Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 68

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Chapter 68 – The Growing Hatchling
Stella, the Empress, was a mysterious woman, and that point could be said to resemble her sister Grace. On the surface, she appeared elegant and cultured, but underneath her pretty face was a trait more competitive than any merchants.
“The Duchess of Carl?”
“Yes, Your Majesty.”
Stella waved her fan. She was aware of Sylvia’s purpose as her mission was also somewhat alike. Of course, it went as far as to make Diana a Crown Princess.
“Tell her to see me in the receiving room.”
“Yes, Your Majesty.”
A moment later, the low voice of the officer-in-charge rang in the immensely colorful receiving room.
“Your Majesty the Empress!”
Upon hearing the voice, Sylvia stood up and politely gestured a bow.
“I’m pleased, My Queen. Please forgive me for visiting you without prior notice.”
“Take a seat for now.”
“Yes, Your Majesty.”
Sylvia bowed her head once more and then sat down. The two were not strangers. The Empress and Duchess of the Empire had quite a few opportunities to meet together. Nevertheless, Sylvia was amazed at Stella’s beauty.
“What brings you here? I’m not interested in beating around the bush.”
The Queen’s coy voice resounded with authority. Lucas’ frankness must have resembled his mother’s.
“With the Prince Majesty… about the marriage.”
“It wouldn’t be a problem.”
Preparations for the civil wedding were being carried out. At least, the Duchess saw that the Empress was not annoyed with her unannounced visit.
“Of course, I thought so, but I’m here because I’m a little concerned.”
“I thought I said I didn’t want to beat around the bush.”
“I apologize, Your Majesty.”
Stella’s sharp eyes watched Sylvia as she made a hurried apology.
“It was said that Lady Diana was a successful trader.”
“And?” Stella arched her slender eyebrow, and seeing such a sharp reaction from her had convinced Sylvia that she had come to the right place.
Having Diana as the future Crown Princess was already public knowledge, but Grace still sold the trade rights to her.
Edwin was the Grand Duke, but Stella couldn’t think about this except Grace. It was even Stella herself who gave the authority to the Grand Duke of Chester due to her father’s request.
“What the hell did Grace think of the imperial wedding as?” Empress Stella’s voice trembled.
“Maybe in the High Duke’s, you’ll welcome a woman in business, but not in the imperial family!”
This was why Stella hated giving trade rights to the Grand Duke from the beginning. Grace discreetly ignored Stella for being her sister and also for being favored by her father. But fate was on Stella’s side. After all, it is Stella who married the Emperor and gave birth to the Prince.
“Everything goes like this, always!”
Besides, the emperor was now lying on a sickbed, almost unconscious. The era of Stella with full power was looming, which was why she handed over the trade rights with her father’s recommendation and a little sympathy for her sister, which was a challenge for her.
“So you do too? How can you not manage Diana, who was chosen as the crown princess? How easy it would be to have a wedding with the imperial family!
“Your Majesty, forgive me, never, never. It’s just that I… This is what happened because I’m incompetent.”
“Ha!” The Empress burst out laughing as if she were chilling.
“Carl is a prestigious family. That’s why I chose it. Oh, my… this undignified thing.”
Diana would soon become eighteen. Then, the formal marriage would also soon proceed.
“I was lacking. I dare hope that the wise Empress will correct it.”
Sylvia bowed her head over and over again. Even if the Empress was angered right now, if Sylvia didn’t have the courage to do it now, the marriage could have been ruined. It was much more useful to be an Empress’s pet than to rely on her indifferent husband.
“Bring Diana here.”
“Yes, when?”
“Right now!” The Queen’s nervous voice resounded inside the whole room.
Diana greeted the servants from the imperial family. When she was busy preparing to enter the palace, Diana couldn’t recover her senses. She was picked up late at night on the carriage sent from the imperial family, which made her assume that something was going on.
“Your Majesty, the Empress…”
Diana forgot about her existence for a moment. She was the same with this woman when she was the Empress. Diana, the Empress, was then passed on Lucas’ nervous temperament. Diana was prepared for moments like this to come, but she didn’t know that this day would come so soon.
“I’m pleased to see you, Your Highness.”
Diana bent her knees in front of the Empress to show her courtesy. She could already feel the chill in the atmosphere. The Empress kept Diana, perhaps deliberately, with no answer. And after a certain period, Stella snapped her fan.
“Raise your head.”
Only then could Diana lift her stiffened neck straight up. It was a sort of steamer control. This was often the case when Diana was the Empress. However, she forgot about it for a while because it was a situation that would not be considered as deprivation.
“Do you know why I called you?”
“Please enlighten me.”
The Queen’s golden eyes swept Diana up and down. It was Stella who chose Diana, and for the Empress, it was an excellent choice. A young lady with that beauty was rare in the empire. Besides, Diana’s status was noble and she had no likes to interfere in politics like her father.
That was why she called Diana. Unless there was a suitable candidate to replace Diana, the choice of the Empress would not change.
“I’ve heard you’ve gained trade rights.”
But above all, Diana was a set tool. She was to give birth to the offspring of a more noble imperial family by noble lineage and keep her place as the next Empress with grace and dignity.
That was all. There was no need for more than that. The women in the imperial family were all the more worthless and useless― to engage in business was only for men.
“You also bought a trade ship and set sail, right? Is it true?”
“Yes, it’s true.” Diana’s blue eyes were unshakable. Her calm answer was polite, but there was no sign of fear at all.
“After… I won’t listen to excuses.” The Empress uttered sharply.
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