Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 86

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Chapter 86 – New Master
In the evening, Diana gathered the essential members of the mansion. Mr. Gray and Charlotte were present. The place was purposely set in the room of her father’s office. It is a special place for them.
“Mr. Gray and Charlotte.” Diana looked at each of them. The most important thing that would win Diana her fight was a close associate. It made a big difference to have someone you can trust, even just one.
“As you all know, there has been a lot of changes in the workforce lately, but more will change in the future. Maybe, they’ll all leave this place. I might be able to keep my father’s will or lose everything.”
“Lady, it can’t be…?” Mr. Gray had a stern look on his face.
“You assumed the worst.”
Diana had done numerous things, but nothing had come to a definite conclusion yet. In other words, it meant starting over again. But before that, she needed to make it clear who was on her side.
“I called you two… to put a period.”
“What?” Charlotte looked confused.
“You were the ones who had served my parents.”
“Yes, we are those who have sworn allegiance to the Carls,” Gray replied.
“Yes, my Lady, we were already serving the first Duke ever since you were still a baby,” Charlotte seconded.
Their loyalty was true, but that wasn’t enough for Diana.
“I am a descendant of Carl, and I am here to terminate all promises and contracts between the two of them.”
There was a moment of silence, and the two seemed to have failed to understand Diana’s words.
“I will end the relationship here.”
Rise and fall accompanied the relationship between the owners of the family and the household. It was only their loyalty that remained until death.
“Are you telling us to leave?”
“My Lady, please punish us if we are at fault.”
Diana shook her head slowly. “No, it was to my father you have sworn allegiance, and he is no longer here.”
Carl had left a considerable legacy, but the most important thing was the existence of the two household members. Diana regarded them as part of her heritage, and doing this was a foolish idea.
Man cannot be a legacy.
“That doesn’t mean you lose our loyalty.” At Gray’s words, Diana felt that the anxiety that had settled on one side of her mind had faded.
“That’s the same for me. I can’t leave you. It’s my calling to protect you,” Charlotte added.
But those who commanded their loyalty had already passed away. Diana could feel it all the time. She was still young, and their trails focused on protecting her, as if in place of her father’s shadow.
So far, it has been Diana’s luck. But in the future, Diana could no longer be protected by them.
“Then, even more, I want you both to break your promises and contracts with my late father,” Diana spoke, her blue eyes were calm. “And I want you to be on my trail.” A calm voice rang. Only then did they realize Diana’s will.
Charlotte had to swallow her crying quietly. Diana was no longer a child she had to raise. The two kept their promise with the late Duke and his wife. It was decent growth, of course.
Gray didn’t express himself, but he felt something similar to Charlotte’s emotions. The Duke and his wife’s one remaining mistress grew up wonderfully. They had now done their duty.
“I will be proud of that fact for the rest of my life if you swear allegiance and be an ally to me, Diana Carl, who is standing in front of you, not to my father nor the past Carl’s glory.”
The little girl who often struggled on sleeping alone, who sometimes asked silly questions, was already gone. Diana had grown up; she was not the child they raised, but Carl’s legitimate descendant, who bore compassion for her housekeepers.
“I’ll be proud, too. My loyalty belongs to you, the new owner of the family.” Gray knelt as a token of loyalty. Although he was now old, he was once a member of the Knight’s Order, who sacrificed his life under Carl. That was also why Diana’s late father firmly believed in him.
“I won’t forget this honor. All my life, I’ll follow you.” Charlotte also bent her knees to show her respect. It meant that she should consider Diana as her master and follow her, regardless of her loyalty to Diana’s late father.
Diana’s voice sounded calm. “Grey and Charlotte.” She called them by their names, because from now onwards, she would no longer consider them as servants but her allies.
“I believe in you.”
In the silence, the eyes of the new master of the Carls glimmered blue.
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