Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 90

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Chapter 90 – Constant Fate
“Maybe, I could be the Crown Princess as you wished.”
Diana couldn’t wholly trust anybody now. No, she couldn’t believe anyone hastily now.
“But I have no intention of hiding. So, when someone asks, my aunt will say that she knew that my body couldn’t produce a successor.”
“I, I didn’t know! And a story, I’m not sure who would believe it?”
“But now you know, and you know that fact too well.”
Sylvia’s eyes shook tremendously. It was not a matter of punishing people for their ignorance. Diana had already told the Grand Duchess about her possible infertility, and this would strengthen her testimony in the future. The act of deceiving the Imperial family was a felony. Even Sylvia was not confident about crossing this bridge.
“Stop it and do whatever you want.” Diana nodded. “If you had prepared yourself to become a criminal.”
But Sylvia couldn’t commit such treason. She was merely a foolish woman who was blind to her self-interest and greed for power.
“And if you’d like to take part in my legacy, come to court. If you ever come to the mansion for that matter, I’ll invite you to court. After all, it’s your choice whether you want to be a sinner or simply keep what you had.”
Now, she had nothing to say to Sylvia.
“Well, goodbye, auntie. Please make a wise choice.” Diana turned her back to Sylvia, who was distraught. It was her landslide victory against Sylvia.
Diana, who had dismissed Sylvia, received unexpected news while she was resting for a while.
“…The Grand Duke?” Diana was a bit surprised.
“Yes, although I don’t know the reason why he came here all of a sudden.”
At Charlotte’s words, Diana thought of Edwin for a moment. He may not remember this, but they had already met in this receiving room before. In Diana’s life, he was the only person who could cause butterflies in her stomach. It was unfortunate that Edwin could not remember it now.
“Take him to the receiving room.”
After a while, the door of the reception room opened. Diana stood up and greeted Edwin.
The sun was setting and the light of the sunset shone through the window on Diana’s platinum-blonde hair.
Edwin stood up and discreetly watched Diana. His whole body stiffened.
“I’m pleased to see you, Your Highness.” With the beautiful sunset behind her back, Diana bowed gracefully to Edwin.
Only then did Edwin come to his senses and opened his mouth. “Without distinction, I had done you disrespect,” Edwin said apologetically.
Edwin was not the kind of person to act like that. It was surprising for everyone to hear that he, who was usually polite, would visit the young Lady without prior notice.
“It’s okay. I was just about to have tea time.” Diana said with a faint smile. Her attitude of recommending a cup of tea without any embarrassment despite his unexpected visit was precisely what Edwin had imagined.
Exactly, Edwin’s hope was full of imagination. It was amazing that it happened.
“I, so…”
As Edwin came all the way here, he thought about a lot of excuses to say. Some of them seemed very good, but he couldn’t spill them out even after he opened his mouth.
Diana was just staring at Edwin. Against her glassy, blue eyes, Edwin couldn’t gather his thoughts together.
“I was planning to see the Grand Duke on one of these days.” Diana’s clear voice blew Edwin’s mind. He raised his dark orbs and looked at her.
“It’s like my idea.”
“Really? What a coincidence.”
For a moment, Diana smiled faintly. Edwin had already been taken away by this mystical eternity. He had never experienced a relationship that was supposed to be a love affair, but it didn’t mean that he doesn’t feel a man’s instincts.
Edwin was unfamiliar with this feeling at first, but he could still guess what the world called it.
“I had never formally introduced myself before. I am Edwin Chester, Grand Duke of the Empire.”
“I know.” Diana’s voice was clear, so whatever her words were, they only sounded pure.
“The impression I had that day was quite deep,” Edwin added in a low voice. It was correct to acknowledge that it would be better to tell the truth than to be clumsy.
“What a coincidence, so am I.” Diana grinned and gracefully lifted her teacup. Her smile had set Edwin’s mouth open.
Only now did Edwin come up with a good excuse. It seemed a little late, but fortunately, Diana nodded.
“It was because of the young Carl I met that day. I just wanted to hear a little bit about her.” Edwin said in a husky voice.
“I see.”
Although it was an excuse, it wasn’t a lie either. When Edwin saw Diana for the first time, he never had thoughts about her family background as it didn’t really matter to him.
Edwin would still seek her today even if she’s a daughter from a low-class family. That was how their fate came about.
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