Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 61

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Chapter 61 – The Awakening
Trisha knew it best. The reason for repeating their names was to create a link between herself and Lucas.
Men were quite simple beings. The more she talked about the Prince, the more intense the impression remained.
“Since it was an incident, I have neglected you as a victim and a bereaved family member.”
Trisha wanted to hear something that hadn’t come out yet from the guard’s mouth. She looked up at him with pitiful eyes as she waited for his next words.
“More than that, to the point where the Prince would ask you to do something else, I mean…”
“Yes, I’m a childhood friend of Lady Diana.” Trisha nodded cautiously.
“Although I know that the Prince is a humble man, no one can easily put the Highness into his mouth…”
“Okay, I believe in you. Most of all, you are friends with the Crown Princess,” the guard continued speaking.
The bruises, the wounds Trisha showed herself, and most of all, the tears that filled her red eyes had moved the heart of the guard whose daughter was of the same age.
“Yes, I’ve seen the Prince a few times. He liked me as a friend of Diana’s, and even gave me a small gift. I couldn’t thank him enough after that, that’s why I was glad to see Lady Diana in the banquet that night.”
Trisha pretended to suppress her sobs. Nobody would think the sight was mere acting.
“I entered the palace as a maid because of my selfish thoughts… leaving my parents alone…” At the end, a whimper slipped from her lips.
“Once again, you have done nothing wrong.”
There was something Trisha wanted to hear more than that.
“I sent someone to the Prince’s Palace to check the facts. It’s not because I doubt you, but because of your noble status. Do you understand?”
Trisha buried her face on the palm of her hands, but underneath was a cunning smile unbeknownst to the officer. Now all the ends have been achieved, she thought.
All that was left to do was wait. Lucas may still not remember her name. But Trisha as Diana’s friend, he will surely remember.
“Wait a minute. I will certainly do my best for you.”
There was a reason why Trisha stayed at the guard post for a few days after the incident.
“If the Crown Prince hears this news, he will surely be a great help.” There were pathetic fools even as adults, and the guard who consoled her was one.
“I just want my parents to come back alive…” Trisha was clever enough to know that inducing the word to come out of the other’s mouth had better results than saying what she wanted herself.
She was born with a destiny that could not be the main character on a stage like Diana. While Diana was the diva on stage, Trisha was the poor assistant behind a clown doll or a moving tent.
But now Trisha didn’t resent fate. You can give up what you can’t change. When people sympathize with the tears of the clowns, Trisha will silently laugh at their ignorance behind the curtains. Trisha will lead the clown, the crowd, and the world with her own strings.
Trisha was capable of doing what she’s best at. She was willing to be a clown to get her hands on the things she desired. That was the lesson Trisha had realized.
The curtain of the full-fledged show was barely rising. It was the prelude to a long struggle, with no end yet to be decided. Trisha named this prelude, ‘The Awakening’.
The autumn night wind was apparent without any foreboding. White curtains fluttered from the bedroom window of the Grand Duke, which had been deliberately left open for the breeze to enter. It happened to be a faint moonlit night.
Lying in bed with his top off, Edwin had his eyes closed. His deep-set eyes were peacefully closed for a long time. But the next moment, a strange touch was felt on his solid chest.
“…Um.” Edwin, whose sleepiness remained, instinctively held the hand that was felt on his chest. The hand was soft and tender, which prompted Edwin to open his eyes.
Then an incredible sight unfolded before him. The hand belonged to none other than Diana. Edwin’s mouth opened slightly, but there was no sound. A full open window can be seen behind Diana while the rest was hidden by black night.
“Shh.” She placed a finger on her lips, looking down at Edwin. Her white hand slowly trailed on Edwin’s bare skin and wrapped it around past the nape of his neck.
Then inside Edwin’s body, the heat that he had never felt before soared. Everything Diana touched seemed to melt sweetly.
Diana shook her head with her pink lips tightly pursed. Then, one of Diana’s fingers pressed Edwin’s lips. Her fingertips exuded the sweet fragrance he had smelled from the back of her porcelain neck.
Edwin couldn’t stand it and opened his lips. Nevertheless, Diana’s fingers did not fall from Edwin’s lower lip. Diana’s blue eyes twinkled.
Edwin unwittingly reached out and pulled Diana’s neck. Diana collapsed on top of him and her soft lips brushed against his ear.
“Your Grace.”
When her whisper reached Edwin’s ear, hot heat gushed from his lower body. Diana’s slender fingers stroked his rigid abs as they ascended along Edwin’s breastbone. Edwin’s forebears were flaunting his presence to a point where he could not inflate further.
“Hug me, Your Highness.”
With a sweet voice, Diana’s soft chest pressed against his upper body. The contact of their skin made their bodies burn hot. Edwin then grabbed Diana’s round butt, pulling her close to him.
“Ha…” An unbearable moan escaped Edwin’s mouth. Diana’s hands were inching downwards without stopping, and with no hesitation, slipped through the hollow navel and cut through the male’s wild bushes.
Edwin stopped breathing at that moment. Shudder spread through his spine as Diana’s cold little hand wrapped his hot manhood.
“That’s how you want me.”
A hard phallus bobbed out of Diana’s grasp. With a smile, Diana rubbed her hand around where the fluid came out.
An unparalleled pleasure dominated Edwin. His manhood became so hard that he felt pain in his lower abdomen. There was only one way to relieve this heat. Edwin strengthened his grip on Diana’s hips more.
“Yes, Your Highness…”
All Edwin wanted to do was push his manhood inside Diana. It was a male instinct. Diana knew it, too, and slowly arranged the position of his manhood under her to ride on his body.
“Ha, Diana.”
Pleasure filled the air along with ragged breaths. Edwin licked his parched lips as he looked at Diana on top of him.
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