Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 85

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Chapter 85 – Stepping Ahead
Jerome opened his mouth while playing with his mustache. “I’d like to tell you that conversations are included in the fees.”
“I know.” Diana slyly replied.
Only then did Jerome, who smiled, sit down. Diana was also quite a novelty to Jerome. At first, he came up with the idea that the Lady was trying to find her fortune by someone’s encouragement.
But the reality was completely different. Diana was moving as she desired, without anyone’s control. There were many instances that Jerome had noticed, too, and there was nothing better than that if he could talk to this mysterious strong-willed Lady while being paid.
“Lord Jerome, you already did a lot of the work I asked for you.”
“It was a good deal for me, too. I’m looking forward to it.”
“I like the way you handle things, Lord Jerome.”
“Really? I usually get grudges often.”
A man’s heart is a matter of no account. Jerome was often criticized for cheating and being a profiteer. However, Diana even thought he was paid too minimal for the work he did.
“Not me. You get paid, and you make sure you do things for me. There’s no better deal than that.”
“You sometimes transcend my common sense.”
It was a fact that money was the easiest and simplest to have in exchange for something. Most people, however, died unaware of the truth. Diana, who was now eighteen and had once lived as a dolled Empress, was like a difficult concept to grasp.
“That’s more likely to be the case in the future,” she replied.
“It’s interesting.”
“Let me tell you, Lord Jerome, what happened in my own private life…”
“It’s all a secret. There’s already a confidentiality agreement between you and me,” Jerome quickly added.
It was also about Jerome’s honor as a lawyer, and it was his principle. In order to live a long life while doing this kind of work, he should keep his mouth sealed.
“Then, let’s talk.” Diana opened her mouth slowly. Jerome smiled as he saw the beautiful spirit of a story that was about to begin inside the sunny room. His half-brown eyes showed his expectations and interest.
Diana had already abandoned her pride that she would understand everything with her own capacity. A man had a framework of the world that each could accept, and not everybody needed to dialogue or trade to know the truth. In other words, one must learn to play the trick.
“First of all,” Diana placed the envelope on the desk. Jerome stood up, took it, and sat down on the seat.
“Check it out now.”
As she said, Jerome looked at the content. It was the report of the messenger, Gray. True to her orders to watch Trisha, her every struggle was written. It was about a record of a girl who lost her dream together with her unfortunate family background and ambiguous status.
“I want to hear Sir Jerome’s thoughts.”
“Huh? That’s strange.” Jerome said frankly, but his golden eyes brightened from curiosity.
“She is a girl who could be anywhere. It’s a bit unfortunate, but misery is more common in the world.”
His last words seemed to be aimed at Diana to some extent. It was Diana’s assumption, but Jerome was a man who rarely said unnecessary things.
“I understand that.”
“Ah… well, the Young Lady is wise.”
Well, for Diana, the world was far from unhappiness. Although she had lost her parents at a young age, Diana was raised in an environment where she didn’t know what real misery was. It was also true that her small hands had never lifted anything heavier than pens, nor had she ever seen the capital city’s back alleys.
“Back to the point, um… have you told me that this report is bizarre?”
Diana nodded.
“The girl named Trisha Blanc herself seems nothing special. At least up to what’s written in this report. But it’s unusual for the Young Lady to receive a report about this girl and ask me for my opinion.”
Indeed, Jerome was quick to talk.
“I mean, a girl with common misfortunes has something to note.”
He was also clever.
“Do I just need to know that?”
Diana did not answer, but that was a positive sign.
“Do you have any hints?” Diana’s mouth, which had been shut for quite a while, finally opened. “Give me your thoughts on this.”
Jerome was rarely surprised, but now, his face showed a bit of embarrassment with a mixture of surprise.
“I think you are as smart as a police officer in giving clues,” Diana said.
Jerome’s lips curled up. While Diana’s words sounded gentle, beneath it was authority. Jerome’s curiosity was aroused along with his excitement to be paid. “It’s been a long time since I’ve had a new request. I’ll take it.”
“Thank you.”
Jerome rose from his seat without delay, but before he left, he said, “This is just to let you know as a service.”
Diana looked at Jerome with a curious look.
“When I walked past the gate, Duchess Carl was making a scene.”
Not everything was in Diana’s grasp yet. Aaron, who had a special affection for Diana’s late father, may not
be, but Sylvia, his wife, had become a threat to Diana.
“It’s not the information you’d like to pay for.”
Diana smiled. She never recognized Sylvia as an enemy since this uncultivated and ravenous woman would be of no match before her.
“Yes, I think it was not worth it.”
Jerome was quick to take action, and as always, he suddenly disappeared without further ado. Again, Diana was left alone.
Her mind was now acting strangely. In her previous life, she spent time only by savoring milk tea, which was by no means insignificant. It was also well worth the time.
“Now, I won’t give you the lead.”
What Diana needed now was a sense of reality, not emotion. Fate had begun to ensue. Evil cannot be erased. Diana had to look ahead.
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