Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 67

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Chapter 67 – Persistent Greed
The ancestors kept their eyes on the Grand Duke’s every work. It was only natural that the Grand Duchess had guided Edwin since childhood.
Edwin was only twenty and still young, and he still needed the guidance of a wiser person. Today, Grace was in the Grand Duke’s office, scrutinizing the new documents with her delicate eyebrows wrinkled.
“Hold on. You’re giving up the new trade ship to Carl?”
“Oh, that’s right.”
Edwin deliberately donned a look of indifference. If Grace were to find out what he was up to, things would be tiring. But, as a mother, Grace couldn’t afford to risk Edwin’s status. Even more, if the reason was Diana.
“And it was not the Duke, but Diana… Isn’t she the child chosen as the Crown Princess?”
“She’s still seventeen?” Grace added.
“Yes, and will be eighteen soon.”
It was quite an embarrassing remark, but Grace trusted her son. Edwin would not make such a proposal without any reason. Grace knew that she had raised her son that way.
“Of course, you’ve got a reason to convince me, haven’t you?” Edwin nodded. His strong jawline was just like his father’s.
“Lady Diana lost her parents at an early age, but she has a legacy,” he began.
“And transferring a person’s property before marriage is harmless. If your opponent becomes a Crown Princess…” At this point, Edwin paused unknowingly.
“Wouldn’t it be better for the ancestors?” He asked in a convincing voice.
“Hmm.” Grace was pounding the calculator inside her head.
It wasn’t wrong to have a good relationship with the next Empress. The days of Lucas would come anyway, but that made it impossible to fill the goal between Stella, the current Empress, and her sisters.
“At least one of them. It wouldn’t be bad to have someone to side with you.” Grace said.
“Yes, that’s what I wanted to say”, Edwin said
“Are you finally going to take a political step?”
Grace looked at her son with a conflicted heart as it felt more than just a business contract. The question was whether it would be in the same direction as the Grand Duke’s plan, but Edwin’s serene smile had appeased Grace’s concerns.
At this moment, Grace had no choice but to watch. Edwin, who resembled the late Grand Duke, was tightlipped and was good at observing the situation calmly.
“The price for the ship will be paid only by the gold of the Empire.”
“Yes, you should.”
In any case, they had already sealed the deal. What remained was the result of the agreement.
Sylvia, who realized that about half of Diana’s legacy had disappeared, laid in her room. Aside from saying that it was his brother’s properties, her indifferent husband had said nothing. He also warned her not to touch Diana’s shares.
“You won’t need a legacy anyway if you’re a Crown Princess!”
Sylvia burst into a rage as she lied down. Diana was a candidate for Crown Princess, who was chosen by the current Empress herself. It was customary for the imperial court not to accept dowry, and most of the young children who entered the imperial family through marriage left their share to their families.
“You can’t hold on to that legacy…”
Waiting for Diana to be crowned as Princess would somehow give an answer, which shook Sylvia’s calculations. It was also permitted that Grace’s ancestors, who Sylvia regarded, were on her side.
“How tremendously I trembled while giving out my wealth.”
The more Sylvia thought about it, the more resentful she became. She was always ready to escape from her elegant and benevolent propaganda. They didn’t mind Sylvia’s favor, and the ancestors didn’t take any obligation.
“I’ve been completely taken down!”
“Madame, hold on.”
Sylvia frowned after hearing Donna’s, the maid, words.
“Looks like you’re going to fix it now? What kind of money do we send in our children’s academies, and what kind of extension do we add to our last names?”
“That’s why you should be more careful. Shouldn’t we find a way?”
Sylvia was momentarily lost in thought by Donna’s words. She was indeed a close aide to Sylvia. It was a piece of very realistic advice― to break a different path instead of lying down as she currently did.
As long as the ancestors neglected Sylvia’s position, leaning on them would be impossible.
“Get ready.” Sylvia rose from her seat. There was still room for her to depend on.
“I have to enter the palace right away.”
Introducing Diana to the Empress was a vanguard, but that role was now over as the main decision-maker was the Empress. The work could be carried out even without the advance cost. Sylvia’s eyes were shining with greed.
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