Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 89

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Chapter 89 – Foolish Aunt
Sylvia kept blabbering impatiently. “Who on earth did this? You can tell your aunt.”
She seemed to think that Diana was still young and couldn’t manage if she claimed her rights.
“Diana, you’re still young, and you don’t know, but it’s tough to maintain and manage your properties. I’m sure someone’s words fooled you, right? But Diana, there’s no one you can trust more than your family. Whoever he is, he covets your legacy.”
Desire filled Sylvia’s eyes. Diana felt like laughing, but she held back, keeping her composure.
“Do you think so?”
“The family is the only thing you can lean onto the world.”
“No. Someone encouraged me, do you think I wanted a legacy?”
Sylvia’s eyes shook. It wasn’t the young Diana that she remembered. She couldn’t even guess that Diana would grow up like this.
“Of course…” Sylvia’s voice swelled with embarrassment. Diana silently stared at her.
“Diana, listen carefully. Whoever told you such things is wrong. No one cares for you as much as we are in the family. In particular, you know I’ve considered you as a daughter.”
If her words were the truth, then Diana would not be living alone in an empty mansion. It was Sylvia who left her as a child and was only raised by a maid.
“I prepared a lot for your future.”
“What future?”
“That is, of course, your happiness. There’s no more noble eternity in the Empire than you. Besides, his Majesty, the Prince, is looking for a companion the same age as you.” Sylvia’s voice accelerated. It was her plan.
“Of course, there are indeed some competitors, but I’ve done everything. And I can assure you that the Prince will forget about your rivals once he sees you in person. You’re beautiful.”
“How did you do that?” Diana wanted to know what she didn’t know. She was aware of the story, but Diana wondered exactly how Sylvia had sold her niece to meanness.
“I really did my best. I made a close relationship with the Empress, and I told her a lot about you.”
It was as Diana guessed. Sylvia wandered through society under the title of Duchess, and the ultimate purpose was the rise of her eternity and her children.
She also aimed to make Diana the Crown Princess and the next Empress’s maternal presence. Of course, she was a foolish woman who had no idea that even if she could accomplish her goals, she still could not wield power as an outsider.
“So what, you’re the next Empress. Don’t you see how glorious it is?”
No one wanted Diana’s happiness.
“Soon, they will be choosing the Crown Princess. Of course, it’ll be you.”
That was how Diana became an unhappy Empress.
“So now, you can let go of these useless questions and just focus on the bridal class. It’s not a young Lady’s job to manage her heritage or land when entering the palace anyway. I’m always worried that bad rumors will harm you. There are always jealous people.”
“I see,” Diana answered calmly. Only then did a smile spread around Sylvia’s mouth. It was a smile that wouldn’t last for long.
“Now you understand what your aunt says, right? Yes, will you tell me who incited you? I’ll take care of it.”
Sylvia drank her tea as she extended her words deliberately.
“There’s no such person.”
“From the start, it was my and my father’s will. There’s no one else, Aunt.”
Diana did not stop there.
“And all your plans had failed. Give up now.”
“What? You’re― no! Why, all of a sudden, you are destroying the plan?”
“For my future?” Diana interrupted.
“Diana, what is this attitude?” Sylvia was furious with Diana’s acts.
“What’s wrong with my attitude… is it essential to you, aunt?” Diana continued.
Sylvia was embarrassed and couldn’t continue.
“It is useless to go to the Empress this time. Of course, after you, I’m going to hang on to Her Majesty, too― that would be a bad choice.”
She had once experienced the resulting conclusion. But now, Diana was not as helpless as she was back then.
“Do you think you’ve grown up? Don’t get me wrong. You’re still young, who still needs protection, and I can arrange your marriage. Everyone already thinks of you as a suitable candidate for Crown Princess.”
“Well, that doesn’t matter. If you want, go and beg for it, whether it’s in the Grand Palace or the Imperial family.”
Her tone carried her indifference.
“But if you do that, you too are committing a crime.”
Diana was one step faster this time. Sylvia won’t be able to undo it.
Sylvia’s eyes fainted for a moment. Glancing at her dumbfounded expression, Diana found this situation as ridiculous in itself. A lot of factors had caused Diana’s unhappy life, but the most crucial one was her marriage to the Imperial family. It was bitter to say that it was this foolish woman who created such a big stir.
“A few days ago, I talked with Her Majesty.”
“Then why didn’t you say anything?”
“Because I don’t need to.” Diana had drawn a line.
“I consulted many doctors, and they refrained me from exposing the result of their examination from my body― that it is difficult to produce an heir for the later generation.”
“What? How could you do such a thing without consulting me? Is it true?”
“Is that important?”
It didn’t matter. When it comes to hiding things, Sylvia was a great woman and was capable of making Diana a Crown Princess still even if she was infertile, without even thinking about the precarious position Diana will receive after that.
“The important thing is that I told you about it. That’s irreversible.”
“Tell me it’s not true…”
“This is why I told you to do whatever you want. Whether you’re going to the Imperial Palace or not.” Diana’s expression was calm. Meanwhile, Sylvia couldn’t believe this reality even more.
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