Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 51

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Chapter 51 – Confrontation
“Everyone else begs for my generosity yet your eyes are cold. But I know somewhere there is something deeper, and it confuses me.”
Is it a consequence of the reincarnation or merely Lucas’ interest in a stranger? Neither cause pleased Diana. She had taken her life to leave Lucas, feeling no hope anymore.
“You don’t have to.”
“No, I decide everything.”
It was a dictatorial remark. Lucas’ emerald eyes were staring straight at Diana.
“You’re still looking at me with those eyes.”
All mixed emotions Diana felt were buried in her blue orbs.
“It’s like a maze. Like this garden,” replied Diana.
To please Diana as the Empress, Lucas ordered to change the garden. But now, she didn’t want to get involved anymore.
“Diana, your blue eyes are definitely beautiful. But at the same time, for some reason, it seems like you have gone through a lot. And that makes me very uncomfortable.”
He felt it for the first time. Lucas felt strange with Diana. He was a man who did not care about others. Or did Lucas perhaps have such feelings?
“So, I will step down.”
Quickly, Lucas approached her. Diana instinctively appeared vigilant. Lucas, who saw the expression, sighed as if he had been hurt.
“I have the temper to conclude anything.”
Why not? Diana looked at Lucas with her mouth shut.
“The feelings you have and the reasons for those, I’ll gradually figure it out.”
“Your Prince, I…”
“Diana, I’m not asking for your opinion.”
His emerald eyes flashed in a way that Diana couldn’t not understand. The next moment, Lucas grabbed Diana’s hand.
“You cannot escape me. I decided so.”
A self-righteous tone rang in Diana’s ear. Indeed, Lucas thought of Diana as an unusual person. But as the day went by, somehow, his gaze at Diana seemed different. His eyes seemed to be bitter; immeasurable like a deep lake.
Lucas wanted to find a reason from Diana. He never felt this way since birth and he could not grasp the feeling at all.
“It’s not worth it to me.” Diana cut Lucas’ words. Her voice was as cold as the winter winds, devoid of warmth.
“I will decide.” Lucas said.
His grip on Diana’s wrist tightened. It was like owning a possession, and Diana regretted her actions for a while. Maybe, both of them would be happy if she could tell him that he will have a good time with Trisha anyway.
“I saw you were dancing the Waltz with the Grand Duke, and you seemed to know how to smile.”
It was in Lucas’s gaze that his pride was hurt.
“Wouldn’t you show me that sincerity? Don’t tell me, you don’t mean to say that he is better than me the first time you had met him, do you?”
The possibility was there. But Diana thought of Edwin’s situation. She couldn’t allow something terrible to happen to him.
“There is no reason.”
“It doesn’t make sense, Diana. I am the one you are going to marry.”
Maybe Lucas knew something. Diana was more upset when she thought of such a human being playing with Trisha and breaking her heart. It was an unforgettable experience.
“There is no reason to like people, nor to hate them.”
Dianna uttered the words she heard before. When she confronted Lucas, who always spends time with Trisha, he gave her that kind of answer. Diana, who had to listen to it, felt her heart break in misery.
Lucas should not have done that even if everyone else despised and ignored Diana. At least, as her husband.
“You are arrogant, indeed.”
Lucas was so harsh. He wouldn’t give her a chance, and he wouldn’t have felt guilty while having a good time with Trisha. Wouldn’t Diana have been so painful and miserable if she had a reason to be hated?
“It’s frustrating. I have a reason…”
“There is no reason. That’s what human minds are like.”
Diana unwittingly spat out what she had heard in the past. This moment came; the reincarnation was not evil after all.
“Yes, just for no reason.”
Diana lived from day to day with a hardened heart. He dishonored Diana and continued to enjoy her company.  For Diana, it was the cruelest sight.
“But if we get married, everything will be different.”
Diana was nothing but a doll for the crown of the empress from the beginning. The toy, which has a long lineage from a prestigious family, was too noble and dignified to express discontent like any other woman, even though her biological parents died.
“I don’t want to.”
“Diana!” Lucas raised his voice. His patience was also slowly reaching its limit.
“I am the Crown Prince. And you will become my wife. That’s a fact that won’t be reversed.”
“The plan may fall through at any time.” Diana brushed off Lucas’ hand.
“I’ll tell you again. I would rather die than be your wife. If you want to kill me, you can always order me.”
“Don’t provoke me anymore.” Lucas’ words sounded deadly. Who he was at the moment was different from whom Diana had endured so far. At this point, she might be afraid, but Diana just looked at Lucas calmly.
“If you can’t stand me now, I’ll leave,” Diana said plainly.
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