, don&39;t worry.I&39;ll help you.&34;

&34;Thank you, Mrs.Kimi.’’

Then she took a taxi to the scene of Louise&39;s filming.

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