Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 54

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Chapter 54 – Vengeful Flames
“Now, I know what to do.” Trisha’s red eyes glowed ominously. In the end, everything favored her. It was Trisha who was chosen, not Diana.
“Isn’t that right, Lisha?” Resolve burned in her heart as memories flooded her mind.
Trisha struggled to return home with her aching body. She may have lost her job as an imperial maid, but she was not worried about it. She had the chance to analyze her thoughts while walking on the deserted street.
Trisha presumed that Diana also saw the same thing herself. She thought Diana had changed overnight, but seeing the past and the future would have made it hard for Diana to consider her as a friend.
“Yes, it can be,” she murmured.
Knowing gave power and ability.
“I’ve got more things to figure out, but now I understand.” Her lips twisted into a cynical smile. She was no longer an abused 17-year-old maid, she was now a woman named Lisha, who will soon belong in the imperial family.
“To be precise, that’s because of you, Diana.” It was a strange remark. If Diana had been considerate of Trisha lately, she would have been able to approach Lucas without difficulty.
Then, there exists a secret of her own. Her mother’s undistinguished status, which others had always bullied her for, was the only thing that could help her now. As long as it remained a secret, Lucas could not turn away from Trisha.
“Seventeen… it’s not the right time yet.”
Trisha coincidentally recalled the red book she had received from her mother a few days ago. She didn’t know the meaning of the text at the time, but now she had an idea. It was a book that contained what was called witchcraft. It was too elaborate to be considered superstitious.
“I can’t believe they were hiding it from their child, and the fact that they were my parents.”
They were pathetic parents. Her father was irresponsible. Perhaps if her mother’s condition worsened, she would confess her secret to Trisha before she died.
“Trisha, it’s not even a holiday today. How did you get here? I left Nicola at the next door today.”
“It doesn’t matter right now.”
It was natural that Sarah felt a sense of alienation in her daughter’s voice.
“Anyway, I’m grateful to my mother.”
“You suddenly…”
“I thought you were holding me back because of your plebeian status, but you weren’t, right?”
Sarah struggled to get up and look closely at her daughter.
“Who are you?” Sarah was an exceptionally well-developed person. The intuition that someone else was in her child was not wrong.
“I’m Trisha. But not the present Trisha.”
“You don’t have to know what it means.”
“What have you done to my good daughter?”
Trisha raised her index finger and held it in front of her lips. It meant to be quiet. It wasn’t an act of a 17-year-old daughter to her mother. Her red eyes were as cold as ice.
“Oh, my mother was a witch. You’re hiding it, aren’t you?”
“How can you?”
“A red evil witch who lived in the forest from generation to generation. How did you think to hide such a great thing?”
Sarah stopped talking. She stared at her daughter with quivering eyes, frightened about the situation.
“You will be told before I die; all the books you copied were meaningful.” Chills were felt in Sarah’s spine at the moment.
“But, I’m sorry.” Trisha was slowly moving towards her mother.
Sarah stepped back. But there was no place to escape.
“You have to die for me to inherit that power. So, even if I knew everything, I can’t use magic as long as you’re alive?” Trisha wore a blank expression on her face.
“Don’t worry, Mother,” she said coldly.
“I’ll send my father to you soon.”
The ending would be the same anyway. If so, what is the problem with advancing the timing? Trisha needed the power of sorcery right now, and the presence of her parents was nothing but a distraction.
“You don’t mean…. To gain strength, I… what do you have in mind?” Sarah was furious despite her trembling fingers.
“Shh.” Trisha put her index finger in front of her lips once again.
“You can’t do that. That’s not how it works.” Sarah reasoned.
“Why? It’s the same anyway. Besides, wasn’t that why you hid the truth?”
Sarah’s intuition was right. Trisha was not informed of the truth because she was afraid of making noise to others, but mostly because she was concerned that their clan’s history would end in the murder of their parents.
“But mother will be happy. Your daughter will enter the imperial family and be loved by the Crown Prince.”
“The spell is not for such use!”
“I think it is, mother. Why? Do you want me to end like you, married to a pathetic man like my father, and have a hard time? If I have power, I won’t live like you, mother!”
She could escape their pitiful home right away and go to the beautiful imperial palace. If she had a chance to meet Lucas again, things would naturally follow. It will be a very light spell.
“Well, good night.”
Trisha pushed Sarah with a strong force. Weak Sarah could not scream and crashed into the wall. She had no power to chase her daughter.
Trisha glanced at the sight without remorse and shifted her steps. There was her father, drunk and asleep.
“It’s too easy…” Trisha’s face flashed as lightning sparked outside. Her father was drunk beyond the control of a finger. It was funny that she had been beaten up by such a defenseless man.
“Whoo.” Trisha’s hands trembled. She had to do it before Sarah returned to her senses and stopped her.
“You weren’t even a father.”
But she couldn’t readily hurt him. Baron Blanc tossed and muttered in his sleep. The oil lamp tripped over Trisha’s foot, who was cringed at the foolish sight.
The fire flared over the scattered oil. This crude wooden house was vulnerable to fire.
“I didn’t do this,” Trisha muttered. There was no need to use the knife she had hidden in her grasp.
“Yes, this is all an accident.”
Trisha put the knife next to her father — a father whom she hated so much. Trisha did not feel anything. It merely felt like a play.
It happened in the past anyway. Trisha must clear the road for her future. For Trisha, guilt was unnecessary for this play.
“You are finally leaving this house.”
Trisha mumbled to herself, moving away from where the flames began to consume. It will not take long for their wooden house to burn down entirely.
“Um…” As the flames burst out, Baron Blanc frowned. Trisha ran out of the house, before her father had completely woken up.
“Not because of me.” Trisha had already accepted the consequences. In her head, she was the villain of the play.
“All… It’s because of Diana.” Her vengeful character rooted from Diana’s changed attitude.
“If it weren’t for Diana, my parents wouldn’t have died so early.”
The situation was still reversible. Trisha, however, leaned her back against the front door and repeated the spell. It is not my fault.
Finally, Trisha blocked the porch from outside. Sometimes when her father was angry, he added a log this way to prevent her from opening the door, but now the situation has changed.
“What’s done is done. It was an unfortunate accident.”
She peeked through the window and saw the inside was not completely immersed in flames still. She pulled a match out of her pocket, lit it, and tossed it through the window.
“Goodbye, my miserable life. This all happened because Diana’s bad.” In her eyes were fire, her hatred raging along with the flames.
It was a ruthless red color that devoured everything.
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