Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 79

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Chapter 79 – No Room for Mistakes
Soon, rumors about the twist of events in Carl’s residence spread throughout the empire. Above all, it attracted people’s attention since the main character of this controversy was Diana, who had stayed quiet all this time.
She was comparable to the eye of a typhoon as she calmly organized what she had to do amid the chaos surrounding her.
It was herself who started the race this time, and Diana had to move faster than anyone else to keep that advantage.
Naturally, the first person she ought to triumph over was Aaron’s wife, Sylvia.
“Diana, a Duchess? No! It can’t be!” Sylvia’s eyes widened as she heard the news, rushing into Aaron’s office. Aaron was well aware of his wife’s nature, so he sat at his desk and listened to her nervous babbles indifferently.
“You are the Duke of Carl! That title is yours!” Sylvia screeched, the veins around her eyes visibly popping. “Ha, if you’re going to hand over the Duke’s title, then why don’t you just hand over the duchy?”
“It’s done.”
Aaron raised himself when he saw his wife was almost out of breath. Beyond the window, huge mountains obscured the sunlight.
“Are you out of your mind? Diana can’t handle that! We have to protect it!”
“It’s my brother’s inheritance. It is a Carl’s job. Besides, Diana is an adult now.”
“What about me, then?”
“In this subject, neither you nor I matters. It was not originally yours, and now it should be Diana’s.” Aaron already thought that his share was adequate. What was given to him from the beginning rightfully belonged to Diana, not anyone else.
“Did you know that you take your wife and children for granted while you take care of your niece?”
“Why does the story become so?”
“You’re always focused on research, and you don’t care what’s going on with this workpiece. When you act like a good uncle, your children should give up elite education right away. You can’t keep up with what you have!” It might be a natural protest for Sylvia. For her, she and the children were the most important. Their current standard of living was only possible because Sylvia managed Diana’s legacy. Once it was out of her grasp, they couldn’t even dream of living a life in abundance.
“I hear you, and I regret why I didn’t return it earlier,” Aaron replied.
“What did you just say?”
“You just heard it yourself. With Diana’s wealth, we enjoyed a life that wasn’t originally ours.”
“That… do you care more about your child or your niece?”
Aaron exhaled a bitter sigh as his carelessness had led to this result. “I don’t want my children to live by stealing. To be honest, the same goes for you, too. The man you married wasn’t a Duke in the first place.”
The second son of Carl and a man who was crazy about research and bore no interest in personal prosperity– that was the man Sylvia had married. When the first Duke of Carl and his wife died, leaving young Diana, Sylvia took the opportunity.
“I didn’t lose it to Diana. I owe it to her.” Aaron was an indifferent man, but he was rarely indecisive with his decisions, especially when it was what he believed was right. Returning the legacy to its rightful owner was right, and it was late.
“Are you trying to pretend to be a saint alone? Right now, our children…”
“Someone would think we’re going bankrupt. Wasn’t my share enough originally?”
“I’m telling you to give up that kind of heart.”
“If you’re going to play a trick, it’ll come to light that you’ve been pocketing Diana’s legacy, not managing it, and I ought to stop you.”
“You!” Sylvia gasped at her husband’s remark.
“Now, stop stealing so that our children can grow up with dignity,” Aaron spoke, then left the room without further ado.
Sylvia clenched her fists tightly. She was already caught with her tricks. Aaron wanted to avoid Sylvia too. After all, Sylvia’s pain was his foolish mistake.
Diana spent the busiest days of her life. Knowing everything was certainly an advantageous part, so there was a lot she had to be prepared for.
“Thanks to your cooperation, the work was done quickly.”
Jerome, her lawyer, handed over the documents. “What’s inside the white envelope is completely owned by Lady Diana. Since the blue envelope has been handed over, the ownership will soon be changed.”
Diana first took the white envelope. She felt much better when it was confirmed that the title of the Duke was included.
“But inheriting the title requires more complicated procedures. It’s going to take a while. Will you keep me on the job?” Jerome’s labor was expensive, but Diana liked his quick work. Most of the recent significant events in the empire involved Jerome. Of course, he was the one leading the victory.
Indeed, Edwin sent Jerome to Diana himself. It was a precious memory for Diana alone, a nonexistent memory for the rest.
“I will,” replied Diana.
“Thank you.” Jerome bowed his head and gave a hearty laugh. Born in the lower aristocracy, the sun shone in his golden eyes as a young man who accumulated a considerable fortune with his natural talent.
“Take some of the remunerations from my messenger. The rest is…” Diana added.
“Of course, I’ll put everything off until after I succeed,” Jerome answered.
The conversation finished on a positive note. Jerome left soon after he had finished a job with a triumphant smile on his lips.
“Now, let’s go to the grand mansion.” Diana lifted herself. There was no time to relax, savoring a cup of tea. She should not relax now, and her foolish mistakes in the past were already enough. Most of all, Diana might be able to meet someone she missed if she goes to the grand mansion.
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