Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 59

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Chapter 59 – Special Women
“What if I… What if I don’t go on your side after I decline to be the Crown Princess?” Diana asked instead of answering. Edwin stared at Diana.
“If you don’t like me, any time.”
“No, not because I don’t like you. But what if I wanted to take back the Duke of Carl title from my uncle rather than a Crown Princess? I am asking you about it.”
At that moment, it was not the same Diana, the woman who exuded much sexual fragrance, who was in Edwin’s fantasies every night.
It was an unexpected remark. But it was also a possible future for Diana.
“You are a special person.”
If she had been an ordinary woman, it wouldn’t have been this complicated. Edwin recalled the fact he had forgotten for a while, a faint smile forming on his lips.
“But still, I can’t help it.”
Edwin was a straightforward man. It would be a pride of Diana to win the title and become independent, but it couldn’t have been better than to become his right away.
“No matter what you do, I can’t stop you. But always remember that you are important to me.”
It was Edwin who fell in love first. It was Edwin who came to love Diana more. The authoritarian Grand Duke could put down his arrogance and pride for Diana.
“But I will not tolerate giving you to another guy.”
“No, I never thought about it.”
“Okay.” It was enough for Diana, for now.
“You are already my lover.” Sweet words resounded in Diana’s ear.
“I will not give you to anyone.”
Even if it was the Crown Prince, there was no exception. For Edwin, Diana Carl was his lover already, and to protect his lover, Edwin was determined to stop the civil wedding.
“Your eyes are always like a still, clear lake.” Edwin stared into Diana’s eyes. He wanted to hold her hands and put it into his chest, but the place limited him from doing so.
He could not fathom the mind of Diana. The mystery of the seventeen-year-old lady imprinted on him. Both Edwin’s instincts and reason were approaching Diana with curiosity and attraction.
“Will you open the window again tonight?” Edwin whispered to his lover. Diana smiled faintly instead of answering.
He acknowledged Diana’s future but did not want to break their current relationship. It was very generous of him.
These trivial things will come together to change the future. Diana’s life now was different from before. She must face it upfront. She must make her path until she finds her life’s meaning, despite the uncertainties in the future.
After Edwin’s visit, Diana took a nap, only to be awakened by a dream. Her past life flashed in her dream as short clips. Edwin’s warmth disappeared like sea foam, and it felt like a massive stone crushed Diana’s heart.
“You have to stay calm,” she thought to herself. What she had learned was not merely solitude nor vanity. It was too small to be rewarded, but it still was a lesson in her life.
“First, I have to take my place.”
Lately, she had more time to think. It reminded her of the life of Diana, who was the Empress. At first, there was hurt, pain, hatred, and betrayal, but while it kept coming back in her head countless times, Diana was able to objectify it to some extent like a story in a book. Still, there were too many, and one misfortune after another was unbearable.
Diana’s parents left her early. And, no one cared about Diana’s happiness. At a young age, she became Empress and took exceptional responsibility, also enduring the indifference of her husband, Lucas, and the presence of Trisha, who filled her place.
But Diana wanted to find the root problem that was more profound than those. The reality of looking back at the seventeen Diana was not so unfortunate. She had no parents, but there was a legacy left by them. There were credible aides like Charlotte and Gray.
Diana possessed the spirit of a beautiful duchess; her nobility and reputation were highly suitable to become the next Empress.
“That was it.”
It was true that young Diana had no choice, and, as everyone said, she was like an idle plant — a sheltered plant in a greenhouse that had never been hit by a cold breeze.
Without knowing that innocence was causing her to fall, she was tied to the position of an Empress, which killed her day by day, and she couldn’t even shed a tear. Her goodness and innocence had become a poison.
“Diana had never lived her own life.”
That was the conclusion. The whole problem started there. Trisha’s presence was a trigger, not the source of all problems.
“I have to change that so I can change the future.”
Diana did not want to be an Empress. No matter who she was, she didn’t want to be imprisoned to her husband’s status. Now that she recognized what she wanted, Diana felt she could see her path more clearly.
“I can be a special woman, too.”
The exceptional women Diana saw in the book existed, and without a husband, they became a noble identity by themselves. Diana didn’t have to be intimidated. She was once an Empress, and now, returning to seventeen years of age, nominated for the Crown Princess.
She could live her life as she wanted. The young Grand Duke was on Diana’s side, and he was a faithful lover, who protected her heart.
Diana was already a unique being and it was up to her how she could use her capabilities. At the least, Diana wasn’t naive now. It will make a massive difference in her fate.
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