Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 76

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Chapter 76 – Revival
The preceding generation’s former Duchess had a good sense of reason and deep foundation of knowledge since she was a child. Moreover, considering Diana’s story, Charlotte would understand Diana. Since she lost her parents at a young age, she would have grown up faster.
“But what’s so sudden?”
Charlotte turned her head at Diana’s stern words. Her blue eyes were undoubtedly the same as the Duchess of the fleet.
“I had a dream about my mother coming out. In my dreams, my mother taught me that I should be an adult now.”
“Yes, the Lady is going to have a ceremony soon.” Charlotte answered lovingly.
“It was not a dream, but it felt like my dead mother came. That’s why I cried.” Once again, Diana was thinking of taking advantage of the past.
“Perhaps… Isn’t your mother’s precious stuff in your father’s office?”
“The second row of cabinets, third column… There’s silver in there without any decorations, a sword? It’s the same that my mother always had.”
At that moment, Charlotte thought of it and stared at Diana in silence. It may not be exactly there, but indeed the first Duchess carried an undecorated dagger in silver. It was a legacy of the Tiers family. There was no way Diana knew it.
“My Lady, how?”
“It’s inherited from the Tiers. My mother took it out and told me to carry it with me.” Diana’s blue orbs stared at Charlotte’s quivering eyes. Charlotte felt dubious at the inexplicable mystery.
“Go find it now. If it’s really where I said it was, my mother came to my dream to help me.” It was her dignity and charisma that resembled her predecessors. Charlotte hastened toward the office of the former Duke of Carl, and a moment later, in Charlotte’s hand, who came back with a gasp, the dagger was held.
“It was exactly where you said it was.”
I have to. Diana looked at Charlotte with a calm look. She did not seem to be in the least surprised or agitated. “Mother told me that if I showed it, you would believe me. There’s a big crisis in Carl, and I have to stop it.”
“What? Oh my goodness.”
Diana stood up and took the thread from the dagger sheath brought by Charlotte and hung it on her neck. “My mother said that if I did this, Charlotte would trust and support me. You will all protect me on my mother’s behalf.”
There was a lump of emotion in Charlotte’s eyes. It was a legacy left by the Duchess of her predecessor, and now, Diana was using that past. “Charlotte, is that true?”
“Of course, Lady. Oh my, are you okay? How long have you been so grown-up? This Charlotte will protect you forever. I will believe and follow your words.” Charlotte was thrilled and embraced Diana warmly.
“Mother said I should now be an adult and keep my family.”
“Yes, of course.”
Man lives the present through the past. Diana already realized it very well. Moreover, with proper evidence, dreams could be real and so did prophecies.
“If you believe me, follow my instructions now.”
“Yes, Lady. I will send someone right now.”
Moving the entourage right next to it was the first way out of Diana’s limits. Yes, it’s not about being happy with milk tea, but about making choices and decisions.
“Trisha, I’m here to give you the curse.” Diana muttered to herself.
While Charlotte went out to send someone away, Diana changed her clothes herself. Now, it was not the time to play princess.
It had been a few hours since she returned, but she was still regretful of her past. Of course, it was inevitable. At that time, the past Diana’s regret and despair etched deep into her heart.
“I can’t forgive you,” Diana whispered, staring into the mirror. “I returned more unhappy than before. Even after Diana dies, she will never forget it even after coming back many times.”
Her eyes began to turn red. After accepting too many emotions of the past at once, Diana’s heart was heavy and her head hurt. She then clenched her fists and tried to stay alert. Trisha still existed under the same sky. Diana could not spend a day in vain.
“Lady, did you call me?” After a knock, Gray came in. Diana nodded briefly. Gray was Carl’s messenger from generation to generation, and no matter how young his master was, he was always loyal to the family. Charlotte told the story, but still, she could attest to his loyalty.
“There may be danger in Carl soon.”
“That shouldn’t be so.”
“I will stop it.” The determination was evident in Diana’s blue eyes.
“Of course, you should.” Gray can see the Duke of the first generation in the attitude of a proud and noble Diana. Although young, he believed that Diana is a descendant of Carl.
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