Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 63

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Chapter 63 – Rewriting Destiny
Edwin was inwardly surprised by Diana’s boldness. It was a brave act for a spirit her age. “You always surprise me. Soon, it will be the Imperial Family’s turn to be surprised.”
Of course, the latter’s astonishment would be different from Edwin’s, but such wasn’t terrible for Diana.
“This is my destiny.”
She had planned her own fate already. It was obvious what would happen beyond an unwanted marriage anyway.
Diana had seen and experienced it already in her past life. The situation may have changed a bit, but Lucas would not change. He, who once had a terrible disillusionment, drove himself to suicide. Diana had seen him lying on the floor, and it was an absurd idea to recreate their marriage again.
“I believe that misery also has meaning.” Diana’s calm voice reached Edwin. Her words came from her own experiences, not only from mere speculations.
“You are still too early to determine misfortune.”
“The real misfortune is when you can’t decide anything on your own.”
“You sound like you’ve been through it.”
Diana had a faint smile on her face. Edwin’s guess was right.
“I just imagined it would be.”
Before that, she lived a meaningless life, leaning on someone’s sympathy. It was only about survival. Disabled people with no family nor property. The burden of others who have to live with the support of the government. That was herself.
It was not difficult to tell the lawmaker that the symptoms were suggesting infertility. The doctors persistently peered into Diana’s ovary and her innermost things and made her a subject of study. The worries in their eyes were vivid. The symptoms couldn’t have been made up.
“I don’t think I can live in a greenhouse for the rest of my life.”
“Your status about bearing a child, you shouldn’t have to worry about that.”
“What about you, Grand Duke?”
The unexpected question struck Edwin.
“You don’t have any concerns? About the future or the path you’re going to.”
Edwin paused and watched Diana intently. No one dared to say such a thing to the Grand Duke. It was unimaginable if it was an ordinary citizen, and it was unreasonable for those who regarded them as his friends.
“I have the responsibility of the Grand Duke.” It was a sharp answer. “The duty to continue the legacy of his late father and to protect the Chester family.”
“Always… You’re worried, aren’t you? You’re a hard worker.”
Edwin nodded silently. And a moment later, he noticed the meaning of Diana’s question.
“I see. The Grand Duke might have wanted to continue the legacy of his late father, but I was too narrow-minded.”
“You don’t have to blame yourself.”
At the corners of Diana’s mouth, a faint smile was seen.
“But I can’t be married like any other woman… I want to protect my family by becoming heir to the nobility. ”
No matter how composed Edwin was, it was hard to hide his surprise.
“Is it strange?”
Edwin never thought of such case even though he knew that Diana was thoughtful, and sometimes wise for her young age. At the moment, Edwin felt that he was relatively foolish.
“If only a child wants to follow his father’s will, it should not be strange.”
“Thank you for understanding.”
A smile bloomed on Diana’s lips once more. The smile made Edwin want to do anything for her.
“This time, there is a vacancy on the trade ship.”
Diana stared at Edwin with a curious look.
“Empire trade ships can only be owned by those with special permission. Not long ago, the Duke decided to take authority. In other words, it’s my decision.”
It was common knowledge that empire trade now yielded more than gold mines. It was said that gaining the right to trade could cause either the rise or fall of a family.
“I don’t want financial help.”
“I want to give you anything I can give you first.” It was Edwin’s sincere heart as a 20-year-old man that spoke. “Or is there anything else you want?”
“I want to know the world.” Unexpectedly, a very feminine answer came out. Diana’s cheeks were flushed and galaxies sparkled like a dream in her blue eyes. “I want to do what I can and want to do as Diana Carl in this world.”
That was the purpose Diana found. There were such special women in history, and Diana was unique enough. It was not a time to hesitate, but a time to take a firm step. At least, now that she had two able legs, what else can she be afraid of?
“Empire trade is an unprecedented boom, and the luxury goods trade will continue to grow. It’s a good opportunity to do business with the world.”
“If I say I’m not enticed… It’s would be a lie.”
It was not only books that Diana read. Similar to modern newspapers, notes spread out in alleys, rumors of maids, she knew of. If the trade was the first place to go, there was no better place than that.
“You just have to say a word.” Edwin paused and watched Diana as her blue orbs gleamed determinedly.
“Then, Grand Duke. I’d like to make a formal request. I’m ashamed, but I have a legacy of my late father. And I heard that Grand Duke Chester has recently been involved in the trade.”
The teatime made his heart beat in a different way than he had imagined.
“Sell me a trading ship. Can I ask you to do me that favor?”
“For how much?” A satisfactory smile came to Edwin’s lips. He would not do anything foolish to keep Diana’s shining spirit in a cage. Instead, he wanted to give her wings. Diana’s smile was much more beautiful.
It was all thanks to the Imperial Family, who left the trade rights to the Chester family. Of course, the reason behind it was because of the Empress, her mother, along with the Tess family, controlled the state affairs after the Emperor’s passing.
“I think that’s a good idea.”
The same smile appeared on the faces of the two. It was a late afternoon. The cold wind blew as soon as the sun shone away. It was time for winter blankets.
And there was one more important fact.
Diana Carl was born during winter. The next time the bitter north wind blows, Diana would be eighteen. Diana first hoped for a future that had not yet come.
The embers of hope that Diana had never felt before already warmed her heart. She hoped that the ember would last forever. Diana’s season started now.
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