Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 78

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Chapter 78 – Genesis
It was a blessing to be born into a noble family in the present era. Even good scholars, doctors, or lawyers wouldn’t be treated the same. The nobility was solely the sovereignty, not a person’s own hypotheses, academics, or sciences.
“My presence as a Duke was a headache. I was scolded for being incompetent and uninspired. The successor was my brother, and I had no burden to lose.”
It was based on the experience of ultimate success. At that time, Diana didn’t know how far they would accept the conditions, so she asked only for properties, but this time it was different.
His incompetence as a Duke was blatant, given Sylvia’s conduct. Besides, he was not a political figure, and he had no desire for it.
“It was all thanks to my brother. I was able to bury myself in research without worrying, and I used the power to build the city’s facilities. Only then did the people of the world tell me that my research was worthwhile. There was no greater joy than that. I was happy because my brother carried the burden I was supposed to carry.”
Diana even knew about Aaron’s debt — the reason why she was giving him a chance. A task that would allow him to redeem himself.
“As a lawyer, the legacy of the Duke and Duchess and the land inherited by the Duke’s personal remains intact. However, there is a stipulation to transfer the Duke’s share to Lady Diana here.”
Aaron was also a member of Carl. Although he did not succeed to the title of the Duke, Diana’s father generously gave Aaron the family inheritance. That was enough for Aaron to study peacefully, live in abundance, and raise his offspring.
“Duke, I think you need time to sort out your thoughts,” added Jerome.
“No.” Aaron replied.
It was the same as it was then in the previous reincarnation.
“I feel like praying to God because I am so foolish that I can read in this letter what I did not know.” Aaron could not betray Diana’s father. Though he was an indifferent husband and neglectful father to his own family, he treasured his brother as he did with his own life.
“My brother’s belongings, of course, belong to Diana. I was just the one who kept it for a while. It wasn’t mine from the start.”
The men of Carl were honest and greedless. Diana dimly guessed that of the first Duke. It made her feel proud that everyone had gathered their tongues to testify that they were great people.
“And just by looking for it and setting up a place like this, we can say that Diana has grown up enough. What do you say, Sir Jerome?”
“Yes, I legally guarantee Diana’s judgment.” Jerome was inwardly paying attention at the daring move of the young Lady. “First of all, the Duke of Carl has time to consult with his family…”
The veteran lawyer was well aware of how to bring more benefits to his client.
“No, this is Carl’s job. It’s the maintenance that my brother left for his ugly brother.” Indeed, Aaron’s determined nature did not take long to appear.
“Then, may I interpret it as meaning that you will give all the inheritance of your predecessor to Lady Diana?”
“I will give it.” It was quite spectacular that the large, distracted Aaron stood naive over and over again.
“So, Duke. Legally, you must transfer the properties of your predecessor.”
“Whatever, I’ll do. I don’t know how long you’ve been waiting… I’ll manage it right away.”
If it weren’t for his personality, it would have taken more strenuous work for Diana.
“Well, then I’ll prepare the papers from now on. Have my assistant come in.”
While Jerome was busy, Aaron approached Diana and sat down. Then, with a hot, sweaty hand, he held Diana’s little fingers. “Good job, Diana. You look like my brother. My brother had the coming-of-age ceremony when he was only sixteen. You are eighteen, and it is enough.”
“Come on, uncle.”
“I can be the Duchess. Will you be there?”
“I’ll do that. I’ll surely permit you.” Aaron assured her.
Not everything was simple, either. In particular, handing over the Duchess title to Diana was a matter of stirring the Empire.
“But, I can give you all authority right away.”
It was also the authority of the Duchess title that Diana aimed for it.
“I’ll give you all the rights to the entire Duchy manor. And no matter how much opposition I will get from it, I will make it clear that Carl’s true successor is you.” Aaron’s hand clutched Diana’s firmly. Diana looked up at him, his strange face familiar.
Would Diana’s father resemble this person a little? He was rarely pure and right in this world. Diana felt something warm in her heart.
“The documents are ready, Duke. Would you like to proceed now?” Jerome’s voice diverted their attention.
“Oh, no. There’s something I forgot. I didn’t ask for the opinion of the most important person.”
Was it Sylvia?
“Diana Carl.” Aaron’s affectionate eyes turned to Diana.
“Follow your proud parents’ wishes, do you want to be the rightful successor to Carl?”
“Yes,” Diana answered with determination. There were a lot of swirling emotions behind the single word. Now, it was only Diana herself who could console and correct the past. Diana ought to protect the things precious to her.
One day in late autumn, Diana Carl succeeded the property of all her parents, including the title of the Duchess, at the age of eighteen.
But it was only the beginning.
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