Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 77

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Chapter 77 – Remaking
“Don’t let anyone visit me today, whether it’s the Duchess, the  Prince, or Trisha Blanc. There are no exceptions,” ordered Diana calmly.
“Yes. However, the Prince never came and Trisha…”
“I decide everything. I’m the rightful heir of Carl’s right now.” Diana promptly interrupted.
“I made a mistake. You are right.” Gray’s loyalty to Carl’s was unsurpassed. It was also because the Duke and his wife of the preceding generation were so virtuous. Moreover, the girl who was speaking clearly and decisively in front of him resembled the Duke of the first generation. Gray alone could follow Diana’s words.
“Increase my security, so there will be no leak.”
“And stick people close together. Just keep an eye on the other person, and if you notice something, report it to me right away. Don’t mind how much money it costs, so put in a reliable workforce.”
It was Lady Diana,  who was so gentle, that spoke. Gray was surprised, but at the same time, he was glad and thrilled to see this change in Diana.
“Yes. Who’s your opponent?”
“It’s Trisha Blanc.” Diana sharply said.
Until recently, it was the name of an arrogant girl who went in and out of Carl’s because she was a friend of the Lady. It was questionable whether such a person should befriend a humble and well-known Diana, but Gray did not dare to ask why.
“And seal this up and deliver it back to me.” It was a letter. Gray received the letter politely. It was an old envelope which had not yet been opened. The jacket was stamped with a seal.
“I’m afraid that’s…”
“Yes, it was another gift my mother told me in her dream. When my uncle comes in later, I’ll try to open it with him.”
It was easier to rewrite what she had once written. Moreover, Diana had already figured out Aaron’s character. She wrote a little more accordingly, so the impact will be better. It should be so. It was not just her inheritance that Diana wanted this time. Of course, for her plans to go as smoothly as she wanted, she also wrote in the handwriting of her ancestors.
“And one more thing. Tell the outside world I’m recuperating because of my chronic disease.”
“Yes, Lady.”
A strange union gathered in the receiving room.  Aaron Carl, who was immersed in a book, ran to the news that her nephew was in critical condition. Sir Jerome, a rumored lawyer who said that if the Empire would only pay, the devil would win the lawsuit, and it was Diana, an eighteen-year-old.
“What’s this fuss, Diana? They say you’re sick…”
Aaron scratched his head and asked. Jerome was watching the situation silently. After all, Jerome was harmless. Even if he merely sat back and drank tea, he would get a considerable consultation fee. But if Jerome knew Diana, he must have a role.
Glancing at Jerome, a familiar man naturally came to her mind. She decided to forget for a moment her reality and desired revenge, tracing back the unforgettable man — Edwin. If he was still alive in this era, Diana could only pray that she could see him again someday and continue their relationship. It was a longing that only Diana had.
“I found this.” Diana, snapping out of her thoughts, laid the old envelope in question on the table.
“This… it’s my brother’s?”
“Yes, and the envelope says to open it with a lawyer in secret.”
“No, no… It is a big deal. Of course, I should come. I am well done.” Aaron answered.
Only then did Jerome utter a word. “Then, I am a lawyer…”
“No, on my brother’s behalf. I will read it in front of everyone.” Soon Aaron unsealed the letter with his trembling hands and read it aloud. Most of the content was similar to the previous one, but this time Diana also included in the letter exactly what she wanted.
“Hmm, is it… if you have this upkeep, all of the first Duke’s legacies are entitled to Lady Diana.” Aaron nodded at Jerome’s words and, like before, buried his tear-stained face in his sleeves.
“He is my brother. I feel sick because I think I rebuked my brother for lacking in this world. I have no objection to his will. Can I do that?”
“First of all, yes, but there are a few more,” answered Jerome.
“What is it?”
That was why Diana called her lawyer. She didn’t mean to back down after receiving only as much as last time.
“It is clearly stated that this includes all land and real estate.” The lawyer read the lines well, as Diana expected.
“Then what about the Duchess’s land?”
“A Duke? Of course, belongs to a Duke.”
There lived much nobility in the capital of the empire. Naturally, not all the land could be included in the realm since the empire belonged to the Imperial Family.
The estates existed outside the capital, and the nobles left their territory and built mansions in the capital to enjoy political dominance and luxury. It couldn’t have been better than the poor people of the land who paid their taxes through labor, and they didn’t have to stay in their dreary area while being completely drunk.
“It’s all the legacy of the preceding Duke… legal interpretation includes the Duke and his corresponding, excuse me, even title.”
The hostile successor to the Duke of Carl’s was Diana. However, the first generation of Duke and his wife died at the very young age of Diana.
It was sporadic for women to connect families, but it was not without them. But the target had never been a child. In that case, most of the time, she would succeed to the title along with the estate.
“Yes, originally, it was all my brother’s.” Aaron looked up and looked into space. It was a silent conflict. “I was an ugly brother. I was always buried in books and worried about my parents. I’ve never been a part of the Duke, and only my brother acknowledged it.”
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