Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 62

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Chapter 62 Possible Escape – Possible Escape
“Your Highness…” Diana’s soft whisper echoed in his ears. At this moment, Edwin couldn’t think of anything.
He cupped Diana’s cheek in a hurry, their eyes meeting in an instant. Her blue orbs were lustful. Edwin did not hesitate to raise his torso. He wanted to close the gap between them and consume her lips.
“Do you want me in your dreams that bad?”
Suddenly, Edwin stopped. The heat left his body, leaving him cold and stiff.
“You’re a naughty guy.”
Diana tormented him in his dreams every night, wearing a beautiful yet arrogant smile.
Then, the dream came to a stop. Edwin jumped off from bed, dripping with cold sweat. The windows were still open, but Diana was nowhere to be found. It was all a mischievous dream created by Edwin’s burning desire.
“Hah…” A lamenting sigh filled his bedroom. Edwin’s instincts and desires faithfully portrayed Diana’s sweet skin. At the same time, she mocked him for copying her voice. Yet both were Edwin’s unconscious.
“I can’t help hearing that.”
Even tonight, Edwin would have to drench himself with cold water, which could barely quench the heat. It was a chilly autumn night.
The autumn breeze could be felt already.
A few days had passed since then. Diana stared at the book and thought for a moment. There was unlimited knowledge that could be obtained from books. Though Charlotte and Gray were dependable, it was not good to rely on them for help all the time.
Edwin picked a pleasant day to ask Diana time for a cup of tea. It was spontaneous and effortless this time because he had already visited her once at day time, and Diana was glad to accept the invitation.
“I think it’s the first time I’ve been invited to the Grand Duke’s mansion.”
Edwin smiled and greeted Diana as they settled themselves under the roadside trees in the garden. Diana rose from her seat and gestured a slight courtesy. It was a kind of psychological barrier, but there was already a warm smile on Edwin’s lips.
“Thank you for the invitation, Your Highness.”
“It was I who asked,” Edwin promptly replied. He reached out and offered Diana a seat first. The aroma of the tea spread in the air. Thanks to this, last night’s passionate dream became shrouded in Edwin’s mind.
“Anything new?” At Diana’s question, Edwin struggled to quelch his desire.
“When it comes to Blanc’s case, however, Trisha Blanc still seems to be staying in the Imperial Palace.”
“I see.” Diana nodded at ease. Even such an ordinary gesture was too appealing for Edwin.
“It was known during the investigation that the reason she went home when it wasn’t even a holiday was that she had a hard time in the palace. They say it’s a bitter pill that she suffered from following the orders of the Crown Prince.”
Such prediction was not far off.
“The story reached the Crown Prince’s Highness, and for the time being, I’m afraid he’ll take care of it until things settle down in a separate place.”
“That’s an excellent story.” Diana’s blue orbs showed sincerity. After all, it was better to leave the two alone to untangle the three intertwined threads of fate.
Also, it was not without any sympathy at all. In many ways, Trisha was seventeen. One couldn’t have planned such a terrible thing at that age.
“Lady, it seems like you are willing to give up the seat as the Crown Princess?” Edwin’s black eyes captured Diana, who possessed an enchanting beauty that Edwin couldn’t allow to be by Lucas’ side.
“Yes.” Diana looked at Edwin with a face that was neither pleased nor gloomy, and every time, Edwin was helplessly led by her blue eyes, which contained hope that hadn’t been born yet.
“And try to find the way, still.” Diana spoke with her eyes and voice soft. She didn’t mean to deny herself that to win something; she needed Edwin’s help.
Maybe Edwin knew that. Diana couldn’t think that a man like him could be this tamed. For the time being, Edwin volunteered to follow the flow that Diana suggested.
“In the meantime, I’ve been thinking about your advice.”
Aside from women’s achievements that were recorded in the book of history, Diana had found another way to get out of her marriage.
There were quite a few examples of the reversal of the fact after being nominated as a companion of the Crown Prince. Not the ultimate treason nor the death of the party, it was exactly what Edwin had said.
“I’ve been very fragile since I was young.” A faint, bitter smile was on Diana’s lips. “Maybe it was a natural disposition.”
Of course, the Imperial Family did not consider the health problems of the woman who was nominated for marriage. What they found most demanding and essential was the production of their successor. If it were impossible, any marriage would easily shatter.
“I couldn’t seem to produce the heir of the imperial family.” A strange smile hung on Diana’s mouth.
“Oh, my… was it?” Edwin spoke low.
“Yes. Already. I went and saw a doctor.”
She called a prominent physician; the doctor kept giving her a checkup and repeatedly injected false symptoms. In any case, doctors of this era were not authorized to examine women’s inner circle.
But from experience, they also knew signs of infertility in the last record. Diana naturally showed one or two symptoms.
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