Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 58

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Chapter 58 – Unexpected Visit
Diana’s eyes were wide open. She didn’t expect the Grand Duke to visit her in broad daylight. Charlotte interpreted Diana’s agitation as a surprise for a sudden figure, without any knowledge of her innermost thoughts.
“I don’t know. Maybe he came to comfort you.”
The recent incident might be the reason for the Grand Duke’s visit to the Young Lady.
“Should I just ask him to leave?” Charlotte continued.
“No, you can’t be rude.” Diana quickly interrupted.
Charlotte nodded. Diana still had ample time to prepare herself. She hastily glanced at the mirror and checked for any untidiness before heading to the receiving room on the first floor where Edwin was waiting.
“Here comes the Young Lady.”
Butler Gray’s deep voice resounded in the receiving room. Again, Edwin stood up and greeted Diana. Edwin was much higher in status, but it was a gentleman’s courtesy to a Lady.
“Please forgive my rudeness for coming without an invitation,” spoke Edwin.
“No, Your Grace.”
The butler stepped out of the room as soon as Diana settled in her seat. Only then did Edwin continue to talk.
“I heard the news about the Blanc incident. More so, I couldn’t wait for the night to make sure you were all right. ”
“I… I’m fine.”
That was all she could utter. But Edwin’s black orbs firmly watched Diana in place. She looked at Edwin the same way for a moment and nodded.
“Yes, it was a little bit shocking, but…”
“I thought you’d be surprised.”
Diana gazed at Edwin’s face, which was prominent yet incomprehensible. His eyes were looking at Diana solemnly.
“The story of Baron Blanc is unusual. And I’ve heard that you are close with his daughter.”
“I don’t know if it sounds strange, but I don’t think I am friends with her anymore.”
“If you say so, then so be it.” Edwin’s gaze was persistent as if he could not miss a breath of Diana.
“I’m fine. Anyway, it didn’t happen on Carl Street.” Diana managed to utter an absurd statement.
Her reaction was calmer than what Edwin had expected. He squinted his eyes and suddenly, his presence seemed silly.
He had expected to see Diana scared but instead, he saw the opposite.
“My heart is weaker than yours.” It was Edwin himself who lost his composure, causing him to behave immaturely.
“And you are using the unfortunate event,” Diana spoke. Edwin swallowed at the unexpected remark. It was a sharp point.
He came in the pretense of comforting Diana. It was a good excuse.
“I’m the one who acted cowardly. Not you.” Edwin readily acknowledged the fact. “I wanted to see you on that excuse.”
She didn’t bother to hear the reason. Each other’s body language already knew it. Diana didn’t want to ruin the moment with clumsy words.
“I don’t want to be the main culprit behind your cowardice,” Diana teased.
“There is no one to blame for.”
Edwin’s gaze was as frank as his words. Every moment felt so long for Edwin. Diana slowly blinked her eyes and opened her lips.
“To worry is not your share of concern. It’s all my decision.” Edwin briefly looked at Diana.
The mere presence of Edwin seemed to fill the spacious vicinity. He exuded natural elegance and dignity. Even his crossed long legs appeared elegant, and his deep eyes were filled with the languid charm of a Grand Duke.
“It was nice to be here to see you, but I’m a little disappointed.”
Edwin’s words reminded her of their secret meeting. The two tried to avoid eye contact, coveting each other’s lips, and shared the same heat in their bodies.
“To be honest, I didn’t know I’d end up courting someone.”
A woman was a stranger to Edwin. He had never been particularly interested and women couldn’t make an excellent impression. Yet it was only natural for Edwin, who grew up surrounded by noble personalities.
The women around him were already in power, like Grace, who was a great Duchess, and the rest were the heroes who liked to dress up. There have been women who have been tempted to use their power for vulgar means. There were many other cases, but only Diana did not belong anywhere.
“After I saw you…”
Diana has no idea what Edwin was like. What she knew from her mere observation was Edwin was an honest, upright man of twenty. His scent then became familiar to her. His occasional weary smile and breath aroused her body temperature.
“Maybe I’m putting you in danger…” Diana blurted out her thoughts.
At first, Edwin’s presence was as reliable and dependable as it was. In Diana’s situation, she was on the same side just as she desperately needed. But Edwin has now established himself in Diana’s mind as her man.
Diana already came to like his dark orbs and his gentle voice. As her feelings grew for him, she was concerned about it. It was a feeling that didn’t exist before. Now, she was worried about Edwin’s safety in their secret affair.
“That’s up to me.” Edwin cut her thoughts, sensing Diana’s worries.
“I don’t want you to get hurt because of me. If that happens, I won’t be able to forgive myself.”
“That’s what I want to do.” Edwin cleared the gap between her doubts and desires.
“Thank you for the opportunity you gave me. If you are still willing to be the Crown Princess, my heart would have withered.” Edwin’s voice was full of sincerity.
Diana felt sorry for the fact, but he was still supportive. The young Grand Duke was every woman’s dream.  And his act of compassion for the soon to be Crown Princess was a visible fact that he was deeply into her.
He was a careless man, but that was because Diana didn’t reject Edwin’s heart, and it seemed that she was still holding on to him. If Diana had been a commoner, there would be no burden on her side.
“To help you come to me, to help myself. It’s just that.” Edwin said.
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