Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 65

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Chapter 65 – Beginning Triumph
A moment later, Trisha, who arrived at the Imperial palace’s main palace, stood with a silver tray at the door of the receiving area where the Crown Prince was located. Cookies with pretty colors reminded her of the previous day.
“Please tell Your Highness.”
Standing at the door, the servant nodded, and soon after, the door opened. Trisha managed to bear the thumping of her chest and headed to Lucas’ side with the tray. Lucas had turned his back on the garden.
“Your Highness the Crown Prince, we have brought you snacks.”
“Put it there.”
Lucas replied indifferently, not looking back. For an ordinary maid, they could set an example to the prince and leave the room immediately.
“I have one more thing for you, your Highness.”
Trisha plucked up her courage. Lucas, who frowned, turned his head to the rude maid who dared to step forward, and soon, his eyes grew bigger.
“You are…”
“This is Trisha Blanc, your Majesty.”
Lucas still can’t remember her name. But the strong impression of her red hair did not vanish. Trisha’s hair and eyes were as clear as a blazing fire, so once seen, they could hardly be forgotten.
“Yes, Trisha… Oh, yeah. You said there was an unfortunate incident.”
Trisha shook her head. Then, he nodded as pitifully as he could. It was Lucas who instructed to keep Trisha in the annex as long as she wanted, but now he has completely forgotten about it ever since. That was the limit for Lucas, who was not interested in others. But now Trisha was right in front of her.
“But why are you working here as a maid?”
“It’s… I volunteered.”
“Why?” There was wonderment in Lucas’ expression.
“Well, I feel better when I’m doing something.”
” Ah… I see.”
There was a moment of silence. For Trisha, even a second of silence was fatal.
“I told you I had something to tell you… thank you.”
” Huh?”
“From that day on, I really wanted to thank you for giving me a place to stay and showing me mercy because I had nowhere to lean under the sky.”
Lucas raised his hand to indicate that it was nothing. Trisha calmly looked at Lucas with her red orbs. The words “there was no place to lean under the sky” hinted back to Lucas.
Suddenly, Lucas felt an impulsive feeling. Very often it was a sympathy that appeared in his mood.
“Would you like a cup of tea together?”
“It’s an honor.”
The two sat diagonally with a tea table in between. It was a long distance. Lucas could hardly imagine how much effort Trisha had taken to sit here.
“You lost your family, it must be hard.”
“Yeah, but my younger brother and I are survivors, and we believe that by your mercy, your Majesty, the guards would surely catch the culprit. I was able to calm my mind a little bit. ”
It had nothing to do with Lucas. The case was heavy, which was why it was passed to the Imperial Guards for investigation. Of course, Trisha knew that they would not catch the culprit.
But she was relieved to see some pride in Lucas’ emerald eyes. Lucas had not changed from before the reincarnation.
“I didn’t do much.”
“No, what would I have been if it was not because of your mercy? I’m afraid to imagine it.”
Lucas found satisfaction in identifying himself in this way. Trisha already knew exactly where the itch of Lucas was.
“Your Grace, I’m ashamed, but may I have a request?”
“What is it?”
“I don’t have a family to rely on anyway. I will continue to support you here as a maid. Will it be okay?”
Trisha’s red eyes were wide. Trisha, holding her hands tightly on her knees and biting her lower lip, looked really pitiful. Moreover, her look towards Lucas was desperate as if she was relying on the absolute. It’s like if it’s not Lucas, then the world would collapse.
“Oh, no. I made a slip of the tongue.”
Trisha shook her head. Lucas would be intrigued under these circumstances as it had been before.
“Please forgive my rudeness and mistakes. I was so desperate.”
“Why? What’s your mistake?”
“I have a humble identity like myself… how could I dare to have such a precious person as my majesty by my side. I’m just a maid, and I’d love to live by your grace.”
“I made a wish that couldn’t come true. Please forget.” Trisha hastily continued.
Lucas’ eyebrows furrowed.
“Who said it couldn’t be done?”
Trisha’s red eyes shook pitifully and mournfully, as if not knowing anything.
“It’s impossible for me, the Crown Prince, to have a maid as I wish.”
“Oh, my mistake.”
Lucas had great pride. It was from birth, and it’s his personality to flaunt it. Trisha scratched it very lightly.
“You’ve had your misfortune. As the Crown Prince of the Empire, I must be able to do something.”
“And we already have acquaintances. You are a close friend of Diana, but your status is lowly, so there’s no guarantee more than that.”
A corner of Trisha’s heart was triumphant, but it didn’t show on her face. Anyway, Diana was not here, and she only served as a tool — Trisha’s guarantee check to her victory.
“By the authority of the Crown Prince, I will make you my immediate maid.”
Lucas’ long-awaited arrogant declaration fell from his lips.
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