Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 75

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Chapter 75 – Righting the Wrongs
The two souls of Diana merged as one. Now, Diana could feel the weight of the life the past Diana was carrying.
“My chest hurts so much.”
Diana had never felt her heart throbbing this way. It was the first time that she had a memory of a love for something.
“It hurts, it hurts… I think I’m going crazy.”
The original Diana had lost her child. It was the only tragedy besides her suicide.
“I was a fool… I knew it was late for the reason that I had returned.”
–Realize how you feel right now.
Diana couldn’t have understood. She had to feel the horrifying red eyes of Trisha and the incompetent Lucas, who had done nothing. She had to suffer a painful death not by her own will, but by Trisha.
“Yes, I know now.” Diana had to open her eyes to resentment and pain. Only then she felt the anguish of the first Diana.
“I can see the light from afar.”
-It’s time.
Diana felt instinctive. When she opened her eyes again, she would be Diana still.
-But you don’t have to go if you don’t want to. And even if you go back, you’ll have less time than seventeen years.
“I’ll go.”  There was no hesitation. The disheartenment of Diana’s original story was carved in her heart. She couldn’t afford to merely forget and disappear. No, it can’t be. The lost child forever is now her own too. It was no longer possible for both souls to regain such a beautiful creation.
“Now, I am you.”
-And you are me.
It was already fate, not a choice to be made.
-Make the curse that I’ve bet on Trisha.
“Yes, my share of curses.”
-I’ll be waiting… all the way.
Now the light felt closer. The two souls resonated in this space. It went beyond thought, became an emotion, a memory, a permanent wound.
Diana Carl, at last, returned to the world.
When Diana woke up, she found herself in a familiar bed. When she looked down at her hand, it was small and fair. But it seemed a little different. Diana slowly remembered. She cannot be seventeen again.
“Have you woken up?” Charlotte’s friendly voice rang. Everything was the same. “Oh, my Lady, why the tears?”
Diana didn’t notice it, but suddenly, tears fell on her cheeks. Even though she returned to the world of the living, the sense of loss hadn’t disappeared. There seemed to be a pile of iron and chains in her heart. Was this the suffering of Diana?
“Did you have any dreams? Stop crying. Oh, come on. Why are you so unhappy when you’re turning eighteen now?”
“Ah… eighteen…”
“Lady, are you still half-awake?”
“I just had a dream.” Tears continued to moisten the quilt. Charlotte brought a handkerchief, but Diana shook her head and wiped the tears with her own hands. “It was an unfortunate and painful dream.”
“My dear, dreams are dreams. Stop crying.”
Diana wiped her cheeks once more. Her eyes were already open for a short time, and soon after Diana quickly breathed out and regained her calmness. “Yes, but Charlotte…”
“Yes, young Lady?”
“Dreams aren’t just dreams.”
A very cloudy and lonely smile appeared on Diana’s mouth, which soon disappeared. Diana stood up straight from her bed and headed for the table. Now she knew what she had to do.
“Yes, Lady. What would you like for breakfast?”
“No need.”
Diana had no intention of living life in ease. She had no spare time to enjoy the luxury of tea time nor any other grandiosity. Time is gold. Now that she had returned, it was soon time for Trisha to regain her memory. A tranquil life? It was only possible when Trisha was not under the same sky as hers. Diana was filled with determination.
Diana first figured herself in the reality she was in. She was eighteen years old at the time of the coming of age ceremony. Most important of all was the relationship with Trisha and Lucas.
Diana connected them. To prove it, Trisha was a friend of Diana, and Diana was still a candidate for the Crown Princess.
According to Charlotte, it had been a long time since the preparation of the candidates for the Crown Princess, but by the end of the sixteen, Diana had caught a fever. Naturally, it was delayed for Diana to learn the proper etiquette as she had to regain her health.
In Diana’s opinion, that would be the influence of the Holy Relic. Reincarnation had the limitation that the given time was shorter than before, but at the same time, no story could begin without the presence of Diana. But anyway, Diana returned, and the time in this world was moving again.
“Yes, Lady. Would you like to eat?”
Diana shook her head. “More than that, please send someone right now to get the best lawyer in the Empire. Jerome Hayden?”
“I’m sure Lord Jerome would be the best. Lord Jerome has a cost just to meet you”.
“I don’t care. I don’t care how much you pay for the lawyer, so call him right now. And send someone to Uncle Aaron and ask him to come to the Duke’s office lest I die right now.”
“Lady, why did you say that all of a sudden?”
Diana’s little white hand hit the table. Her sudden change was the first thing her aides had to accept. Diana couldn’t have succeeded if she couldn’t persuade even them.
“Charlotte, you had served my mother’s family, the Tiers, for so long, haven’t you?”
“Yes, that’s right. In particular, your life. You can say that.”
“Is my mother wise and determined? Besides, she was young enough to be equal to an adult since childhood. Am I wrong?”
“Ah… no.”
Diana now learned how to use the past. It should not be passively avoided. She had to go ahead and actively play tricks.
“And do I look like my mother, from my hair color to my eyes?”
“Yes, you are the same.”
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