Novel Name : Billionaire's Daring Wife

Chapter 1: My Fiancé Was Cheating On Me

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Jessica Sandgren hid in the closet and watched the naked man and woman kissing through the crack.

She was stunned and her mind went blank.

She knew clearly that the man was Simon Capen, who she loved so much that she was willing to give
up everything.

And the woman was her good friend Louise Sandgren.

Yesterday, in order to surprise Simon on his birthday, Jessica deliberately told him that she couldn&39;t
come back to celebrate his birthday because the plane was delayed.

In fact, she came back early, hiding in the closet with a cake in her hands and intending to surprise him.

There was indeed a surprise, but it&39;s Simon who surprised Jessica.

Jessica was shocked rather than happy.

&34;Baby, I really love you.’’ Simon kissed Louise and mumbled.

Louise stoked Simon&39;s hair and said.

&34;Since you love me, Simon, will you marry me?&34;

&34;Of course, but we have to take it slowly.First, you have to restore your identity as the second daughter
of the Sandgren family, and then I&39;ll help you become the movie queen...&34;

After Simon finished speaking, the whole room was filled with their moans of joy.

Jessica, who was hiding in the closet, clenched her fists and tried not to make a sound.

Simon&39;s conversation with Louise revealed a great secret to Jessica.

Simon said he wanted to help Louise restore her status as the second daughter of the Sandgren family.

Louise’s surname happened to be &34;Sandgren&34;, the same as Jessica, and Jessica&39;s father was very
good to Louise and her mother...

Jessica was thinking it over and she thought she had figured it out.

Three years ago, she was the most popular young actress in S City&39;s entertainment industry.

But for Simon, she gave up everything and gave all the resources she had to Louise.

Only now did she realize that they were taking advantage of her.

Louise, her friend, was her half-sister.

Her father lied to her, as well as her boyfriend and her best friend.

Everyone treated her like a fool.

Jessica ran out of the closet while Simon and Louise were taking a shower.

She tried to comfort herself that what she had just seen was an illusion, but she was heartbroken.

I swore that I would take revenge to you betrayers! More than an hour later, Jessica came to a bar.

She wandered around the bar, looking for a man.

Since Simon cheated on her, she would cuckold him.

She wanted to take revenge! Jessica rejected all the men who tried to flirt with her and looked into a
corner of the bar.

Timothy Landy took out his cigarette case.

He took out a cigarette, looking around with his sharp eyes.

He always felt that someone was looking at him, but he couldn&39;t find the person.

He was annoying.

Ray Waldow, who was sitting next to Timothy, looked at the text message from the bank and said
excitedly, &34;Mr.Landy, I get the money.”

Timothy only raised his eyebrows slightly and he didn&39;t care about it.

He&39;s a professional debt collector.

Not long ago, he took on a request.

The owner of a clothing factory owed the creditor more than 500,000.

The creditor said that as long as they could get the money, they would be paid 30% of the total.

Just during the day, they got the money and the creditor paid them as he said.

&34;Come on, have a drink and celebrate our success.&34;

Ray filled Timothy&39;s glass with wine.

Just as Timothy was about to drink, a pair of slender hands covered Timothy&39;s hands.

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