Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 64

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Chapter 64 – Opportunity 
The Imperial Family was always moving and busy. Each palace had its distinctive owner, and employees were obliged to move in unison for each master.
“Oh, I’ll help.”
Trisha snatched the feather-duster from the maid’s hand. The maid was startled and tried to find the duster again, but Trisha had already brought a chair and climbed onto it with her feet.
“You are ordered to stay at the palace and not to work.” The maid spoke with difficulty.
“You’re not even a maid at the moment, you’re a kind of a guest … don’t do such a nasty thing.”
The 17-year-old girl, who lost her parents in a terrible incident, went out to help people around her rather than being in despair.
When Trisha first came, rumors of the incident had already spread, and everyone had avoided touching it like a boil, but one day Trisha forced herself between them.
“I can’t stay here and do nothing. This is how I feel more comfortable.”
How can a child be so thoughtful? The maid admired in her heart.
It had already been more than a week since Trisha came to the Imperial Palace’s star palace. A separate palace for greeting guests and where employees were staying. It was a separate palace from the main palace where Lucas stayed. The streets were very close, but the purpose was completely different.
“Anyway, Trisha.”
“It’s harder for me to stay still. I’m telling you.”
When the Crown Prince got informed of Trisha’s sad story, he made an order to let her stay at the annex until the situation clears up. The servants and maids, who were in charge of heavy work, seemed reluctant to hear that the survivor of the unfortunate incident was coming over, but now everyone cheered for Trisha.
“When we do our job as a maid, we are all excited.” Trisha was bubbly.
“Yes, Trisha.”
Then, Mrs. Margaret approached. The maid gave her a blatant glance. Trisha smiled at Mrs. Margaret.
“I’m sorry Mrs. Margaret, it was me who asked to do it, so please don’t scold her”
Mrs. Margaret smiled helplessly at Trisha.
“I feel awkward about doing nothing.”
Her red eyes glowed with a troubled light. Mrs. Margaret was like Trisha’s mother. She had no children, and she felt pity for Trisha. Perhaps, that little girl was deliberately overdoing herself because she wanted to forget the shocking incident.
“I’m staying here for a while with the grace of the Crown Prince, but I want my share.”
It wasn’t just the memories of her past life that Trisha had regained. Prior to her return, Trisha knew her character better than anyone else as “Trisha” who had been friends with Lucas for a long time.
Lucas was a man with an infinitely self-centered and narrow world. For him, the terrible events and the disastrous events that took place in reality were further stories than the myths in the book.
“I haven’t seen the Prince in person, but… it’s already been a great favor.”
And as Trisha expected, Lucas only let her stay in the annex, never met nor showed interest. Lucas had neither experience nor wisdom to sympathize with such an event. Besides, Lucas thought the misfortune was dull. She had to be indifferent.
“Trisha, raise your head.”
Margaret said warmly. There was only one gift she could give this poor child.
“If you really want to do something… I’d like to ask you a favor.”
“What is it?”
Trisha’s red eyes glistened. Mrs. Margaret was quite favorable to herself. She had a soft charisma that comforted everyone in the detached palace without letting go of any of the stories of lowly maids. It was not a public rumor that Margaret was a candidate to be the next head maid.
“It is everyone’s knowledge that only aristocratic women can work as maids in the Imperial family.”
They were different from a maid who did all the heavy work. The maid took care of the noble family and sometimes could become a royal companion. Naturally, they had to be aristocrats too.
Those with low-rank titles, those aristocrats that had stories or who divorced, often became maids and lived that way for the rest of their lives.
Previously, Trisha’s status as a maid was different among the other maids.
Diana’s name had secured her the position of a nightly maid in the presence of Lucas.
She planned to wait for Diana to become the crowned princess, but things are different now.
“Then it’s over.”
Trisha aimed at it. Once the case is closed, she must leave the palace. Then the chance to meet Lucas will soon vanish. And now, Trisha has already remembered all her memories. Will Diana be pleased with herself?
“A chance for me? It can’t be. ”
But when she came to this place and became a maid of the prince… It will not be difficult to lead Lucas, who was already a friend before the return. Now Trisha had confidence in herself.
“So if you really want to help out with the work, you should just help out in supervising the maids, but do not get involved with their work.”
“Still… Will it work?”
Trisha asked back carefully. In particular, this was the Crown Prince’s palace, and the maid who would stand next to a special status, like the Crown Prince, should identify her status and origin. In addition, Trisha was virtually hopeless as she was barely educated as a maid.
“Well, I’d like you to help me with my work. I told you I had a favor to ask, right? ”
“Oh, yes…”
Trisha’s heart thumped with anticipation. Even though it took her so long before she could have a chance to stay comfortable with the other maids, she was determined to continue working because she wanted something.
“It’s time to bring the Crown Prince’s snack, but I’m busy with other things.”
At that moment, Trisha had to struggle not to show her joy.
“Can I go?”
“Of course. Your Royal Highness will feel better when you talk to your peers. ”
Trisha was confident in getting Lucas’ mood. However, it was just hard to get a hold of the opportunity. Still, Trisha’s predictions were right. It was worth the rush to impress Margaret.
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