Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 84

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Chapter 84 – Deprived Justice
Diana was mistaken from the beginning. Trisha’s desire was not to be the noblest woman in the empire. The red-eyed woman did not look at the Empress’s crown in the first place. It was everyone’s illusion.
What did Trisha want? It was not the mercy of the Princess nor the Empress. It was Diana, from the beginning, whom Trisha wanted to be. Unaware of that, Diana thought she would be free from Trisha if she escaped being the Crown Princess candidate. She was wrong, and it led to her death in Trisha’s own hands.
“It was all I had from the beginning.”
Diana Carl. The love of a beautiful craftsman who had been noble since birth and was loved by all. Her eyes like a blue lake, her beauty, and every angelic quality of hers seemed to have been blessed by a fairy. Everyone wanted to take care of her, and at the same time, everyone admired her. She was loved just for being herself, and it seemed natural.
Diana remembered the contents of the book. It was the story of Trisha.
When Trisha held her hand, the sun behind Diana was so bright that she felt like she had seen the wings of an angel, and she would never forget it for the rest of her life.
Trisha Blanc longed for Diana. Her yearning reached the point where she had a love-hate feeling. Then, Trisha’s reality and environment ate her like a shady, dirty fungus. It soon became a desire. Spirituality turned evil.
It was a word from Diana, who was most angry with Trisha. Diana could read Trisha’s desire if she thought about it in reverse.
The cold world shook off Trisha and looked only at Diana. All she wanted was Diana’s. No matter how good it was, Trisha wasn’t interested unless it belonged to Diana. On the contrary, even if it was very trivial, it became meaningful when Diana gave it importance.
“Trisha, you wanted something you couldn’t have forever.” Quietly, Diana closed her eyes and opened them. “But what if… you realized it?”
Their wrong fate was already entangled. There was no way back. Now, Diana wouldn’t forgive Trisha.
“But you can’t be me.” Diana stared at the still twisting candle. It was a cold remark. Trisha robbed Diana of her only happiness, and Diana could never retrieve what she had lost forever. It was time for Trisha to pay for it.
“It’s time for you to lose what you wanted the most.”
If that fate was the boundless extension of the arbitrarily twisted spiral, Diana stood back at the intersection. What she had lost could not be recovered forever, but it could still be given justice. To that end, Diana decided to go through the pain of death and lead her life once more.
Jerome Hayden visited Diana’s duchy almost every morning. This was because there were a lot of things to deal with, and it was only after Diana’s confirmation that they were completely finished. He was famous for his wicked fees, but he was a man of his own morality who did his job perfectly.
“Lady, Sir Jerome is here.”
“Tell him to come in.”
Diana cleaned the room in the sunniest seat and made it her own office. She hesitated for a moment to use her father’s office, but she also wanted to start on her own. Above all, the room already had so many treasures and was so valuable that it would be better to leave them as it was.
“Were you at peace last night?” Jerome appeared with a sly smile, as always. Whether he was sociable or flexible, he was a low-ranking aristocrat. Some called Jerome insidious, and some commented that he was competent and sensible.
“The land transfer in the eastern part of the country has been well handled. It is unlikely to be difficult to transfer ownership only. There was some friction at first, but the Duke of Carl had set a precedent for us.”
Diana nodded and smiled at the good news. “Good thing.”
Jerome said only the necessary things, and he didn’t take any unnecessary formality. He was quite the right man to discuss the matter.
He was a somewhat suspicious-looking young man with brown hair and golden eyes, but he moved quickly before Diana could ask. In addition, he made it a rule not to ask anything but what he needed, and that was exactly what Diana liked the most.
“One thing, I’d like to discuss with you.”
“Is this a new request?”
“That’s up to you.”
Diana contemplated all night. Being a red witch was not a common thing in the world. The Empire followed the doctrine of the Vatican, and heresy was strictly dealt with. Naturally, witches have been despised by all ages. In some cases, they are even burned to death.
“Sit down.” Giving Jerome a seat meant that the story was long.
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