Novel Name : Billionaire's Daring Wife

Chapter 3: Be His Mistress?

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Jessica was carried to the bathroom by this man to take a bath.

After getting dressed, a burning pain came from between her legs.

&34;I&39;m leaving.&34;

Jessica glanced at the apartment where the man lived.

It was not big, but very neat.


Timothy stopped Jessica.

Facing the woman&39;s confusion, he took out a stack of hundred-dollar bills from his wallet and handed
them to Jessica.

&34;My name is Timothy Landy.I don&39;t know the trade of your job.If it is not enough, I&39;ll transfer it to you.&34;

Jessica froze because of Timothy&39;s behavior.

He must have mistaken her for a prostitute.

There was no need to explain.

She took the money from Timothy, said &34;Thank you&34; and left.

Anyway, they would never meet again.

Timothy watched Jessica leave and followed her, strangely.

He couldn&39;t explain how he felt.

He simply didn’t want this woman to leave like that.

Jessica entered the elevator.

When the elevator door slowly closed, a hand touched the door and it opened again.

Jessica fixed her eyes on Timothy, confused.

The man asked, &34;How much do you want for a night?&34;

The woman frowned and Timothy entered the elevator.

There was a great pressure in such a confined space because of him.

&34;I mean, I have some savings.I&39;m gonna keep you.’’

&34;Ahem...keep me?&34;

Jessica choked on her own saliva because of Timothy&39;s words.

A surprised look appeared on her pretty face.

&34;Don&39;t you be afraid that I&39;m a liar? It costs too much to keep me.&34;

Suddenly, she didn&39;t want to explain to this man that she was not a prostitute, but she was a little
curious about what he would do.

&34;Why don&39;t you try it?&34;

Timothy was thinking in a simple way.

As long as he made money faster than this woman could ask, he might be able to keep her for the rest
of his life.

Jessica looked at Timothy as he was an idiot and finally gave him her phone number.

He did a good job that night.

Anyway, she had slept for one night with him and didn&39;t mind sleeping a few more times.

Maybe she should invite Timothy to her house so that Simon could know what felt like when his
girlfriend had sex with another man! After leaving the apartment, Jessica sat on a stone bench by the
road and took out her cell phone to call Mrs.Kimi.

It was quickly connected, and Mrs.Kimi said in unbelief, &34;Damnit, is it Jessica yourself?&34;

Jessica chuckled, her seductive foxy eyes extremely beautiful.

&34;Mrs.Kimi, I&39;m back.&34;

&34;Come back?&34;

Mrs.Kimi paused for a few seconds, then screamed, &34;You mean you&39;re going back to the entertainment

&34;Yes.’’ Jessica was very sure.

She had been out of the entertainment business for three years.

She thought she had a perfect lover and a good friend.

Last night, she realized that she was like a fool.

Her lover cheated on her with her best friend, and she did so many stupid things for her bestie.

She felt disgusted at the thought now.

As soon as Jessica hung up, Simon called.

Jessica hesitated for a while and finally picked up the phone.

&34;Jessica, you should be back from a business trip now, right?&34;

&34;Yes, what&39;s wrong?&34;

Jessica tried to resist the impulse to drop her phone and said calmly.

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