Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 66

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Chapter 66 – A Life To Tell
Trisha concealed her real feelings and instead put on an embarrassed facade. “Thank you, Your Highness…”
“Don’t I have that much authority?”
“How could you have mercy on me like that?”
Trisha furrowed her eyebrows and looked at Lucas with wide eyes. Now, what Lucas ought to do was fix her appointment.
“I will tell them to prepare your appointment right away!”
“Yes, Your Highness.”
By the Prince’s command, Trisha became his immediate maid. Because Lucas had the power, it was all easy and straightforward for him. Everything went smoothly like a flowing stream, which allowed Trisha to climb up to this place. Soon, her plan would come into completion.
Trisha sprinkled some powder on Lucas’ glass the moment he turned his back to sign her appointment. As soon as the dust came in contact with the liquid, it disappeared without any trace or smell.
Trisha then proceeded on casting a spell.
The nightmare crushed Diana’s heart as her past kept haunting her like demons. Even though she knew it was only a dream, Diana couldn’t move a finger, and she could hardly wake up from her sleep.
“How’s my Empress?” asked Lucas in her dream.
Diana knew from the original book that the relationship between the emperor and his wife was cold. Still, the frosty relationship she experienced when she married Lucas was beyond imagination.
“You seem to be in a good mood after a long time.” Diana replied.
Yet, their marriage couldn’t be labeled as good or bad. They needed to become closer to each other for ill feelings to emerge in possibility, but they couldn’t as they were always walking in parallel lines— impossible to converge in one point.
“Shall we go for a walk?”
Diana, at that time, was indeed naive. She didn’t seem to understand a person’s feelings and interactions.
Before entering the book, Diana had no friends, not even acquaintances, let alone a family. It was all about compassion and solitude that she received from time to time— the reasons why she had hoped still.
“Lucas! I found something amazing on my way here… Oh, Her Majesty.”
Trisha’s red eyes gleamed arrogantly. She had decorated herself with a dress that suited her perfectly. Diana admitted: frankly, Trisha was shining.
“It’s all right, you’re also a friend of the Empress. Let’s forget about etiquette when we’re alone.”
“Still…” Trisha hesitantly said.
“Lisha, you’re our friend. Of course, the Empress will understand.”
Everyone forced Diana to understand. They misinterpreted Diana’s composure at will.
“Well, she’s my friend. I’m so happy that the three of us are friends.” Diana interrupted.
“Besides, the Empress is moderately indifferent, and Lisha is always popping,  so it’s very balanced.” The smiling Lucas said.
If a person was hurt, they didn’t realize that it goes directly to their mind. Maybe it was because Diana couldn’t express it and often had shallow bitter feelings that were imprisoned in her silent eyes.
“Oh, right. Lucas, I saw him here, the dog from the Palace had finally given birth!”
“You mean that spotted dog?”
“Yes, but it’s so amazing that each has a different pattern, right? Let’s see it!” Trisha gushed.
After constantly chattering, Trisha and Lucas were arms in arm, leaving Diana alone.
Such scenes were repeated over and over again. Every time Diana was ignored, a wall seemed to grow taller in Diana’s heart. Soon, it became the time where everything was inevitable and Diana realized that she was nothing but a part of the empress’ coffin.
Diana was just a little bit awkward while dealing with people. Unlike Trisha, who smiled brightly and was jolly with the people around her, being calm and cautious in everything was a personality that Diana could hardly change.
Gradually, Diana’s face became pale like a plaster, and her unspeaking lips dried up. Chaired and crowned on her head as the Empress, Diana was a doll.
Only then did Diana realize that she wasn’t the same type of person as them. They’ve taken all her life from her.
If only one of them had spoken kind words to Diana. If only people had truly set their eyes on Diana. If only they had understood Diana’s personality without prejudice. If only at least one person did. If she had even one supporter, Diana would never have lost her life.
But there was no one. No one knew.
So, Diana died. Everyone killed her.
Nobody knew.
That Diana had a good heart, but nobody saw it.
“…Hah, hah, hah.”
Diana, barely awake from her nightmare, felt her body. She had to confirm that she was still seventeen now. If Diana didn’t recognize herself that the ordeal was over, her heart would be crushed and suffocated.
“It’s alright… it’s alright.”
I am no longer with the imperial family. What happened before the return was a nightmare, and nightmares can’t kill me. I won’t give them the chance to do that.
“I’m not going back there again.”
She could not be relieved with how things are right now. It was time to express her true emotions, and so, Diana vowed to speak with her eyes set straight. That way, she would never be belittled anymore.
“I’m going to change.”
If I want to have something, I will have it. I’ll be greedy. I will not endure unfair treatment from now on. I will walk the way I want to go, bound by no coercion from anyone. If I have to face the world to do that, yes, I will gladly confront everyone.
“I’m not afraid.”
The worst had already happened. Diana could no longer live like a doll. A mere nightmare could never restrain her.
“This is my life.” Diana whispered to herself. It was time to tell it to the world.
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