Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 82

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Chapter 82 – Begin Again
Their first talk was successful. Diana politely bent her knees and slowly walked out of the room while keeping her breathing composed. It was still in autumn. All the windows in the corridor were open and the breeze was refreshingly cool. The garden, which looked like a royal garden, was elegant and refreshing, and Diana liked its ambiance. It was very relaxing.
“The garden resembles its owner,” Diana whispered as she moved along. Edwin was born and raised in this place. Thinking so, she felt Edwin’s traces inside the great mansion. Yet, Diana still hadn’t met Edwin in this life. However, she had a strong feeling that she would see him soon.
“Oh… ”
But their reunion was faster than Diana’s expectations. While being occupied by her thoughts, she unconsciously turned towards the corner of the garden. Unexpectedly, a familiar figure had popped out in front of her.
“Oh, dear.” Edwin, who narrowly avoided a collision, took a step back. His voice was low and resonant. Edwin would now turn twenty-one. It was only a year apart, but Diana was glad he hadn’t changed.
“Excuse me…”
Diana looked up very slowly. Her eyes went up from his feet to his face. He was only twenty-one years old, but he was more fit than Diana had remembered. Above all, Edwin’s strong jawline, sharp nose, and deep, horizontal long eyes were full of much more maturity.
“It’s all right.” Diana managed to open her mouth, then she looked up and stared at Edwin’s eyes. At that moment, his dark eyes paused as if time had frozen in it. The wind slightly blew his dark black hair, while he gazed fixedly at one place.
“No, I…” An indistinguishable word leaked out of Edwin’s lips. However, Edwin could not take his eyes off Diana’s blue orbs. He couldn’t blink even once.
Her eyelashes, which were a sparkling platinum blonde, slightly revealed her jewel-like eyes. Even the simple action of fluttering her eyes gave off a very mysterious and seductive feeling.
“I wasn’t looking forward enough because I got lost in thought.” A clear voice resounded from Diana’s soft pinkish lips. Edwin knew for the first time that the word innocence, which he had only read in books, existed.
“…I am.” Edwin’s answer sounded low. As he turned to the corner of his familiar mansion, a beautiful woman suddenly popped out. Her white blondes were shining brilliantly in the sun, and her skin as white as snow, rosy cheeks and lips were the most beautiful sight Edwin had ever seen in his life.
At the same time, Diana’s pulsating life seemed to attract Edwin. At the boundary between a girl and a lady, Diana, a fresh glow, was watching Edwin alive and breathing.
“I didn’t know we had a guest today.”
Diana’s image had filled his dark orbs. Now Edwin was curious who Diana was. It was not a passing coincidence, but an instinct to make it one’s own destiny.
Just in time, the setting sun was reflecting brilliantly on Diana’s platinum hair. Her clear blue eyes were like jewels and calm sleep. Edwin felt a vague but clear conviction.
“The greeting was late. I’m Diana of the Duke of Carl. ” Diana gracefully bowed her knees to pay her respects. It was a natural and beautiful movement like flowing water. Edwin looked at her for a while, as if he had forgotten that this was his grand residence.
“It’s an honor to see you, Your Highness.”
“We… Have we met before?” At Edwin’s question, Diana shook her head lightly and stared at Edwin with a faint smile. Only Diana knew about the memories of their meetings. The sweetness and longing for secret meetings were still there.
“This is Chester’s Grand Residence, and I just assumed. Of course, it’s the Grand Duke.”
“I asked you a stupid question.” A faint smile spread around Edwin’s mouth. The corners of his mouth slightly loosened, drawing a drowsy line on it. However, his black orbs were still gazing through Diana. “Well, let me guess. The young Lady came to see my mother, right?”
“Yes, I’m here to ask the Grand Duchess to teach me because she is well-known for her benevolence and wisdom.”
Edwin nodded. There was no flaw in the graceful manner of the lady in front of him, not even shred of disarray.
“I wonder if this beautiful young Lady had found the teaching she wanted.”
“No, not yet…” Diana spoke frankly and smiled silently. Edwin had a hunch that he somehow would not forget this moment.
It was a rare moment that he suddenly met someone in his life. It was a scene that passed like any other day but will be remembered for a long time with an unforgettable beautiful sight that can be encountered by chance in between. That very moment was now captured in Edwin’s midnight eyes.
“Then, you will come back again.”
It was also Edwin’s wish, causing a stir inside his mind. It was a strange thing for him who didn’t know love yet. However, the moment he saw Diana, Edwin had a hunch that this was just the beginning.
“If Your Highness and the Grand Duchess will allow me.”
“If it is the sharp-witted young Lady of Carl, my mother would be glad to hear from her again.” Edwin could feel Diana’s elegance just by sharing a few words. Even if he took her to the Imperial Family right now, she would have perfect manners.
“And maybe, to me, too… Edwin’s voice sounded even lower. It was a bold remark, but Diana looked at Edwin’s dark eyes, unsurprised at all. Edwin’s wonderful smile was similar to what was in Diana’s memory. That fact made Diana happy, and a vivid smile bloomed around her mouth.
“It is an honour.” It was a very short remark. Once again, Diana bent her knees, set her respects, and moved away from Edwin.
That was enough for now. It was Diana’s third life. Whether they wanted to or not, they had the power to attract each other for no reason. Diana had a feeling that she’d probably see Edwin again soon.
“Diana Carl…” His eyes caught Diana’s little back, which was gradually moving away. Unlike her delicate physique, her confident straight posture was similar to the calmness in her blue eyes.
The wind blew over the grand floor. It came unannounced and penetrated the chest of the young Grand Duke.
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