Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 73

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Chapter 73 – One More Chance
Trisha’s eyes shone like rubies.
“It’s amazing. You remembered the past, but you’re still naive. You can always choose to live that way. Because you are not willing, you don’t have the will to survive.”
That was what Trisha had envied from Diana. She was born with everything and hence didn’t feel any sense of urgency. Their worlds were poles apart.
“I knew what was important. I was born into a lowly status family. Besides, I had the blood of a red witch. I was just as good at playing games as you were.”
That was the first thing Diana heard from Trisha. Perhaps in the latter part of the original story, Trisha realized the witch’s lineage, and she assumed that Diana had known of it now.
In other words, the past when Diana and Trisha returned was different in time. The reason was probably because of Diana’s insinuation. The death, which was pushed forward so freely, was not reflected in the original story.
“But wait, there was something I didn’t understand. Why, then, and even now, the magic wouldn’t work on you?”
Trisha, of course, wanted to obtain Diana on her side. However, Trisha always felt that Diana was keeping her distance from her. It was unfortunate, but Trisha had no choice but to eliminate Diana from her path.
“Oh, don’t worry. This time, I prepared some extreme medicine.” Trisha smiled. Potions affected all creatures.
“Don’t look at me with such eyes. The poison doesn’t have to be taken by mouth.” Trisha dipped the towel back in the water and squeezed it to moisten Diana’s dry lips.
“Nobody doubted the bucket’s water. It’s already been seeping into your skin for a while. And of course, I’ve already taken the antidote.”
The rate of sweat forming on Diana’s forehead was accelerating. Her chest was beginning to contract. It was now getting harder and harder to breathe.
“It’s time to say goodbye.”
Diana’s vision started to become hazy. She felt resentment, not towards Trisha but herself, who was complacent. Diana was always left out; she was always alienated and treated like a doll. Her suffering was enough, and all she wanted was a peaceful life.
“I’ll tell you an interesting story as a parting gift for you. I don’t know how sad it was to not let you know that, but that time when you had a miscarriage, to your supposed legacy, yes, it was my medicine, and your body became barren forever.”
“I know it was a real pain to you.”
“I had to because his interest doesn’t last long in anything. It was hard at first, but after mixing ourselves together, the Prince had enjoyed it too. He said I was much better than you— who is like a wooden statue. Well, it was hard for me to get pregnant. At least I could have pretended to be one.” Trisha continued.
“Ah! what was so funny. I was accusing you of attempting to murder my own child when there was nothing.”
Diana managed to open her lips. “I hate you…”
“I know. But I loved you.”
“The curse is with you.”
“You said the same thing then.”
Diana’s heart began to beat violently. Trisha’s words weren’t mere lies. Her end was coming soon. Diana realized that Trisha didn’t understand any of her grudges–being alienated, treated like a puppet–Trisha could not understand her dissatisfaction.
Yes, Diana was wrong about herself. She was selfish and hastily took her life because she was tired of suffering. She was weak and did not deserve to live the life of the original Diana. She didn’t know anything about herself; perhaps the reason why Diana must return.
“Tri..sha… I will curse you…”
“No, you can’t do anything. I’ll take over your role now. This time.”
Blood then gushed out from Diana’s mouth. The entire moment, Diana’s heart was pounding heavily. Trisha was watching her struggle with no emotion. At the same time, she prepared herself to scream for help for Diana’s condition.
“I’ll curse you to the ends of my soul… I’ll curse you.” Diana’s words were incomprehensible.
Then, blood poured out of Diana’s mouth again. Her blood had soaked her clothes and trickled to the silver dagger, which Diana always brought with her. “I won’t lose to you,” whispered Diana.
Suddenly, there was a strange pulse coming from the sword, its blade heating up. Only then did Diana realize that the sword had played a vital part in her reincarnation. It was a mysterious dagger that had been passed down from her mother’s family to her.
“I’m sorry, but your time is over now.”
Diana closed her eyes. Soon her blood will seep into the enchanted dagger, this time, bringing back the opportunity to redeem the original Diana and her soul once again, and the chance to undo this grudge.
It was not long after that Diana Carl had died. She was just seventeen years old.
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