Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 72

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Chapter 72 – Unfortunate End
“Your Grace,” Trisha whispered.
“Sorry to say, but Lady Diana is sensitive to any sound or movement, and I’m worried that it will interfere with her recovery.”
“Oh… Trisha, I’m glad you’re here.” Lucas dismissed the maids. Nevertheless, Trisha kept staring at Lucas. Only then did Lucas realize he was among those to step out.
“I can’t sleep anyhow. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”
“Yes, take a little rest, Your Highness, Lady Diana will be fine.”
Lucas could not take his eyes off Diana’s face for a long time. Fortunately, her lips were already glowing red. A little relieved, Lucas left the room. He never imagined that he had left the most dangerous person in the world alone with Diana.
“Diana, long time no see.” Trisha diligently dipped a towel into a bucket of hot water, squeezed it out, and wiped it unto Diana’s body.
“How come I’m reminded of the past. It feels like it’s been a long time. Yeah, it’s like a very, very, long time has passed.”
The whispering of Trisha’s voice was calm. Trisha was no longer a greedy, innocent, seventeen-year-old girl. The way she looked at Diana was naturally different.
“We’re always two at this point.”
Sweat formed on Diana’s forehead. The sweat was wiped off without missing a drop. It was an affectionate nursing that contained love in one’s eyes.
“And soon after this moment, I will be alone again.”
Trisha’s red pupils stared at Diana. She had already realized her whole past. It wasn’t the death that this life’s Diana that had pushed forward at will, but the end in the original. To the last minute of Diana’s suicide and her death, who had been locked up in a plot out of envy of Trisha, who had Lucas’ child.
“Then, you cursed me.”
Diana, nearing her death, left a curse on Trisha, and only she could hear the words spoken by Diana.
‘Trisha… I will curse you with my blood flowing now.’
It was Diana who had never said such words in her life, but she was different at the moment of death.
‘In the past, present, and future.’
She vomited blood, but her sultry eyes stared at Trisha.
‘You can never… be me.’
That was Diana’s last words. Trisha remembered that time, then blurted out a short laugh.
Diana was not a naive girl as she knew it all from the very beginning. What did Trisha want, and what did she want to get?
It wasn’t Lucas.
It was not the shining crown of the Empress.
From the beginning, Trisha wanted to be Diana.
And even though the abominable Diana knew it all, she had lived her whole life calmly as if she was playing Trisha.
“Diana, you were wise.”
Trisha couldn’t be Diana. After witnessing Diana’s death, Lucas had almost succumbed into insanity, and she had to use more of her medicine to see Lucas’ smile again.
A faint voice came from Diana’s lips.
“Oh, you are awake. I’ve been thinking about the past, and I’ve fallen in love with it.”
Slowly, Diana opened her eyes. Even her frosty eyes were the same as Trisha envied.
“You don’t have to try. You can’t move now.”
Blinking, Diana slowly closed her eyes and opened them. Diana felt no sensation in her body. The only thing she could move was her eyes, barely gathering enough strength. She opened her mouth to speak. It didn’t seem to have the capacity to make a loud noise.
Why was Trisha and I alone in a strange bedroom? Diana was confused.
“You were taken to the Crown Prince’s palace when you were punished by the Queen and collapsed.”
When Trisha added a kind explanation, Lucas’ appearance came to Diana’s mind. Lucas had called her name over and over again. Then, she felt as if she had fallen to sleep. In reality, Diana must have fainted.
“Your Royal Highness is so… He is very merciful. Isn’t he?”
Diana’s cold gaze turned to Trisha.
“Of course, to me. You gave me a chance to put you to death again.”
Again? Diana’s eyes shook when she heard it.
“You knew when to respond. That’s right, and this isn’t the first time in our lives.”
“Why did you?”
Trisha smiled refreshingly at Diana’s struggling voice.
“I don’t know. It’s like you and I are both back in the past. Thanks to you, I can correct everything.”
Diana did the reincarnation. Trisha thought so. If Diana had returned, Trisha would have done the same thing, but she didn’t expect it to happen.
“Fortunately, Prince Lucas doesn’t know. I checked.”
In her past life, Diana was unable to bear the emptiness, so she chose an early death. Now, Diana regretted it.
Diana was nonchalant. On the contrary, Trisha was not someone to be underestimated for being seventeen. Diana couldn’t believe she wanted a peaceful life… There was no such thing under the same sky where Trisha existed. She just realized it— she was foolish, and Trisha was clever.
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