Novel Name : I Should Have Read The Ending

I Should Have Read The Ending - Chapter 50

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Chapter 50 – Jealousy
Lucas cannot hide his displeasure. But this wasn’t enough for Diana. The moment she arrived at the banquet hall, she purposely tried to provoke Lucas by acting deceitfully. It was a perfect act for her, who lived as the Empress but was covered by the shadow of Trisha.
“Really? Now that the Waltz time is over, why don’t we take a walk in the garden?”
If she refuses his offer, Lucas’ self-esteem will fall apart.
“And I am sure Edwin, His Majesty, will agree with it.”
With Lucas’ remark, Edwin’s eyes turned visibly darker that anyone could notice. Lucas, who already stood, headed to the garden holding Diana’s arm. The garden was lit with lanterns everywhere, appearing magical.
“This garden is a small maze. It was designed and built by the best gardeners.” Lucas shared, attempting to break the awkward silence.
Diana walked between the garden trees while reminiscing her memories. When she was the Empress, the imperial garden was her only safe haven. But now, walking in the area with Lucas beside came with remorse.
“I heard you like a garden.”
It was evident that Trisha was the source of the information. Diana took a step away from Lucas to have a more excellent view of the garden tree. Lucas’ one-sided escort thus ended.
Diana could feel Lucas’ resentful gaze beside her. She thought it was funny. Diana, as the Empress, can stay for countless hours in this garden. Lucas, the perpetrator, can’t hold this moment.
“Diana, are you… Do you hate me?”
I’m glad you got it right. Diana looked back at Lucas with an indifferent face. Now that he has had a feeling, he was dumbfounded.
At the moment, Diana’s striking answer reached his emerald eyes. It was an expression she can’t remember. Lucas had never, ever exhibited such emotion. It was a look of regret and disappointment as if Diana had abandoned him.
Lucas had never stood by Diana. He was always wrapped around Trisha while the two enjoyed their time together. There was still no place for Diana.
Even if she returned to the past, she was expecting that it was still the same old Lucas.
But what she sees now is a prince whose face is sad with his eyebrows arched, looking like an abandoned dog. He looked at Diana with an expression that made her confused.
“Isn’t it just the beginning?”
So far, it has been. But as Lucas grows older, he will become the Lucas that Diana knows. So, for Diana, Lucas’s very existence could not have been sweet. His emerald orbs were painful to look at because it reminded her of her last memories.
The fact that she involved herself with Lucas in her previous life always made Diana feel strange. The two were very close but also distant.
“I don’t belong as the Crown Princess.”
“Why, you’re setting it at will?”
“Because it’s true. I’m not the kind of person you’re looking for.”
Diana’s calm reply confused Lucas. There was some firm conviction in her eyes.
“How do you know that already, and jump to conclusions?”
It’s because I know the future. Diana swallowed a bitter smile and looked straight at his eyes.
“Prediction. My hunch is not wrong.”
“Huh, is your premonition classifying me as a loathsome person?”
Diana did not answer. In some cases, it could have been a crime to destroy the royal family. Diana’s goal today is to avoid trouble but gently scratch the base of Lucas’ emotions.
Either way, Diana was planning to leave the capital under the excuse of medical care. If she disappears for a while, leaving a wrong impression, Trisha would soon quickly stitch herself to Lucas’s side.
“You are so strange.”
Diana’s eyes shook at the unexpected remark.
“It is a family honor to be nominated for the Crown Princess.”
He was still egocentric.
“But you have no expression. It’s so beautiful, but I am lacking.”
Did Lucas have this side? She just came back from the past, but she doesn’t know if people can change like this. It was quite strange that he was interested in others and trying to understand them.
“Yes, and those eyes…”
The blue eyes were still. But it was cold and grim. It was more challenging to read when there was a wave of emotion beneath and Lucas would not understand the storms of Diana.
“Shamelessly insulted me with those eyes, and perished.”
“So punish me.” Diana did not hesitate.
“It’s my job to decide.”
Lucas felt somewhat nervous. Diana’s dancing with Edwin was so beautiful, and it looked like a picture. Edwin, who blushes just by looking at her, is said to be his opponent, but she even showed a faint smile. That triggered Lucas, who always thought there was something Edwin had but he didn’t.
“Why?” Lucas asks.
It was a fundamental question.
“I can think of anything you have done against me and tried to exterminate.”
“But those eyes… are something I cannot fathom. They have something to tell.”
Lucas could not have known. How can he gauge the feelings of Diana? He, who was once her husband, deceived and treated her like a doll for two years. In the process, Diana lost a child she didn’t even know existed.
Lucas, however, calmly brought up Trisha’s story every time he tried to commit himself to her. Lucas will never know how she felt as all the blood drained out of her body.
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