Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 57

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Chapter 57 – History of Women
[The Duke of Taira was a woman with a duke’s commission, a rare case showing that the laws of the empire were equal.]
It was a record decades ago. It maybe was the reason why Lucas had offered Trisha a Marquise title since there was a precedent. It was ironic that the painful memory flashes across Diana’s memory again.
[She was born as the Duchess of Taira and later married the Count of Javier. Her husband’s early death had left her married for less than a few years, and she returned to the estate where she was born.]
Diana’s intuition was right. Unexpectedly, women’s rights were not neglected in this era. It may not be at the same level as modern times, but there have been examples where she could win an opportunity in a country of status.
[It was not surprising that she succeeded after three years of litigation and a significant influence on the political, business and social circles. She had recaptured her share of her estate and title, which had been taken away by neglect.]
But it was not as easy as this plain text from a book. If Diana was born as a man in the first place, there would not have been an unnecessary process. Nevertheless, she succeeded in getting back her parents’ properties, so there was hope for Diana.
“It’s only the beginning that I acquired back my inheritance.”
Diana had no intention of taking a brief victory. The past Diana had the same thing – a highly status symbol, but what was the result? Diana was still unhappy.
“I will stop chasing now.” Diana then realized exactly what she had to do.
“I’m still seventeen.”
But Diana had far more than she thought she had in the world. First, she was physically fit and although her parents had left her early, she inherited possessions that will enable her to have a good life, and lastly, Charlotte, who treated her like her own child.
Diana, the Empress, was subjected to coercion and pressure disguised as gentle care. There was nothing that pleased her. Yet the sad fact barely scratched on her already broken heart. Diana just lived like that. She recalled the past when she was helpless wherever she went.
“I’ll walk my own way…”
However, there were now countless opportunities that she never had before. What she had always read in the books was now her reality. That alone made her struggle worthy.
I will find my way from now on so as not to miss every chance.
Diana consumed her time indulging in books until the next day. Just over a decade ago, there was a woman who received the rank of Count. In other words, there was no regulation in the Imperial Law that a woman could not become a knight.
Indeed, women were special.
Records of women’s significant influence on politics, business, and sociology have appeared quite often. There was a woman who was called to do business, starting with her property, giving a specific donation to the empire, and being commissioned. They were all once married, but when they found their place even there was no husband.
“If you want, you don’t have to get married.”
It was a good fact. The marriage that Diana experienced was miserable. She preferred to be free and alone.
No matter how high the marriage uplifts your status, it is meaningless if your life is miserable. Most of all, what was more special than any woman in the book was Diana’s current situation.
“Even if it’s not Lucas, there’s no guarantee of a happy marriage.”
Lucas was the biggest reason for Diana’s negative perception of marriage, but her indifferent personality also played a part. Her feelings for Edwin and marriage could have been a separate matter.
Diana was so indulged in her world, and she was not the kind of person who sought value from others. Even if she met a perfect partner, Diana didn’t know how long it would last.
It was always the nature of the book to tell a story of men and women who lived happily ever after, but it did not seem so in real life, which wasn’t a fairy tale. Instead, it was more like an unfortunate reality.
“Not enough for now.”
That was the conclusion Diana made. There was a legacy, but not enough to change the big game. The real power of the Duke of Carl was still with Aaron and Sylvia.
“Whatever, money is still important in any era.”
Although she had become estranged from Charlotte, the latter still scrutinized Diana’s reaction at the misfortune of Trisha, who was once her friend. But Diana did not bother.
How long has it been since I was lost in thought? Soon the sun fell on the horizon. Then, a knock on the door rang two times. When Diana answered briefly, Charlotte, who was always calm, came up with a gentle gesture and stood by Diana’s side.
“You’re into reading again today.”
“Yes, I think I learn a lot from reading books.”
“That’s a lady.”
Charlotte kept standing there even after finishing her speech. Diana took her eyes off the book and looked at Charlotte.
“What’s going on?”
“I sent the appropriate aid to Blanc as you instructed me yesterday.”
Even if they knew only their names, it was the duty of the nobility to keep such trivial protocol. Furthermore, many people knew that the two were once friends, so they only sent the necessary amount.
Trisha was a smart kid, and she probably knew for sure what Diana meant. A ceremonial consolation with a ruler-like amount with no message stated that Trisha’s misfortune did not change their current relationship.
“And, in connection, the Grand Duke has come.”
“The Great Grand Duke?”
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