Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 80

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Chapter 80 – Daring
The Great Chester’s mansion had an antique and elegant ambiance, mostly resembling their owners. When Edwin’s father, the Great Grand Duke, died, the lineage of the family remained intact to defend their name.
Diana recalled a short memory with Edwin even in the most trivial part of the mansion. She decided to put hope into seeing Edwin in this grand mansion once again.
“Diana of Carl is coming in.”
The old butler, as Diana guessed, was serving his years in this grand mansion. Diana waited for the door of the receiving room to open, then entered with easy steps, and bent her knees to the senior ancestor to show her respect, “I came here to talk to you, Your Majesty.”
“Let’s sit down and have a cup of tea.”
“It is an honor.” Diana looked up and saw the Great Grand Duchess. Grace, an elegant mature woman, resembled Edwin’s calm attitude. Grace was also quietly observing the dazzling lady in front of her.
It was the first meeting between the two women. Suddenly, Edwin’s face came to Diana’s mind as she looked at the Duchess’s face. It was only for a brief moment, but it was enough to leave a longing in her heart.
“Smart and beautiful spirit, as I’ve heard.”
“It’s a compliment.” The young Diana’s answer was very mature. Grace heard that Diana turned eighteen now, but it was more than she expected. Although it would be natural to be nervous about being alone in this situation, Diana stared at Grace with beaming eyes. There was no fear in them.
“As I read your letter, I can see that you are refined. That’s a big advantage. If you can stay composed in everything, you can make wise decisions more easily.”
“Thank you for your guidance,” Diana smiled courteously.
“Yes. How did the Young Lady ask me for my time today?” Grand Duchess Grace was the sister of Stella, the Empress. Her bright eyes indeed resemble the Empress.
“I’m sure there’s something you want to say. Speak freely. I invited you because I wanted to hear that story.”
But not all sisters were the same. Grace’s eyes did not possess any of the Empress’s dullness.
“I dare to confess to Your Majesty.”
“Confession? Isn’t our first time seeing each other?”
Diana continued without answering the question, “But I have no intention of denying that Duchess Carl comes in and out of the threshold. That’s why I’m here.”
“I wonder…?” Curiosity was evident in Grace’s face.
“My aunt, the Duchess of Carl, feels sorry for me for losing my parents early. I believe she has spoken many words to your public servant.”
“Yes, yes. I was the one who recommended you as a candidate for the crown princess. Of course, the decision was made by the Empress.”
Diana’s face hardened slightly. The Great Duchess recommended her as a candidate, and this was a domestic affair.
Diana already knew all the clues. That the interests of Sylvia and the Empress were in sync, and it was through the Great Grand Duchess whom their schemes could be realized.
“I know you have regarded me, but I can’t be silent,” spoke Diana.
“Yes. At this rate, I’m going to be a great inconvenience to the Imperial family. I’ve decided to confess it myself before I become such a sinner.”
Grace squinted her eyes. “Go ahead.”
Her strangely calm attitude, overly beautiful face, bright blue eyes— everything of Diana attracts attention.
“I was weak and sickly from birth. I was worried about that, and I recently showed it to several doctors, and they all say it’s hard for me to produce a successor.”
The Grand Duchess placed her teacup down, and her eyes became filled with surprise, embarrassment, and wonder. It would be a big problem if the candidate for the Crown Princess, whom she recommended, couldn’t produce a successor, but it was also incomprehensible that the Young Lady was coming to confess it in person.
“It’s something to do with verification. But… what I want to ask now is the Spirit of Eternity. I can’t understand.”
To be a crown princess was to be the next Empress. Once a crown was worn, she would maintain her noble status until death.
If she couldn’t produce an heir, as Diana said, the Emperor will have a baby from another woman. However, it wouldn’t change the Empress. The Empress was a symbolic and natural being— her role was merely to exist.
“You will know because you are wise. You didn’t have to tell me that. If you stay still, you will be the noblest woman in the Empire, how can you try to lose it now?”
Of course, Diana didn’t want to be that noble lady. However, it was for other reasons that the Grand Duchess designated the subject.
Diana was already angry in the past, and trying to bring up the same topic before the Empress was difficult. However, there was a clear distinction between Grace and the Empress.
“I don’t want to be a sinner.”
“A sinner?”
“Yes. I think knowing and being silent is no different from telling a lie. If I were a man who hid the truth, what would it be if I were not a sinner?” Diana’s voice was clear and her words captivated Grace.
“Please, I ask you to take my will so that I will not be a sinner.”
“If I have a will, what do you want to be?” It was a question that completely penetrated Diana’s intentions. The moment she waited for had come earlier than expected. Diana lifted her blue eyes and stared at Grace.
Diana already had the answer. A bold and brazen answer.
“I want to continue my father’s will and become the Duke of Carl.”
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